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dev.to staff on May 13, 2020

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Hello DEV world! Namaste! 🙏
I am Kartik and I am a software engineer.
I am very passionate about using technology to make a better world. I like to say I sit at the crossroads of creativity, technology, and the human condition.

I will hopefully be adding dev posts here frequently.
In addition, feel free to subscribe to my non-dev blog about technology on my website ikartik.com.

Onward to more progress!


Checked out your github and saw Scribe

You open-sourced your own blog platform?

Thats awesome! 😃


Ah, you noticed! 😁 Thanks a lot! There are quite a few changes on my blog that I am implementing for Scribe – should be ready soon and they will make it much better than the current version.


Yeah, seriously! I've been learning about the way information is conveyed in spoken language as opposed to non verbal. I thought it was very interesting to have a base of 39 bits irregardless of syllable count.

Totally cool!

Thanks! I find it amazing that we can create so many different languages over thousands of years, but our brains still all have a similar bandwidth limit to processing incoming information!

It's an amazing thing to look at really. I always think about how much our ancestors were able to do. Essentially, they had as much "bandwidth" for uploading/downloading of info as us. If you take it back far enough you'll see these common threads of the ratio of brain case volume to body weight. It's not just us, the "Conceited Great Ape," either, that ratio is good for corvids to dolphins.

What I'm quite interested in is the effect of ML/AI coupled with Quantum Computing on us. Dolphins can apparently create a 3D picture by sonar & then, using the same sounds, transfer the info to others in the pod. We can see a fraction of the EM spectrum (visible light), many animals apparently have magnetic sensory cells, but what if we could hear RF waves, upload/download complete experienced information, & move & sync complete consciousness between a cloned entity that has separate corporal forms while still being the same person. All in real time.

Totally agree! In terms of physical abilities, humans are pretty ill-equipped compared to most animals. We don’t have sonar, our eyesight is mediocre at best, we can’t even smell very well.

There are two things that makes us more sophisticated than animals: 1 is our brain - we developed such complex languages, formed social relations, etc. And that brain also invented 2, our tools. We’ve made up for the lack of physical abilities through tools that are an extension of ourselves - AI/ML, Neuralinl, robotic prosthetics, night vision. It’s incredible that our minds came up with all this, and that our minds can understand that as well!


“I like to say I sit at the crossroads of creativity, technology, and the human condition.“ ties a ribbon on that


Hey Kartik, just like you I am budding software engineer, i hope DEV community helps all of us grow in this tough time.


Most definitely! Tough times are always a catalyst for innovation and growth.


Tienes contenido muy interesante en tu blog.



Your blog is wonderful. I want to learn from you.



Thank you! I will post tutorials about building a blog soon :)


I liked the article dated January 12 in your blog. Quite interesting, thanks.


Hello everybody!
I am Thomas, fullstack Dev from France !
I am here to share my knowledge and experiences.
You can check my profile or even go on my website Https://tsflorus.me to see what I'm doing and my articles
Keep coding !


I'm Cynthia and I just started out learning frontend web development. I aspire to be a full-stack developer (pretty ambitious, eh?), but right now I'm still exploring HTML-CSS-JS.
Keep sharing your experiences. I'll be reading.


Hello everybody, I'm Andrea Stagi from Italy, CTO @ Lotrèk Digital Agency!

I'm here to share my knowledge about frontend and backend development! My main interests are Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Angular, Python, Django, Docker, K8S, TDD, Redis and PostgreSQL.

I love open source and I'm still writing and open a lot of code, you can check my Github profile at github.com/astagi . My open source activity started 9 years ago and includes projects such as Emesene (github.com/emesene), an instant messenger client supporting various IM services, Turpial (github.com/Turpial) a Twitter client written in Python, Taiga.io (github.com/taigaio) an Agile project management platform and Nanpy (github.com/nanpy) a library to make programmers' life easier allowing to use Arduino as a slave, controlled by a master device where you run Python scripts, such as a Raspberry Pi. I also opened a lot of useful libraries with my agency, check them out github.com/lotrekagency

Happy coding!


Hi there!

I am Martin, a software engineer from the Netherlands, currently in the United States. I started programming when I was ten years old, graduated with honors from my university in 2011 and ended up leading large-scale national IT-initiatives like ov-chipkaart.nl in my country. Despite all this I firmly belief I suck at coding and feel my best days are when I throw away a bunch of code.

I love software development because the options are limitless and the engineering community is incredibly open and supportive. I strongly belief that we can use technology to improve our lives and ultimately unite the world. Hopefully this will happen before we destroy it.

Anyway, I'm here to share my ramblings, present my pet projects and by the end of the day: learn a thing or two.

❤ Martin


Can't wait to read your ramblings...lol! Welcome!


Hey all

My name is Mike (43) and I've been working in dev for 25 years, started around 1995.

I love the dev industry, very diverse and forever changing - love to learn!
One of my new ideas is to create a forum and blog which people may find useful.

Antique code that was written for the first Amstrad computer will be going live on my GitHub soon, watch this space. Be nice it was a long time ago.

Looking forward to hooking up with you all.
#mikemintonuk #everydayisaschoolday


1995 was my first year in web development! Welcome to the community, Mike!


Awesome how is it going?

My first app(program) was a paint recipe system for a paint manufacturer here in the UK. Also, wold him the Amstrad computer - back when floppy disks were floppy lol

To be honest, I took a 10-year hiatus to play music, so I'm not as jaded as I could be. lol. Every day I learn something new. It's why I'm so addicted to it.

