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Common Character Count!!Swift Coding Challenge!!

Swift coding challenge!!
Common Character Count, given two strings find the number of common characters between them.

😛 Level: Easy 😛

I have included a solutions video!! The video gives some insight into how I’ve solved the problem. Don’t forget to try the problem out BEFORE checking out the solution video and solution code 😉 😉

If you have a coding challenge you want me to solve feel free to drop a comment or message me with the problem!! 😊 😊 let’s get swole 💪🏾 💻 💻

Discussion (2)

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Gualtiero Frigerio

If I was given this question during an interview I'd have asked for clarification, as to me there are 2 common characters between the two strings: a and c. Why do I need to count a 2 times?
Under your assumption, the code you posted is correct and I think it is the easiest.
Only a little detail: characters is deprecated and you can iterate through the string by writing
for char in string {

thetealpickle profile image
creator Author

Thanks for the tip about characters 👏, I didn't realize it was deprecated. Back to for loops 😁