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How I got Tabnine Pro for free as a Student Developer and you can too

Dhruv Bansal
Budding Software Engineering student and a Nerd.
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We all know that @tabnine is one of the best AI powered Code Completion Extensions out there today. It is available for a variety of text editors and IDEs and also offers free pro plan for students.
Yes, you heard it right!!
As far as i know, there are two ways to get Tabnine Pro for free as long as you are a student:

  • Using an school issued email
  • Providing your documents for verification gif

1)Using your school issued email

If your school/uni provides a .edu domain email address, you are all set and don't need anything else. Just send them an email and the team will verify your student status. You should receive your license within 1-2 days max.

2)Providing your proof documents

This is how i got my pro license, as my University does not provide .edu mail addresses to students. I was already using the free version for a while before, then saw that they had a student version.
So, I emailed the support team explaining that i don't have a school issued email but would love to use the full version. I got a quick reply within 12 hours and they asked me to attach my ID card, and a link to my university website, and they would be happy to provide me a Pro license. I did the same and got a reply next day, saying that my student status is verified and i just have to log back in my account, and i will have the Pro version.
So, this is how i got my hands on Tabnine Pro, and so far i am loving it. I have used it for last 15 days or so, and tested it with C++, Python, React, etc languages and it performs beyond expectations.
If you are a student and into development and stuff, or just into programming, I would strongly recommend this extension. Even if you are not a student, the free version also has a lot of amazing features which can help you increase your productivity and code more in less time.
Hope you get some help from my content.

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Discussion (4)

ignaciomaestro profile image
Ignacio Maestro

Thank you for the article!
What about the non-profit organizations? Is there any free option?

thesmartdeveloper profile image
Dhruv Bansal Author

Thanks, i am not sure about that. Do check out there website.

rangercoder99 profile image

Nice for people with student id but what about self learners that also are students!

tabnine profile image
Tabnine • Edited

Thank you for this great article and for your love, Dhruv!
We are very happy to hear that you are enjoying our students' plan ❤️