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Dakota Lewallen
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SSH-BM, An SSH bookmarking program

Welcome to my latest goofy project: ssh-bm.

If you've ever been on the ops side of things, more than likely you've had to remember more than a couple domain/ip + user combos for logging into various machines.

My usual go-to in the past for cataloging those combos has either been a spread sheet, or a series of bash functions. Neither of which is particularly maintainable.

So with the hope of removing some of the overhead, I developed this tool. ssh-bm which aims to declutter the process of logging into various machines.

ssh-bm serves as a key-value store for ssh connection strings. You hand it the name you want to use along with your normal arguments to ssh. Then when you give ssh-bm that name, it will automatically pass those arguments to ssh and send you on your way.

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