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Dakota Lewallen
Dakota Lewallen

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Best Tech Startup Podcasts?

Lately I've been getting into the the start-up scene (mainly HackerNews and ProductHunt), but I don't always have time to sit and read through a lot of what gets posted. So I was wondering if you guys could share some of your favourite start-up related podcasts/content-creators, whether they be here or on some other platform.

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Jacob Colborn

My favorite podcast to deal with startups is Breaking Into Startups. They interview the founders of different startups every week. The website also has a great breakdown of episodes to quickly sort through various categories.

Software Engineering Daily is great to review different products that are coming out, not necessarily startups but just various software projects with some being business based.

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Kyle Jones

Personally I sift through Secret Leaders, Changelog and Coding Blocks for conversations with employees/leaders from companies that interest me but I'm not aware of any dedicated tech startup podcasts offhand