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Discussion on: How to use BuyMeACoffees webhooks with Laravel.

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Rohit Das

Hi Kim, it was a super helpful post.
Do you know where I can find all the possible JSON objects?
Like when someone bought an extra?

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Kim Hallberg Author

Hello Rohit, sorry for the late response. 👊

At the moment there is only the two events - Coffee purchase and Coffeelink purchase, who's JSON structure you can find on the webhook dashboard.

You'll need to add a webhook and from there click on Send Test link to open a modal that will show the structure. There's currently no close prompt on the modal but pressing esc closes it for you.

If you want more events from the BMC webhook I suggest you upvote posts on BMC's feedback site relevant to the webhooks.

I posted some suggestions a while ago myself of additional events that would be useful.