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A beginners guide to unit testing in Vue

All three articles that I did on *Unit Testing in Vue for beginners that I did for Vue Mastery are now live.

In part one of the series, we really focused on identifying what to test and more importantly what NOT to test in your components. From there we wrote our first test in part two and spent some time understanding the different libraries involved. In part three we learn through repetition by writing more unit tests with a couple of components that add some new wrinkles.

I want to thank Adam and Gregg over at Vue Mastery for giving me this opportunity to write for them. I have always looked up to them for their unique style of teaching and everything they do for the Vue community. I don't think this is the last time you will see me collaborating with them and I am looking forward to what we do next.

I put a lot of hard work into this series and if you enjoyed it please let them know. I hope you're having a wonderful day and as always friends...

Happy Coding

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