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Prepping for ReInvent: Getting my Dev Associate Cert

My Pre-ReInvent goal for this year is to upgrade from the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner to the Developer Associate. I started working towards this way back in the spring but got caught up with work and life and it got left behind.

However I'm picking this work back up now in hopes that I can get level up my certification prior to attending ReInvent this year in November.

I started out doing Stephane Maarek's developer associate course. He does a fantastic job of not just covering the services and their configuration options. But also including useful advice and implementation patterns to go with it. It is fantastic and I 100% would recommend going through it regardless of if you want to get certified. Sadly personally I've only managed to get through ~65% of the course due to life 🤷‍ But have learned quite a bit from what I have completed.
Course progress.

Now that ReInvent is closing in (5ish weeks from writing), I'm pivoting my strategy away from coursework and into practice tests. I'm using @jonbonso's practice tests and they live up to the hype. Feels very much like the previous exam I took.

Today's results from the 1st practice test aren't the greatest. 64%. 3 questions from passing. So not miles off the mark. I've got 4 more tests to use, but likely at min I'll do two more over the next couple of weeks just to get in the practice.
Practice test resutls

Next step is to review my wrong answers. Then for the next test (next weekend) the goal is to slow down. There's 130 minutes allotted and I used 50. Admittedly I spent 0 mins reviewing before submitting. So next one will take a second go round to double check and take more time with my answers.

Best of luck and hope this helps.

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