Same here - love it, some days I feel like I cant learn fast enough lol


Hello all!

i’m J.W., a hopeful millennial from Chicago, IL.
After some lackluster years of post-undergrad, I’ve started my journey with computer science and software engineering. While being self taught is intimidating, I’m excited to see where all of the books, programs and, coding can take me. I’m incredibly green so any and all help/knowledge is welcomed!

Feel free to follow my journey on twitter! Take care xo


I am also teaching myself programming! What languages are you working on?


First, I’m refreshing myself on HTML/CSS, but i’m super interested in JavaScript. A bunch of CS articles suggested I start with those three, so I figured why not?

I have been enjoying javascript a bunch!


Hi! I'm a tech recruiter building a recruitment platform that should end cold outreach on Linkedin. recrooit.com

I want to learn, read about your experiences with recruiters and use it to develop better features for our app :)


Question for you nsofra... do recruiters like look-down at developers who got their education through a bootcamp? I ask because I am a self-taught Front-End Developer about to start a 9 month online boot camp class for Full-Stack through Lambda. I look at job posts from time to time, just to get an idea of what employers are looking for, and it seems they all want someone with Computer Science Degree. So I am wondering if recruiters would even give someone like me the time of day once I complete the boot-camp? Thank you for your time :)


Great question! It strongly depends on the culture and type of the organization you're applying for. Just as an example, fintech or biotech companies are kinda conservative environments and educational background probably matters. I still strongly advise you to go for it when you come across a job ad you feel comfortable applying for and this is why:

Job descriptions usually describe an ideal candidate persona, which is a profile of their IDEAL candidate. It comes down to the hiring costs: can the company afford to wait for the ideal candidate? On the other hand, most of the startups know talent has nothing to do with cs degree and you'll probably have more success starting your career there.

Since you're into frontend, focus on building some kind of a portfolio even before you consider applying. Like building a simple page for your friend's business, an NGO or such. Experience is more important than education, and you need to start building to gain experience. Hope this helps. It deserves a post, for sure :D

Thank you so much for the feedback! This is exactly what I was wanting to know. I know in the boot-camp we will work on portfolios. I had to prepare a website explaining why the should accept me jen-stewart.netlify.app/
so maybe that can be the start to my portfolio! And I will definitely try to make some sites for friends and families in the meantime :)


Ahhh... The dreaded Headhunter. LoL When I was in architectural design they'd cold call. Made me good money! You chose a bit of a giant to tackle. Really cool!


I know, I will definitely need dev community support to do this properly.
Cold calling is somewhat gone due to data protection and GDPR, but all the spam you go through is just overwhelming.

The bottom line is that highly skilled tech talent won't apply to vacancies, cause they are already set somewhere. The best way to learn about good opportunities is from: your peers :)

I agree totally! Co-workers, supervisors or my employees were where most of these HH's had received my personal information & most times the calls I got were very good opportunities. It was disconcerting sometimes, but the pay was sometimes as much 190% of my current pay! My motto that stated to everyone was, "I want my Boss's job, so how can lift/push that person into their own promotion in-house or out?" Also, I tried to incentivize work in a couple of ways that people didn't get sometimes. Like in the workers showing up late in Jacksonville because traffic over a certain bridge. So I showed up early & cooked waffles & pancakes every morning that wanted some... Off the clock for the both me & them. Problem solved, but initially the district manager was irritated. I think incentives that are cheap & well liked go a long way. I got this from a German coal company that did similar things when raises were found to be less effective.


That is awesome. I bookmarked your site in case I want to check out the site. Welcome, nsofea!


Hi people,

I am Aashish and I am from Bangalore, India.

I am a data scientist and I am known for my erroneous grammar and spelling mistakes 😉

Here to help others, seek help from them and learn more

Please feel free to connect with me on Twitter!


Hello friends!

I am a developer who specializes in JavaScript. I stumbled across this page and thought I would join. :)

I'm currently working with React and TypeScript, and learning GraphQL. Feel free to say hello!


Hi all! Am a total newbie. Starting out with HTML and CSS and seeing where it leads me!


Hello everyone!
I am smel a newbie programmer
I once thinking about programming 4 months ago so i started programming
And thinga change and now I am focusing on HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT and hoping to learn more throughout this journey


Hello, DEV world. Ahoj :-)

I am Peter, not a professional, just a tiny little scripting guy, using whatever tool fit my needs for a job I need to do. I started to be more interested in OCaml recently and since this is something new for me (syntax, paradigm, ... wise), I hope that a good community could help me with my exploration.

Let's get functional.


I'm Jorge. I'm a full-stack developer, I'm currently living in sunny Florida. I like to share my ideas and tricks about programming and software development in general in my blog: webcu.dev. Our learning process never ends and this site is a great source of information. Thanks @thepracticaldev for creating this amazing community!


How's it going Jorge? Welcome to the community.


I'm glad of being part of this community. Thanks. How are you?

I'm doing fantastic, my friend.


"Hello DEV" my name is Mohamed Elsawy i am student at computer science department in faculty of science in Cairo University i am interesting in front-end development using react i just a student have a dream


Hey student here as well. Was literally scanning the thread to see if there are other students as well or only full stack devs and full time software engineers lol.


Hi! 👋 I am a CS student in Stockholm and really passionate about AI. 🧠

Hoping to find people who share an interest for Machine Learning here on DEV, get into the social side of coding and improving my practical skills in web technologies like Django.

