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How to install Tailwind UI in Gridsome

Tailwind is a CSS utility framework focusing on providing users a set of classes to use in their HTML. These classes are very well thought, non-opinionated, cross-browser and easy to learn.

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The authors of Tailwind CSS recently released a product called Tailwind UI. Tailwind UI is a set of pre-made HTML snippets containing all the necessary classes to include in your pages full blown sections and functionality. For example they have snippets for navbars, footers, alerts, menus among many more elements.

With Gridsome you can create static generated websites that are fast by default and have tons of other benefits.

The easiest way to install Tailwind UI is to first install Tailwind CSS in Gridsome. After you've completed all the steps, you can follow the instructions you receive when you purchase Tailwind UI. It's just an npm command and adding some configuration and options to your existing files.


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