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Dan Vega on April 24, 2019

If you're using something like Gatsby or Gridsome as your blogging platform there is no UI to create a new blog post. The process usually starts wi... [Read Full]
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great post! back in the days i used ruby a lot more, i wrote a similar thing for jekyll called jekyllpress.

i have a talk burbling in the back of my head about writing generator scripts in general. that swift boredom / laziness that begets these things is wonderful


I think as developers we generally love to solve problems and when we can solve our own problems we get really excited about that :) Thanks for commenting!


That's pretty nice! I've created a similar CLI with C++ (just because). It's most likely that it's buggy and I still use it for my blog but it works and that's what it matters to me.


I love your reason (just because)... It's a great opportunity to build something that is useful. Nice work!


I haven't heard of Gridsome before... bookmarked! Thank you


Awesome, I love your blog --publish! Thanks for sharing


You can try using netlify cms paired with hugo if you need gui in editing posts...


Thanks for this post! I made small modifications and added the script to my own site's repo.


Awesome work Niko, I like some of the things you're doing in your script :)

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