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Riccardo Solazzi
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Your new best friend: GitKraken Client!

Hello There! TheZal here and today I'm gonna show you the main features of GitKraken Client!

Davy Jones loves GitKraken

This article is divided into several sections:

What is GitKraken Client?

GitKraken Client is a powerful and user-friendly Git client that gives developers a comprehensive set of tools to streamline their version control workflow.
It provides an intuitive interface and extensive features, allowing users to better manage their Git repositories.

With the GitKraken Client, developers can easily perform important Git actions such as cloning repositories, creating branches, making changes, and merging code.

The client also integrates seamlessly with popular Git hosting platforms to enable seamless collaboration and collaboration between local and remote repositories The GitKraken Client empowers developers to make their ideas creative and heard Strong Git branching and integration workflows underneath, making it a valuable tool for individual developers and teams

GitKraken Blueprint

I've never seen a commit history like this!

The commit graph in GitKraken provides developers with a clear and intuitive visualization of the branch structure and commit history, it serves as a valuable tool to verify recent Git actions performed on the repository, enabling developers to easily track and identify who made specific code changes and when: this level of visibility is crucial when troubleshooting or conducting a thorough audit of the team's merge history.

By utilizing the commit graph, developers can pinpoint when a bug was introduced and efficiently revert back to a previous version, ensuring smoother debugging and effective code management.

The command-line interface (CLI) alone cannot offer this comprehensive level of visibility, making GitKraken an indispensable asset for teams seeking enhanced visibility and control over their Git repositories.

Commit History

Level up your terminal

GitKraken offers a remarkable Git-enhanced terminal experience, providing developers with the powerful visual Git commit graph mentioned before while using the terminal: this feature grants users unparalleled live and synchronized visibility into their commit history and branches, precisely when they need it.

The visual representation of the commit graph enables developers to easily comprehend complex branching and merging operations, enhancing their understanding of the project's evolution and the flexibility of hiding the commit graph when it's not required allows for a clean and distraction-free terminal environment.

With GitKraken, developers can enjoy a seamless and efficient workflow, leveraging the benefits of both a visual interface and a command-line environment.

GitKraken CLI

Tidy up your projects using Workspaces

With GitKraken's Workspaces, you can establish a central hub for all your repositories and enhance your productivity.

Whether your repositories are hosted locally or in the cloud, Workspaces provide a seamless and efficient experience: Local Workspaces empower developers to effortlessly manage multiple repositories, regardless of their hosting location, streamlining their workflow and eliminating the need for constantly switching between different repositories.

On the other hand, Cloud Workspaces offer a comprehensive organizational system for tracking issues, branches, and pull requests, additionally, Cloud Workspaces integrate seamlessly with GitKraken Insights, enabling developers to gain valuable insights and analytics to further optimize their development process.

By leveraging Workspaces, developers can create a unified and intelligent environment to work smarter and more efficiently.


The end of a nightmare: the Merge Conflicts Manager

When it comes to resolving merge conflicts in Git, it can be a daunting and error-prone task, particularly when relying solely on the command-line interface (CLI).

However, GitKraken Client comes equipped with a powerful built-in Merge Tool that significantly enhances the safety and ease of conflict resolution using this tool, developers are presented with a side-by-side comparison of the current branch and the target branch they are merging into.

This visual representation simplifies the conflict resolution process, allowing developers to selectively choose sections and easily add them to the final output, making informed decisions about what to commit.

By harnessing GitKraken's Merge Tool, developers can navigate merge conflicts more confidently, mitigating risks and ensuring smoother integration of changes within their Git repositories.
Merge tool

Create your PR directly from your Git Client

GitKraken Client is deeply integrated with all major Git repository hosting services like GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps and BitBucket, allowing developers to effortlessly interact with their repositories.

Creating pull requests becomes a swift and straightforward process within GitKraken, moreover, with the GitHub integration, users gain access to an extended set of pull request capabilities.

From within the GitKraken Client, developers can edit, merge, approve, request changes, or comment on pull requests, eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools or platforms.

This native integration enhances collaboration and streamlines the pull request workflow, enabling developers to stay focused and productive within the GitKraken Client environment.

Pull request

Unleash the power of the Supercharge Rebases

GitKraken not only simplifies the process of rebasing but also empowers developers with an interactive rebase feature that eliminates the complexities of syntax and order.

By effortlessly dragging and dropping a branch, developers can initiate an interactive rebase and gain complete control over their commits and thanks to GitKraken's intuitive interface, developers can easily Pick, Reword, Squash, and Drop commits as needed, ensuring a well-organized and tailored commit history.

GitKraken streamlines the interactive rebase workflow, making it accessible and user-friendly for developers looking to efficiently manage their repositories.
EZ Rebase


Based on the features analyzed before, it is evident that GitKraken Client is a powerful Git tool with a range of features that greatly enhance the Git workflow.

It offers an intuitive interface, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced developers using the visual representations, such as the commit graph and merge tool, which provide valuable insights and simplify complex operations like resolving merge conflicts.

GitKraken's integration with popular Git hosting services and its ability to create and manage pull requests within the client streamline collaboration and save time. Additionally, the Workspaces feature organizes repositories and enhances productivity.

Overall, GitKraken Client offers a comprehensive solution for managing Git repositories, improving efficiency, and facilitating smoother development processes, so... RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

Release the Kraken!

If you found this useful feel free to reach me on Twitter, GitHub, or mail and share it with your dev friends!

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Hendrik Ras

I have used it. Its a great tool indeed. Personally I like fork even more. And its free. Kraken had more features though.

thezal profile image
Riccardo Solazzi

Never used Fork, gonna give it a try. Btw GitKraken is free for public repo! :)

remejuan profile image
Reme Le Hane

Been a while since I used it, was not happy with it then, and left before it went pay to use.

The tools built into my IDE offer all of the useful features on list and the ability to actually do the PRs as well.