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How to grow a small business without trying

I'm a fan of this dude who calls himself "The Tech Lead". He's been a guiding force to growing myself as I engage with the coding community. Late at night on a Friday, I find myself watching an old video, seeking inspiration to grow my own business:

Secrets to grow a small business without spending money

  1. If you try to speak to everybody, you speak to nobody
  2. Reach out to social influencers to advertise your product
  3. Be genuine
    • Write with a conversational, friendly tone without being too formal
  4. Optimize your conversion funnel
    • Optimize landing page, minimize clicks to purchase

I can really only talk about what I can talk about. Sure, there is a ton of stuff that I want to learn, but I can only speak with confidence about the topics that I've solidified in my knowledge banks. Isn't that true for everyone?

I do need to make a better effort of making friends with big names and just connecting with people. I like Twitter way more than Facebook for this end.

Truthfully, sometimes it seems that I am forcing myself out there, but it is kind of important to demonstrate what you know if you hope to receive any sort of recognition for your talents. Not everyone was meant to do the same thing, especially in the IT world. When I am writing like this, I feel engaged with my purpose, and that is a powerful feeling to move forward with.

I have a lot of optimization to do myself...making sure my links work and are spammed everywhere...generating new content to spam...making sure what content I do spam is high-quality spam (by my standards)...I want my spam to be useful-spam...

Now, to go forth and spam this article.

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