What is your conference talk walkup song?

therealdanvega profile image Dan Vega ・1 min read

I was at a baseball game yesterday (Go Tribe!)


and I remembered a tweet from

aspittel image

I think this is an amazing idea and more conferences should do this. I know that VueJS Amsterdam does this but I am not aware of any other. This got me thinking about what my walk-up song would be and while I can't narrow it down to 1 here is my shortlist.

So now the question is... What would your walkup song be?


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Definitely the Brooklyn Nine-Nine theme song


Most definitely this little gem by Anberlin, Gotta support my hometown boys:


That's why I threw in some Bone haha


If I ever got the guts to talk in front of a large group, Voodoo Chile would go a long way to psych me up