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Creating an EMR with Presto SSL

This article focuses on adding SSL to an existing Presto environment. The configuration of Presto and a Hive metastore is assumed as complete.
We also cover how to connect to it with JDBC.

We had been using Presto without SSL for a while, however, we needed to connect our MicroStrategy analytics platform to Presto and that required the use of a SSL connection.

  • Create self signed cert
  • EMR Security Configuration
  • Create EMR
  • Connect and download truststore
  • Connect using JDBC

Create Self Signed Cert

Follow the instructions here to create a self signed certificate.
I also needed a Route53 DNS alias address for the EMR, This allows me to configure the JDBC client to use as the URL without having to update the client when I rebuild the EMR.
The EMR will update the Route53 entry with its master node IP during bootstrap.
I've extended the certificate request to include this extra domain.

cp /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf .
echo '[ subject_alt_name ]' >> openssl.cnf
echo 'subjectAltName =, DNS:*.us-west-2.compute.internal'>> openssl.cnf
openssl req -x509 -newkey rsa:1024 -keyout privateKey.pem -out certificateChain.pem -days 365 -nodes -config openssl.cnf -extensions subject_alt_name -subj '/C=US/ST=Washington/L=Seattle/O=MyOrg/OU=MyDept/CN=*.us-west-2.compute.internal'
cp certificateChain.pem trustedCertificates.pem
zip -r -X certificateChain.pem privateKey.pem trustedCertificates.pem

Now upload the cert to a S3 location the EMR can read from.

aws s3 cp s3://my-emr-bucket/

EMR Security Configuration

Create a new EMR Security Configuration that uses the certificate zip for In-transit encryption.
EMR Security Configuration

Create EMR

Create your EMR but have it use your new security configuration.

Connect and download truststore

SSH to your EMR master node

[hadoop@ip-10-100-10-10 ~]$ cat /etc/hadoop/conf/ssl-client.xml









Note the following:

  • ssl.client.truststore.location
  • ssl.client.truststore.password

The same truststore.jks file can be used to connect to any EMR as long as they are using the same Security Configuration.

View truststore

Optional: Use the command below to view the truststore certificate

keytool -list -v -keystore /usr/share/aws/emr/security/conf/truststore.jks

Change truststore password

Optional: Should you require, the truststore password can be changed. This is useful if you want to download the cert again without having to update client passwords.

cp /usr/share/aws/emr/security/conf/truststore.jks /root/truststore.jk
keytool -storepasswd -keystore /root/truststore.jks 
Enter keystore password:  <== ssl.client.truststore.password
New keystore password:   <== user specified password 

Connect using JDBC

Copy the truststore.jks file from the truststore.location, usually /usr/share/aws/emr/security/conf/truststore.jks to your client.

Either download the presto jdbc driver
Or copy from the EMR /usr/lib/presto/presto-jdbc/

The Connection URL will look like

Using SQL Workbench/J

Open SQL Workbench/J
File > Manage Drivers

  • Create a new entry
  • Name: Presto JDBC Driver
  • Library: C:\local\path\presto-jdbc-0.228.jar
  • OK

File > Connect window

  • Name: PrestoSSL
  • Driver: Presto JDBC Driver
  • URL: jdbc:presto://
  • Username: hadoop
  • Password: blank

Extended Properties

  • SSL true
  • SSLTrustStorePath C:\local\path\truststore.jks
  • SSLTrustStorePassword [ssl.client.truststore.password]

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