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ByPass your college/University firewall and access everything privately on the internet

Hi Everyone, this is gonna be my first post here on DEV and i am really excited about it. So please be soft on me.

Today, i am gonna share with you guys a really cool way to bypass your college or university internet restrictions on the LAN or wifi you get. For example, in my own college campus, we have a free wifi and lan service for the students. But they have blocked a lot of internet sites like all adult sites, torrent sites, and a lot of other useful sites as well which students might find useful in day to day usage. So without wasting any more of your time, lets start.

We will be discussing 2 ways to do the desired thing we are here for-:
1) Using a VPN
2) Using a custom DNS

Using a VPN

As simple as it sounds, using a VPN is a very good option when it comes to bypassing your restricted college firewall and having privacy on the internet.
So the VPNs i recommend are proton vpn in the free category and NORD and EXPRESS VPN in the paid ones.
If you are just willing to try out a free option go with proton as it offers a pretty generous free plan which gives you multiple servers in 3 countries namely US, Japan and NewZealand.

Using a Custom DNS

If a VPN doesn't work for you, i recommend the more technical option which is using a DNS other than your default one. Sometimes what colleges do is using their own custom dns which blocks certain websites/categories of websites due to which using a VPN also does not work.
So this option should work fine as far as i know.
Now the solution:
Search for on google, the first option you will see will be from Cloudflare's website, visit their site and download the Cloudflare warp app for your os and install it accordingly.
Then just connect to your college/uni wifi/lan and then switch on the Cloudflare-warp app's switch button, this will enable a custom dns with a VPN as well.

Now you are free to use the internet privately without any restrictions.

Do comment any questions or problems and i will be happy to answer.
Thanks for Reading.

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Made an account just to thank you! Finally am able to play chess online at school hahahah

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Dhruv Bansal Author

That means a lot. Glad i could help!!

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Dhruv Bansal Author

Thanks, i am glad could help!!