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Discussion on: Why is GitHub supporting Child Separation Agency?

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I don't support ICE. I want to make that clear. This is playing the devil's advocate because it's a discussion worth having imo.

Anyway.. GitHub providing an Enterprise level service to ICE, which group does bad things, is hard to boycott without implying that lots of others need similar treatment.

Take a look at Google and their work with censored search in China. If everybody's gung ho about Hong Kong right now then why on Earth would they support Google? Even if they stopped the project after it went public (and would probably totally try it again?)

Oh wait. It's Google. Cancel culture doesn't work too well on a company that runs the systems (Google search, suite, Youtube, etc) that facilitate the majority of people's internet usage.

It's a similar issue with ICE. No, they should not be separating families. That is wrong. I agree with you.

But how do you specifically target and address THAT without denigrating the need for making sure our incoming citizens and visitors are safe and sound? We have to do it somehow. I don't have an answer beyond "child separation bad." That's why I'm not in politics.

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I appreciate the hard questions.

I have sympathy for the difficulty companies face, when the legal context makes it nearly impossible for them, for example GitHub's restrictions in Crimea, Syria and Iran. They could have handled some of it differently, but overall the onus is on US Dept of Treasury/Justice.

In the case of Google, they are not compelled to censor/provide a censored version of Google search in China. And their employees have been successful in getting them to cancel Project Dragonfly.

Making larger tech companies accountable is certainly a challenge, whether it's Amazon, Google or Microsoft and yet people still do. Whether it is Google employees staging a massive walkout, or community organisations stopping Amazon from staging a new HQ in New York City.