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I use a hammer and chizzle on a stone tablet. Everyone else is ridiculous.


I used emacs for years. Challenged by a co-worker, he switched from vim to emacs, and I switched from emacs to vim for several weeks.

At the end of the challenge, he immediately went back to vim, and I never went back to emacs.


Can confirm. I may not be a scientist, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn once.


Prime I would actually like to see a side-by-side performance analysis of people who use vim vs intellij or something. Like an actual experiment. take a control group of devs who just started using intellij vs vim, measure the learning curve, and 2 months in final measure to see which one is better.


Get back to the evil beard universe.


For me it's always VS Code 🖤


I've recently moved from vscode to vim to python dev (yes you guys heard it) and I'm more and more in love with that, still finding best setup but it's AWESOME!!


Started to get into vim more recently but definately VS Code or IntelliJ for Java apps