Cheers! 😃


Hello Guys, I'm Elijah from Nigeria. Currently learning Web and app development . I'll need your help as a group to progress and I also want to contribute to these wonderful community. Thanks for welcoming me ❤


Hi dev.to, excited to be here 🐳 My Name's Alex and I love writing blog posts in markdown and community. That's the two reasons I'm here. I started the OpenFaaS and inlets project and some others that you may find interesting if you're into Containers, Docker, Go and Kubernetes. You'll find them pinned to my GitHub profile

Hope to have a post up for you here soon - in the meantime, I have more at alexellis.io



Hi Alex, I'm Katie, the #welcome moderator here on DEV.
My unofficial title: DEV cheerleader 😊

I want to welcome you to the DEV community and let you know that you'll find lots of help and support here for all your coding needs.

Don't hesitate to ask questions or contribute new ideas.


Hey there,
This is Rahool Benji, Co-founder of intervue.io

It's a tool to take remote interviews with built-in collaborative code editor and integrating audio/video calling.

I am here to contribute and share my learning while developing this Saas based startup. I am looking for people who would want to use the product to take remote interviews.

At dev.to, I will actively share my learning as a Co-founder, about what to learn and how to quickly develop an MVP to validate your idea.
I will also give some insights on few technologies to be learnt, if you are an entrepreneur/engineer in 2020.

My skillset includes:

I also manage Infra at intervue.io

Some of my upcoming blogs are:

  • Selling your startup to first 10 customers - Part 1 (Validate your idea)
  • Selling your startup to first 10 customers - Part 2 (Know your customer)
  • Selling your startup to first 10 customers - Part 3 (Launch MVP and get initial sign-ups)
  • Selling your startup to first 10 customers - Part 4 (Get atleast 1 person to pay you)
  • Selling your startup to first 10 customers - Part 5 (MVP to a product)
  • Selling your startup to first 10 customers - Part 6 (Make it scalable)
  • Selling your startup to first 10 customers - Part 7 (Go mad with marketing)
  • Selling your startup to first 10 customers - Part 8 (Blend in with your schedule)
  • Selling your startup to first 10 customers - Part 9 (Make it a habit)

  • Frontend performance

  • Setup nginx and integrate with other services

  • Dockerize your application: frontend, nginx and backend

  • Jenkins CI/CD in groovy

  • Setup cloudfront/S3

  • Kubernetes on AWS

  • Route53 on AWS

  • Integrate Sentry for end to end monitoring

  • Integrate Kibana for logging

  • GTM/GA integration (Analytics integration)

  • Sendgrid integration for Emailing

Looking forward to interacting with you all

If you like the product, say hi and we can take it ahead from there :)


Hi, my name is Elis! I'm a Brazilian Software engineer living in Vancouver, Canada.
I love coding and cats! Fun fact: the first time I've ever been on a plane was to move from Brazil to Canada.

See you around!


Great to see others from Vancouver here!


Hello everybody!
I am Thomas, fullstack Dev from France !
I am here to share my knowledge and experiences.
You can check my profile or even go on my website Https://tsflorus.me to see what I'm doing and my articles
Keep coding !


Hello all, my name is Humza. I am Software developer by passion as well as profession.

I am here to write about my journey as a budding developer who is eagerly exploring different technologies everyday. I want to help and inspire others around me to be better each day and strive harder.

Do check out my profile and hit the like if you like my articles.

Untill them Adiós!


Hello Everyone! I am a South African web developer who has just started! I am pretty stoked to have discovered development. It's so easy to see how it can be used to make peoples lives better! I am keen to work on projects that help the people in the World and Africa especially!


Hi there!

I am Miguel, a front-end developer and instructor. Everything I know about web development I learned from generous people that shared their knowledge. So I am here to humbly share mine as they did and to keep on learning from great developers around the world.

I love learning and coding, but being productive as well. Time is our most valuable asset. My current project is a website to learn front-end development fast and efficiently (I don't like 10 min videos to just learn a simple idea that could be explained in a couple of slides or a clear fragment of code). I respect your time so I will do the same with my contributions here.

Thank you for your time. Happy coding!


Hello DEV people, I'm Henry and I'm a CompSci major at DePaul University. I am an avid Python programmer with ADHD, and I'm currently working on fleshing out a Raycasting engine I wrote in Python for a game I want to make.

Looking forward to learning a lot here and getting more comfortable in my programmer skin.


Hello to you guys👋
I'm Behrad Bahrami and I'm Iranian.
I'm high school student and I'm very interested in coding specially in Python and I wish I be a very successful Programmer and Make my Company but I'm beginner and I also i interested in Electronics and I wanna study that in University and migrate to another European countries such as Germany and keep studying there.
I will be thankful if you help me 🙏🌹


Hi everyone!

I'm Nicolas Granja - Nico - a Software Engineer from Montevideo, Uruguay 🇺🇾.
I have a stable full-time job as a full stack developer, and I work on my own side projects on my spare time.

I'm passionate about creating new products and releasing them to the world. My dream is to have my own successful and profitable online business.

I've built 5 products so far, I'm not hoping to become rich with them, I just want to learn as much as I can about bootstrapping and ship my own products to the world.

I'm here because I'll start to post about things I learn while I build my products, that I think could be useful for others. Also, as a not native English speaking, I'm forcing myself to write articles in order to improve my English.

Feel free to connect with me on twitter @ngranja19.
If you want to check out my work and give some feedback you are all welcome.


Hi folks!

Google brought me here.
I've just learnt how to develop application. And I found many interesting articles here.
Let's learning and sharing.

