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Hi 👋, If you have opened this post, for sure the word FAMOUS must have caught your attention.
I know, you want to be get recognize on the internet 🌐 and wants to be famous like me 😁. Everybody wants to be...

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So today, I will discuss two things which definitely gonna make your work more enjoyable and will answer you for what you came here.

But wait 🤚, before starting I want to first make you understand what I meant by Famous.

Getting recognize in your community by SHARING your work COSISTENTLY 🔥.
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This blog will not tell you the recipe to become famous but will give you enough reasons to share your work consistently.

🤔 Why you should care about getting recognize❓

  1. 🔗 Opportunity to build more connections : It's very organic way to connect with like minded geeks 😉.
  2. 💰 Earning while learning
  3. 🧠 Helps you to learn better
  4. 💡 Better clarity on your ideas
  5. 🔥 Always motivated to learn new

🛠 How you can be recognized❓

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1. ✏️ Share what you are learning:

It's normal if you are not perfect. Your are gonna enjoy if you keep recording your mistakes and look back at in future.

2. ❌ Never let your though get waste:

In entire day we get lots of thoughts. Like when I sit idle. My mind always comes across thoughts like 📈 Opening a Codding Channel on YouTube and hitting million subscribers, ✍ Writing blogs everyday, 💰 Earning millions by doing freelancing, 🦸‍♂️ Saving life of everyone, specially girls 😅. When terrorist attacks 💣 the college, 🐱‍💻 Hacking Google and Nasa 🚀 just using my left hand.

I know some of the are crazy but there are also billion dollars among them. So never let your thought get waste. You can use Google Keep Extension to store every thought 💭.

3. 🔃 Always work on the feedback:

Never ignore feedback.. Those who give feedback are the most loyal and trustworthy people among all in the community. Even if they are criticizing your work... be humble and thankful to them, as they are spending their time on you.

4. 🙃 Be honest with your work

Even nobody is watching your work... be honest with your self. Remember if you studied entire year and worked hard then enjoying last night will not gonna change the result but if you didn't studied entire year and waking whole night for preparing the exam... it still not gonna change the result.

Now since you have came so far... let others know, What you think about getting "Famous" ? Is it good to think about it begin a developer, or just I am not behaving normal 😂? Comments your View 👇

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Top comments (6)

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Hector Sosa

Dr. Dev? Wonder what's that story about! haha great post! Have a great weekend! Cheers!

thevedicdeveloper profile image
Vedic Developer

Probably I failed to convey my message!! This is not about any story... I tried to provide enough reasons to get "FAMOUS" 😎.

But thanks for leaving comment here... I would be a great input for me 💙

adam_cyclones profile image
Adam Crockett

You missed Hectors point, tell us about you, you cannot tell people why they should be famous without exposition and foreshadowing

Thread Thread
thevedicdeveloper profile image
Vedic Developer

great point... I will make sure going forward 🤘, Thanks for your feedback 💜

krishnaagarwal profile image
Krishna Agarwal

Great 😃
You explained in a funny way.

thevedicdeveloper profile image
Vedic Developer

Thanks buddy 😎