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My first week with Plausible

Plausible is great. It provides highly actionable information front and center. The interfaces are simple. You can have multiple domains on the same account and switch between them easily. 100% recommend trying it out if you're curious.
The main thing plausible gets right is simplicity. To get going you can sign up with nothing but your email. Then to start submitting traffic from your site, there's a tiny 1kb script tag you add to the head of your index and your done.
Super easy to setup and it doesn't bog your site down with massive scripts. 🎉 This would be my favorite part, if it wasn't for the fact that you can repeat that process for as many domains as you'd like. All on the same account.
One login, one bill and all the domains you take care of all being in one place is fantastic.
With the simple process also comes simple data. It shows you important things like bounce rate, session durations, location and page views. What it cant show you are large scale things like ad conversion, repeat users or audience reports.
Which in my opinion is fine. Not everything you make needs to have corporate level support features. I don't thing that's Plausibles goal and I appreciate that a lot. However the best way to sum up the information they do give you is...
"Are people interested in this site?" In a very general sense. For early idea validation, that is fantastic. I don't need to be able to generate a detailed report of every user that's landed on my page for the last 60 days, to know if people like something. 10/10 would recommend.
At the end of the day, use the tool that's best suited for you. If you just need to validate an idea from a landing page, use plausible. If you're building a corporate project with ads and such, probably go with Google.
Plausible is growing fast, so we'll see if that holds true in the coming years, but for now that's my take. 👍

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