Thanks for good posts!


Have fun learning. It's a long, and awesome road. :D


Hello Dev world!

I'm Martins Ngene and I am new to web development and I hope to fit in this this wonderful community, as I have come to gain and share knowledge by God's grace.

Hi everyone,
My name is Manthan Koolwal
I am a backend developer
I have launched three projects until now
scrapingdog.com ,makcorps.com, and flightapi.io
Happy Coding everyone!


Hello Dev community! My name is Madeline. I started learning web development in October and have been mostly focusing on Javascript. I am hoping to write some posts here about topics that I study to help me learn them better. Hopefully I will also be able to help out some beginners while I'm at it.


Hello DEV world! Namaste! 🙏

I am Ndeya and I am a software developer. I am very passionate about using technology to make a better world. I like to say I sit at the crossroads of creativity, technology, and the human condition.

I will hopefully be adding dev posts here frequently.


Hello everyone! 🖐
I am Juan and currently, I am still a high school student from Indonesia that takes joy from programming.

Here joining the DEV community hoping to improve my skills either programming and discussing with others. 🙌


Hello! I'm Stacy! I'm building on the very scrappy JavaScript knowledge I gained a few years ago by taking a Vanilla JS course and trying to finally feel more confident in my skills. I split my time between UX and product management at work and am hoping that getting a better handle on web development will make me a better colleague to the devs I work with. Also: Side projects! Fun!



✅ Hello World
✅ Firstname Lastname
✅ My location
✅ Little bio


Hello World !
My name is Anthony Gorski, I'm french developer junior (i think 😅)
And i love 💕 Javascript 💕 !
Et Voilà 😆 !

See you later on the internet !


Hi guys, I am Daniel.

I am a lifelong learner, technology lover, I love building things.
I am continuously thinking, tinkering.

I would like to make writing as a habit, that's why I started my blog on danieldallos.com

I am really passionate about development, entrepreneurship, startups, chasing new ideas.
And these are the topic what I would like to share my experience!

Happy to be here!


Hello guys 👋,
I am Vaibhav and I am here to gain knowledge about technologies from wonderful community. Mainly I am interested in machine learning, deep learning. Looking for internship.
Any suggestions and guidance is appreciated 🙏
Thank you 😊
my github : github.com/VaibhavSaraf/


Hello everyone, I do javascript. I am here to read and share developers' knowledge.


Hello Everyone...
This is Sanaulla, I am a Associate Senior Software Engineer, working for a company in Bangalore, India.

I am here to use this platform to gain knowledge, explore new things and share knowledge across the world...

My interest is on JavaScript with frameworks like React , NodeJs...

Thank you!

introduction #community #Dev


Hello Devs. I am a Principal (Backend) Engineer at fintech in US. I am based in Ahmedabad, India. I write at dhwaneetbhatt.com. My interests are backend, devops and I code in Node.js and Go.


Hi, everyone!
I am a front end developer who primarily works with WordPress who wants to fill in the gaps in my skills and knowledge to go from an intermediate-level developer to a highly skilled one.

Will be posting what I am working on and what I am learning from it here.


Hello people. I am a front end developer from Brazil working on IBM with React and Angular. I want to learn a lot here, share some thoughts and know nice people.

I have a blog too dutra.dev
Thanks :~)


Hello, My name is Angelo.

I love des-dev (Design-Develop)

I fancy around with Ruby on Rails, React (in NextJS, but looking into gatsby). I am developing a blog (claiming a domain). Some stuff I done: RwarriMS and A starter typo project.

Thank you dev.to!!!


Hi all, am Moses from Nairobi Kenya. Intermediate Java developer and now working on a project in python/ Learning at the same time. Looking forward to your articles and also me posting later down the track.


Hello World! 😁

A tech enthusiastic 👨‍💻👨‍💻 Working as Senior Software Engineer @ cleartrip.com | Java | NodeJS | High Sclable Platforms | siddz05.github.io

Love to be a part of this Community! 😁


Hello DEV community,

I'm Furkan, I'm a software developer. I mostly write C# and sometimes JavaScript. I love both languages ​​and I am also interested in functional programming.

I joined the DEV because it has a simple interface and encouraging community. I hope I can start writing something soon. I believe I will improve my skills with the community.


Howdy! Throughout my workday I learn a lot of small tips and tricks that are too small for a full-blown article and yet it would be a shame to burry them in a Tweet.
I suspect it's going the be mostly revolving around the web platform: JS, DOM, Web APIs, React and maybe even React Native sometimes.
So yeah, just condensed TILs, no fluff, so follow me! ;-)

Here's some sample content that I plan to migrate soonish: twitter.com/dimaip/timelines/12612...

And yes, I've been working with the web since 2005, so I hope I've accumulated enough interesting stuff to share with you.


It is legendary to be a graduate in 2020, many opportunities on the way to accomplish tasks with more onerous than ever. All thanks to the pandemic.

lets connect to build a better era of tech



Hello there!
I'm Dan, a junior web developer. Come here because my senior at community keep sharing post from this site, so then I join to this site.
Great to be here with you guys!


Hello DEV Universe! My name is Victor and I'm a front-end developer and UI/UX designer I truly enjoy the works of creating, bringing ideas to life through great design. Design is my usual routine I think creatively to make it happen. Am fueled everyday by the knack to learn something new to improve my craft, and am always ready for amazing challenges. I'm here to learn and share new experiences with the DEV universe.


