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C# - Implicit Usings

C# 10.0 introduces the concept of 'implicit usings,' which automatically includes common namespace imports based on the project type. This feature reduces the need for repetitive using directives at the top of every file, leading to cleaner and more concise code.

Here’s how you can use implicit usings in your C# project:

  1. Enable Implicit Usings in Your Project File:
    Modify your .csproj file to include the <ImplicitUsings>enable</ImplicitUsings> property. This tells the compiler to automatically include a set of default namespaces common to the project type (e.g., console, web, class library).

  2. Simplify Source Files:
    With implicit usings enabled, you can remove common namespace imports from your source files, as they are automatically included.


Your .csproj file will look something like this:

<Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk">


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And in your C# files, you no longer need to include common usings:

// No need for 'using System;' or other common namespaces

Console.WriteLine("Hello, World!");
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By utilizing implicit usings, you can focus on the unique aspects of your code without the clutter of common namespace declarations. This feature is particularly beneficial for new developers or in educational settings where simplifying the code can help focus on learning concepts. However, for some complex projects, explicitly declaring usings may still be preferred for clarity and control.

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