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re: There is definitely a time and place, but the debugger it such an invaluable tool. True. My usage of the debugger is virtually zero, so it’s goo...

Definitely! You will only get better and understand your code much better! In fact for most other languages a debugger use is considered a required skill. My next post is about using the debugger in Firefox, which directly translates to Chrome as well. If you would like I can let you know when that is live 😊

Sweet! I primarily use Firefox. Do update me when it’s up.

Any chance that you use VSCode? A debugger tutorial for that will definitely be helpful too.

Awesome! I will do just that!

And I don't use vscode. I am a big Jetbrains person. But I would be happy to put together a tutorial! Thank you for the recommendation, I really appreciate it!

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