Hello Dev👋
I'm Favourite and that's my actual name🙃
Currently in the line of web development and stock at JS. Learning all I can and i do have a YouTube channel where I do web stuff, you could check it out and subscribe for more contents.


Hi everyone, my name is Sasha and
I am very happy to be a part of the community.
I hope that it will be a mutually enriching journey.
I am an independent researcher working on the link between Complex Adaptive Systems and Evolutionary strategies.
Hope cooperate on interesting issues.


Hello Dev's! I have been learning JS, HTML, CSS3 on my own for the past several years... but its time to get serious :) I start Lamda boot-camp in July, and hopefully can land a job doing the one thing I love... coding! I'm here to learn, and maybe help someone else learn. Nice to meet you all!


Hi, I'm a new to web development, I'm also self learning and a lot of times I get confused and there is no one to help me understand.
So, I hope to meet people who also passionate about web development ,coding and developer with experience who can mentor me


Hello! :) I am a (mostly) self taught young developer, with an interest in interface design and creativity.

I have spent years trying to develop my own image viewer in C# WPF and now I am at the point that I would love to share my work and hopefully receive some much needed help!

It would mean the world to me if you'd like to check out my Github repository at github.com/Ruben2776/PicView



Hey everyone!

My name is Joakim, I'm a climber & former UI & UX-designer turned Software Developer. I'm passionate about open source, declarative code and really hoppy beers.

Right now I'm getting into Deno and I just wrote my first project for the runtime over the weekend. It's a small, dependency free file server with live reload called Denoliver. It's not much, but if you're interested, or just want to complain about the name and logo, you can check it out here: github.com/joakimunge/denoliver

All the best!



Hello Dev.
I'm Favourite, well that's my actual name😏. In the line of web development, trying to learn how to make beautiful website. Currently stock on JS, hopefully I'll get a hold over it.
I do have a YouTube channel where I post web stuff. Do come join me and subscribe 🙂.


Hello World!
My name is Moe and I'm learning to become a Software Engineer. 😃
Making a leap of faith from the IT hemisphere and with the COVID pandemic in NYC, I finally got some downtime to learn!

I realized how much I miss coding when I started practicing lately for Hack Reactor coding bootcamp. I let one experience turn we away and I switched my Computer Science Degree to IT. All because I had one lazy teacher in college that didn't teach us Java 1 right so all the kids who took Java 2 failed. I dropped it thinking it would be tough road to attain my degree at the end of the day.

Background: Network and System Implantation and I do IT consulting on the side.
Learning: Javascript, CSS/HTML, React, Git for the coding bootcamp
Want to Learn: Mobile Development and Machine Learning

I enjoy keeping up with tech and I always look for ways to solve problems, making things efficient, and build better work flows for companies.

Looking forward to making some posts and feel free to say hello!


Hello everyone, my name is Hassan, I am a software engineer. I read a lot from this community, but never contributed to it 😔.
But lately, I was planning what to learn and improve next. And I found that I don't communicate enough with people from communities outside the workspace. And I rarely contribute to other communities 🙈though I benefit a lot from them.
So I am joining this awesome community to have the chance to contribute to it and to know new people and share our interests and skills.


Hi everyone!

I'm a Software Developer from N. Ireland, working in Dublin and not as active in the Dev community as I could be since I graduated (3 years ago). I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's projects and hopefully sharing my own updates!


Hello DEV's I just joined the community, I'm a prefinal year CS student who loves to do cool opensource projects in javascript/python.

I just posted my first #showdev article Airshare


Glad to be here!


print("Hello World");

I am Azee, and I am a Software Engineer. I work on a wide range of projects from web, mobile, and game dev to devOps, IOT, and machine learning. Having recently graduated from college, I came across GitHub's remote graduation program this year for students like me who did not get a chance to have a graduation ceremony. As part of the application process, they wanted me to post something on DEV. This seems like a really cool community, and I hope to add more dev posts here in the future.


Hi Dev.to members ,

I am Jegadeesh Vontlin, Randomly hit this website, and read a article on Azure Static Web Apps.

Navigated to other part of the website, seems to be the perfect place for newbie programmer like me to become a successful programmer.

I believe that programmers skills also grows when collaborating with other programmers. Respected "dev.to" does that :)


Hello, Bonjour, 你好 lovely coders!
He is Kaym, Software Engineering Student.
He has skills in various domains and a serious passion for Web development and Mobile development.
He speaks 6 languages: French, English, Chinese, Comorian, Spanish, and Arabic.
Coffee lover and oh yes...He does not love talking about himself in the 3rd person at all :)... like for real.
He managed to create a website (kaymkassai.tech) but can't post any blog onto it because heh being a good developer doesn't make you a good writer. But he will learn how to in a few days, or months or.........I think you're not even reading this part. Anyway, I love you, God bless you and let's create something big together.


Hello 😊😊
Nice to be part of the DEV community
I am Bankole Ahmed and I am a full stack web developer.
I started programming at the age of 12 and I work with JavaScript mainly especially nodejs.I am into back end mostly where I build APIs,microservices and lot more with node.js.
Well,I like developing open source projects and even contributing to open source projects.
So I will be basically share my knowledge on JavaScript and web development hopefully.
You can check out my open source projects here :
Thanks once again


It is hard to think of any domain that will impact the world in the coming decades as much as an advanced computer application. The sudden surge in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence has introduced immense opportunities to create new tools, methodologies, and instruments.

