re: Access control list (ACL): A firewall/security layer on the subnet level ACLs have several contexts (e.g., you can set them on entire S3 buckets ...

Thank you sir!

Your notes has been really insightful!
Made me reach out for the book I'm reading and the course by linuxacademy, some of points are valid but aren't presented in the book or the online course.

Again thank you a lot!
It made my day!



PS: I'm editing the article based on your notes. 😁


Coming up on four years of providing cloud-enablement services for a few different organizations. Have also had to pass the architecture and DevOps AWS exams twice, now (fortunately, AWS shifted to a three-year renewal-schedule, recently). That "enablement" has been split between writing tools and documentation for those organizations as well as walk-throughs and after action reports. :p

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