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How to Make an Awesome Github Profile

Recently, I did a revamp of my Github Profile.

Github Profile

The importance of a great Github profile is not recognized.
How many times does a recruiter ask for your Github link?

Almost everytime!!
And what do they see? Some boring outdated github profile.

If you do not spend some time making your Profile or your Github Landing Page, the recruiter might think :

Oh, he is just here for the money. He is not passionate about coding.

And then he just SKIPS.

Well not anymore.
In a few simple steps, you can make your profile stand out.

Step 1 : Create a Repository with your username

To add all the cool stuff, you need to create a repository with the same name as your username. Like this :
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Step 2 : Header is your Intro

Header is intro
You can add a hero image, or keep it simple like I did. I started with a simple headline "Hi, I am Vinit Gupta". I added in an emoji because I love using emojis. That is what you want to show : who you are

Under the heading, I added badges that lead to all my social media accounts and my DSA profile that I created with
Shields offers more than just social media badges, like GitHub stats, language badges, and more. You can customize the colors or the icons as you need.

Then I started by introducing myself, who I am, what programming languages I use, and what I'm interested in. This section should be short and include all the important information about you, such as area of expertise (front-end, back-end, AI, etc.), experience, and languages. Use adjectives that best describe you.

Step 3 : Projects

What better way to let someone know what you can do than to showcase what you have created right?

So just after your intro, hop right into your projects.
Now, you can use these Repo Cards using readme-stats. There are many themes to choose from. I like the radical theme so I have used that.
An important tip is to update your repository description to showcase everything there is to about the project.
You can click on the settings button in the about section of your repository to update that.

Step 4 : About Me

If someone has scrolled to this section, that means they are already interest in what you are doing.
That means, you to complete with a bang.

About Me

Add things that you are proud of like a Hackathon you just won or your recent Open Source contribution or your Competitive Coding rankings.
That's it you have blown them away. Now, it's time to let them know what are the technologies that you know. Add a tools and technologies section at the bottom.

Step 5 : Profile Stats

You can also add your profile stats, which will make the reader know how long have you been into Dev, or what languages are you more comfortable with. It's really simple. You can again head on to readme-stats where you will find the Github stats section.
Just follow the guide and you will have something like this :

Github Stats

And now you're officially done!! Save 📌 this for when you want to work on your profile.

But wait, there is one more step : Like 👍 and Share 🤜🤛 this with your friends. This will help them out too.

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