I derive immense satisfaction and joy when I am able to create something that benefits people at large. I strongly relate to Peter Thiel when he says “Doing what we already know takes the world from 1 to n, adding more of something familiar. But every time we create something new, we go from 0 to 1.” The inquisitiveness for creating something different and unfamiliar has driven me to work on innovative projects during my undergraduate study.

I worked on developing a NARCOTICS IDENTIFICATION AND INTERACTION CHECKER TO MINIMISE FATALITIES as part of my major project during my undergraduate study. The project entailed the use of the Internet of Things and Deep Learning.

I am currently working as a Software Developer Associate at Cerner HealthCare focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I am planning to do my Masters in the same field.

You've got an interesting idea to discuss? Lets Connect! :)


Greetings from the birthplace of Lord Krishna!
I am Pratyush Garg and I am gonna be a software engineer soon after my graduation completes after this lockdown.
I am a keen learner and quick to take initiative, I strive for excellence in whatever I take up. I love developing and experiment with new stacks.
I also love to play "Harmonica" , you can check out my work on

I look forward gaining from this Dev community.
Upward and onwards !!


Hello Everyone, I am passionate about coding. I've a six years of experience.
I started my carrier in PHP with CakePhp Framework.
After 2 years I learnt node.js and then started working on MEAN stack Application and built a BRMS (Business Rule Management System) in JAVA using drools.
Currently I am working as a Tech Lead and I love to code.


Hii Dev Namaste
I am Manoj and I am third-year Computer Science And Engineering Student at BCE Patna.
I am very passionate about using technology to make the best World.
My portfolio Website manojcse.me.


Hey! My name is Tom, I'm a computer science student and self taught programmer, mainly with JavaScript/NodeJS.
I'm currently working on an app used to report ticket inspectors on public transport, which I'm making using Firebase, an interesting experience!
I'm always excited to hear from others, feel free to get in touch! :)


Hi Everyone,I am Hana,a software Developer.I actually was not sure which one I should call my self :).a "software Developer?" , "A computer programmer?" , "Coder?" , ... so I was Googling the difference between those terms and I decided to go with software developer :).Googling(one of The main ingredients of programming :) )I am here because I believe there is so much to learn.the tech community helps my passion for programming to grow more and more.I love how supportive and inspiring tech folks are everywhere.I hope to learn so much from here and to share my journey as well.I am now working on freeCodeCamp projects if you want to see them you can follow me on codepen "codepen.io/Hanaby" .I aim for a continual self improvement through coding.


Hello DEV world! Dzień dobry!
I am Maciej and I am studying Applied Computer Science at Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland. While studying I'm trying to self-develop in order to be precious worker in any kind of enterprise. Right now I'm really in love with Operating Systems Course and SFML for C++.

Because of my lack of experience I probably won't be writing any soon but maybe someday... something written by me will be also added on this website.
Until then I will be mostly reading. See ya!


Hey crew!
Perhaps a PM joining a developer space can be seen by some as a downright sacrilegious act of domain defiance... 😁 yet I am incredibly fascinated by the work my engineers do and how technology allows us reshape our reality.

While fairly technical already, I am currently learning software development myself, and by joining such an enthusiastic community of engineers/technologists, I hope I can bolster my growth as an engineer and start creating products and services that benefit humanity and our planet.

Thank you all for being here and sharing your passion! ❤️


Hello, i found the app read a few reviews and decided to try it and add it to as a possible resource.
I'm new into web development and currently studying JavaScript with a firm understanding of HTML and CSS


Hi all!

I'm Ric, and I'm a {software,embedded,data} engineer.

I'm learning loads about compilers and programming languages while making a tool for people like me who want to build data pipelines but don't want to use Spark. You can check it out on github: github.com/condense9/teal-lang/.

I'll hopefully be posting here about why I'm doing Teal, and other dev stuff.

I also have written things on lispmethods.com, and might get back into it. Covid-19 gives us all new perspective..

Good to be here!


Hello Dev Community,
I am Sachin, A Computer Science Sophomore And A Beginner In Development. I Am Interested In Computer Vision, Web And App Development. I Hope To Learn A Lot Here From Awesome Devs And Wish To Contribute To The Community.


Hello Dev world !
My names Michael and I'm a photographer interested in getting into software development - I figured this is a great landscape to begin the journey. Looking forward to meeting members of the community.

Cheers to progress


Hello everyone! My name is Matt, I'm from Lithuania. I am a current trainee in a coding academy, studying Java. My friends jokingly call me an idea generator, because I am the kind of person, who gets excited about creating something new. I like to think of ways to improve and automate things, which are tedious and boring. Hence why I began learning how to code, as it empowers me to transfer my ideas into reality. I have already found many useful articles here to aid me in my journey and hopefuly I can gain necessary skills to make them come true!

I am very greatful for this platform, where I can learn from so many smart people! I wish everyone here the best of luck :)


Hi there, DEV! I'm Simon, a graduate in Computer Science seeking to become a software engineer at a company that makes a positive difference in the world. I've already got a year of experience under my belt as part of my course, but I'm looking to build on that with a good job. After I've graduated, I'm going to build up some knowledge and skills around new languages.

I've loosely followed this site for some time, but I've finally pulled the trigger on making an account to join the GitHub graduation ceremony.


Hello Dev World,

Public Media Solution works on 5 main principles perfection, reliability, faith and support, honor, and willingness. It is explained as publicmediasolution.com/

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Hola amigos!
This is kanika Gupta. I'm pursuing computer science honours as well as German honours from DU.
I'm a writer cum poet by passion. 📝📝
Also a bibliophile and a huge potterhead ⚡
I love binge watching k-dramas and have been trying my hand at cooking as well. 😁😁


Hi Dev community! 😃

Hope you're all safe and happy!

