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TIL: How to CDK Diff Your Entire App

If you use the AWS CDK to deploy resources, you may also likely use the Pipelines construct to deploy. Let's say you do, and you run a cdk diff against your app prior to committing. It's awfully disappointing as it will only show you changes to the encasing pipeline.
However thanks to this fantastic answer from @fedonev on StackOverflow, I learned that there is special syntax within the CDK CLI that allows you to wildcard the stack you would like a command to run against.

You may also use wildcards to specify IDs that match a pattern.
? matches any single character
* matches any number of characters (* alone matches all stacks)
** matches everything in a hierarchy

So running

  cdk diff '**'
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Will diff not only diff the pipeline stack, but all the stack's within your application.

The more you know

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