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Rithik Samanthula
Rithik Samanthula

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Spooky Halloween CSS Animations! 👻🎃

Hey Coders!

Happy Halloween! 🎃👻

In todays blog I'm going to be showing you some spookyyy Halloween Animations made on Codepen!

Ready to see them?

Lets hop right into them!

1. Halloween Flickering Animation (Open in full screen for best experience)

2. Spooky Signup

3. Spooky Intro Text (Open in full screen for best experience)

4. Spooky Squiggly Text (Open in full screen for best experience)

5. Halloween Animation in Pure CSS

6. The Witch's Cauldron

7. Day of the Dead Animation

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Temani Afif

Most of the Pens are forks from other users. It would be good to give proper credit to them otherwise, this looks like plagiarism

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Rithik Samanthula


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Not bad, agreed with Temani Afif, but a decent set of forks. I would have also probably fixed or improved them a bit, even something as simple as the first one you put up, (1. Halloween Flickering Animation), those should be classes, not ID's. There is also unused CSS, I would have cleaned that up/removed it, or used it.