I am Arundhati, a programmer, developer and learner. I am passionate about open-source software development and am an imperfect person looking for perfection in bringing smiles to people's faces. If you too are one of those passionate souls, do get in touch. 🙂

Thanks and regards,



Hello dev.to.
I am Sivakumar R. I am a professional software engineer.
I am very passionate about learning new technologies and tools. I am good at python/django. But interested in new language like golang and rust.

I am interested mainly in web development. I wish i can get treasure of knowledge from here.
let's be a community.


Hello, Community!

My name is Julio, but I´m knowledge as Jesus. I´m a Java Web developer for more than 17 years. I started at 11 years old learning Cobol and Basic, using cp400, hahaha. But in 2000 I learned PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS to web programming and don´t stop since. I´m a bachelor's degree and specialist software engineering with UML, Microsoft certificate: HTML5, Javascript and CSS3 and C# Razr, and some few courses. I´m Kubernetes website doc translater to Portuguese and I hope to learn more and share my knowledge here.


Hello everyone! I've traveled my way through Dev many times over the years and read and followed here and there, but decided to swing on in and say hello!

I am a software engineer in the Seattle area and have a trend of working on projects I can't really talk about. But I decided I wanted to share some of the knowledge I have picked up along the way, and felt this was the place to do it! Getting more eyes on what I know will hopefully help someone along the way, and might break some misconceptions I didn't know I have. It is the discussion that matters, and discussion is how we share knowledge.

So, to all the Devs around the world: Hallo, hello, bonjour!


Hello every one am Albert faith by name I am from Africa I am a Fullstack developer in the making just want to learn and be better right now am basically just doing front end I hope I get to learn more from this platform as it would mean a lot to my progress..... Thank you..... ARIGATO!!!!


Hello everyone!!
I am Sahil. I'm a web developer.
I like to build new stuff. I hope I find some great articles and people here.


Welcome to Dev! Tons of resources all around. Start by exploring some tags and following some authors and before you know it you'll have your own curated feed full of those great articles and people your after 😊


Hello Dev peeps!

Glad to be here. I hope to learn from others as well as share my experiences and expertise in various web technologies. My main interest and focus is Vue JS, CSS, PHP, WordPress, and web accessibility.
I am based in the US. My personal website/blog is inspired-evolution.com.


Hi. I'm a student currently studying computer science. I'm learning different programming languages and have started front end development. I'm passionate about learning.


Hey everyone!

Just found this community and I think it could be great as a resource to learn programming. Really looking forward to diving into what this community has to offer :)


Hi to the DEV Community!
I'm a simple guy who doesn't work in the IT Field nor works in an office. I'm of 14.8333 years old and I'm learning CS. However, I have learnt a lot about Python 3 till Django implementation for building REST APIs....

To stay connected with me check my Twitter as I'm a active more often on it.


Hello Dev, My name is Rejoice Olie.
I am a Code Newbie and just started my learning path for python.
I am really curious about learning Python and Web Development to upskill myself.
I hope to in the nearest future write useful posts about my learning journey to inspire new Code newbies like me and also to challenge myself.
I also want to get inspired by other people here!


Hi everybody! I’m new to software development and so far have been dipping my toes into the wonderful world of web dev.

Haven’t quite figured out what I’d really like to build but since I enjoy using Linux and arguing with people on Twitter about bitcoin and digital privacy, I figured learning how to build some software myself might be a solid next step towards becoming the apex annoying person in my social circle.

So far really liking this community- between here, Medium and YouTube it seems like software developers really have some excellent public hangout spots and that’s really cool. Not used to having this type of online community in other industries.

Hope y’all are having an enjoyable evening!!


Hello! I'm a software developer from New York, and my favorite language is Ruby. Lately I've been mostly doing Rails and Vue stuff.

I've been hearing about Dev, and it's been popping up in search results. When I found out that it's an open-source Rails app, I decided to make an account. I see Dev will even generate posts for you via your RSS feed – awesome feature.

I'm here to check out the community and perhaps start blogging again. Feel free to say hi, or tell me about what you're doing with Ruby!


Hey everyone! I'm on board with seemingly what everyone else here is - use what we have, evolve and grow. Kindness and compassion should be the new code written into the fabric of everything we endeavor.
What brought me here ? Searching for the optimal ways to secure my privacy, my freedom of speech and information, and learning whatever I can to help me in developing my websites and applications I would like to begin. Of huge importance for me is the safety of my visitors information. Secure, secure, secure - I don't want anyone that visits my sitez to be infected with something that someone dropped into a code unknowingly. I suppose I'm here to learn more about the back end of tech, what makes things tick. I'm interested in the block chain, for it's secure uses, other than tokenization.
I look forward to hearing all your input and stories of experience. It's an amazing time to be alive.
From my heart to yours,


Hello! I'm a developing web developer from Berlin. I've had a long and winding journey getting here and am now openly dealing with and writing about my struggles with Bipolar and ADHD while learning to code. I start a Bootcamp in June and I'll be documenting my journey here and on rollercoaster.dev I hope you'll join in the conversation.


Hi Dev Community,
I am Pratur from Indonesia. Passionate about web development and want to learn more about it, thats why I joined dev community to get an insight.

Nice to meet you all.


Hey everyone, I'm Tony and I'm a frontend developer/designer from Philadelphia, PA.

Currently working heavily with Design Systems & rekindling a broken relationship with PHP/Laravel.

I'm also in the process of building a new portfolio and blog site using Next.js and Sanity. Hoping to launch the final site and start posting content soon!

Looking forward to being a part of the community and reading some of your posts!


Hello, World!

I'm SkillProgrammer and I help other developers become one.

I will hopefully be writing on fintech and how to become a skilled programmer.


Hello Dev-Engers 🙏
I am Ali Arsalan and I am a B. Tech. Student
I am very passionate about using technology to make a better world. I like to say I sit at the crossroads of creativity, technology, and the human condition.

I will hopefully be adding dev posts here frequently.
my website ansariali.com.

Onward to more progress!


console.log("Hello world!");

My name is Tia, and I'm from Manchester, UK. What led me here was an article that someone shared on Linkedin, which brought DEV to my attention. I'm a graduate of Illustration and animation, but career-wise that didn't really work out for me. At 31 years old, after working in various customer service positions, I decided to indulge my interest in tech and start learning to code...wow, I love it! I've been learning for the past few months and was about to start a bootcamp, but then the world was turned upside-down by the pandemic. So in the meantime, I'm doing what I can to learn and try to connect with like-minded people while at home. I also enjoy writing, so I hope to start sharing my thoughts and experiences, as I am going to enjoy reading all of yours.

Keep coding and carry on!


Hello, this side Anjel. Even though I am studying in the management field. I find it programming truly
something commendable.
I don't know whether those movies(where a programmer builds something and becomes a billionaire ) in early teenage. Whatever that is I am happy that I can be a billionaire,( just kidding) but for the fact, I truly love thinking that I can build something on my own.

I hope I can learn a ton from here and give back once I am capable of helping others.


Myself Abhishek currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in computer science and engineering.
I'm really excited to join this great community and to learn new skills for you all 💖, since I am beginner.
More about me on my portfolio: coderaky.com
Thank u all☺️


Hello there developers!
I am Sudeep. I am a full stack web developer, MERN to be specific.
I also do UI/UX design, some devOps and some penTesting.

I love building beautiful things on the web and I am very passionate about the things that I work on. I want to code things that make a difference.

I have written an article on medium and hopefully be writing stuff here as well.


Thank you for your time and have a great day!


Heya All!

I am Sachin, and I am here to make friends who enjoy doing new stuff.
Currently, I am Steward at an initiative - Kernel Fellowship @Gitcoin (Where you can earn by contributing to OSS - made $7k myself)

Likes - New cool stuff, blockchain, Virtual Hangouts, Notion, GIFs, Emojis... etc.

Feels good to be back at the Arena. Eager to learn, and make new friends.


Hi everyone, newbie here trying my hand at coding. I've been off and on with Python, but as of late I've taken a turn into C# to hopefully wind up as a game developer or designer. I've never been fully active into programming, so all of this is very new and exciting to me. Pleasure to be here! I hope to learn alot and meet new folks ☺️


Hello dev.to! Greetings from, currently, Malaysia :). This has been the longest I've stayed put in one place in the last 2 years, haha.

Born with tech in my blood. Usually working with Laravel/PHP on client or personal projects.

At the moment, I'm focusing on my pet project atworkathome.co. I want to see if I can build the simplest place for people to be discovered for their skills, whatever that may be, and be paid for it.

My real passion is freedom, for myself and others, to be who we really want to be.

All the best, guys


Hi everyone. I'm Dietbrand. I hope you and your loved ones are in good health and remain so during these trying times.

I'm a beginning dev with a lot of experience in ops and a background in customer support. Seeing code work has always been a cathartic experience for me. I'm trying to become better at Go and I'm considering picking up Javascript again.

Unfortunately, I'm very impatient which often gets me into trouble. Having a good mentor and a clear structure (and the discipline to adhere to it) is tantamount to my success. I will strive to be the best I can be but I know it's going to be a long and hard road. I hope to learn from as well as contribute to what I perceive to be a wonderful site and community.

Warm regards



Merhaba ( Hello in Turkish ) everybody. I'm Orhan, 22 years old. I'm here because of my regrets actually. I'm computer engineering student and this year is my last year. Before this year I worked with basic programming with c/c++/c# and I didn't improve myself. Now I'm feeling huge regret about that.
On the otherhand now I'm hardworker I understood my faults and I'm moving on. Normally every summer I'm working in a company not related with programming though but this summer I will dive into programming instead of working. This community one of my first step. I'm learning javascript with Maximilian Schwarzmüller in Udemy for a while. Your suggest and your knowledge will be my light I believe. I just wanted to share my story (: Thank you for reading.


Hello everyone. I'm Hussam from Egypt. I learned the MERN stack, built few web apps for learning. I really look forward to having my first job as a frontend developer. I think I may have a chance in the freelance world at first.

On another note, I really like the aesthetic choices here, it makes me happy to use dev.to. All the best.


Hi Dev World I'm Taiwo a graphics/UIUX developer nice job you are doing


Hello, Dev community,
Am Mubarak, from Kaduna Nigeria
Experience software Developer with a demonstrated history of work, I enjoy learning new things and work on solutions of varying scales across different industries. I’m always open to critics, change and learning new technology, Skilled in Building Backend APIs, with skill in PHP/Laravel, node/express, and front End with React.Js.


Hi, I am here to learn and boost up my sql and plsql skills. I hope i will find great help. Thanks.


Welcome to Dev! Great to have you here :D


Hello, I'm a computer science student. I love programming, and I want to share here my codes. And I also share my knowledge at codesnail.com