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Welcome Thread - v173 staff on May 11, 2022

Welcome to DEV! Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just ...
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Michael Tharrington • Edited on

Welcome everybody! 👋

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shammisharma • Edited on

Hello everyone,
I'm glad to joint this amazing community.
I am a web designer, graphic designer, front end developer (html,css,js) for past 5 years or so but to be honest I'm feeling like a noob here. (image for context 😅).
I seriously don't know where I stand in this field after this long time. If I consider myself a designer then besides photoshop, illustrator, css I know nothing. As for considering myself a developer I only have a knowledge of html css , bit of js (so that makes me a ultranoob).
When I look at other designers or devs I feel so overwhelmed like whoa they know so much and I'm nowhere near them. Sometimes its so depressing for me. I seriously don't know what should I do.
Have any of guys been through same ! kindly let me know. Any advice / help will be appreciated 🙂
Thanks and looking forward to this journey on dev 👍🏻

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Colin Fiedorowicz

Welcome to the community, @shammisharma! Don't worry about your peers knowing more than you; even the pros don't know everything. Comparing yourself to others will only cause you to underestimate and devalue your talent. I recommend that you primarily focus on acquiring the skills necessary to get the job done satisfactorily. After all, if you're proud of what you can create using the technologies you know, then why do you need to learn new ones? As you take on new projects, you'll have plenty of opportunities to learn more about the technologies you know and explore entirely new ones. Of course, if you feel that you need to study a new one, or you just want to learn it out of curiosity, then, by all means, feel free to do so. Just don't give yourself a hard time.

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Hello @shammisharma i think you need to build some project that are dedicated to front end web dev like clone of Netflix or Twitter this will not only help you understand concept deeply but also give you confidence that you are not Noob :)

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Welcome, @shammisharma

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keniiis • Edited on

Hello everyone, I am very happy to join this community, I always read them, but I never dared to create an account, now I did, and I hope I can contribute to anyone who needs it. My name is Daniel and I'm from Chile, Los Lagos region, I love the frontend and the backend scares me hehehe, but who knows and I dare to learn, I'll improve my account little by little, but I don't want to go ahead without saying hello to such a nice community.

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DEEP NARAYAN • Edited on

Hello everyone,
I'm really honored to join this amazing community.
I am a senior STEM student currently learning Android Development. I have knowledge of Java, and recently I picked up Kotlin. Now I have started learning basics of Android Studio and building some projects.
When I look at other students I feel so overwhelmed like whoa they know so much and I'm nowhere near them. Sometimes this is actually very depressing for me. I seriously don't know what should I do. I want to achieve financial freedom by the end of this year by freelancing, internships, or remote work.
Any advice / help will be appreciated❤️
Thanks and looking forward to this journey on dev 👍🏻

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Emily Langworth

Hello everyone. I have a 6 year gap in my resume and I am trying to learn new skills as I am getting ready to get back to work. I took time off to raise my two boys who are now going to school. I have a tiny bit of experience with HTML, CS, JS, PHP, Python, and Swift. I am starting bootcamp in September with UC Berkeley extension and I am prepping for that now.

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Colin Fiedorowicz • Edited on

Hello, World! My name is Colin. I'm a high school senior who aspires to become a full-stack developer. Even though I'm primarily interested in web development, I also want to create desktop and mobile apps. I'm currently skilled in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Java, and Python. I'd also like to learn C++ one day. To further enhance my knowledge, I'm taking the freeCodeCamp courses. The letters "INTJ" at the end of my username are my MBTI personality type.

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Lamont Belton

Hello, I am the Senior Video Producer for Cockroach Labs. The industry is new to me, although I did study computer science 30 years ago. It's been a wonderful learning experience at CRL. I work with the Training Team, so talking to teachers every day has been ideal.
I am looking forward to connecting with people here and continuing to learn.

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Elias Galindo

Hi everyone!
I'm web dev fullstack student, for now I've learned a little bit javascript, HTML, CSS, React, Redux, Context API and GitHub.
I'm look forward to keep studying and improve my learns right here in this community, as a member.
I want to learn and contribute as soon as I can, with the knowledge that I've got.
I've came here by a friend that talked me about this blog, how awesome it is and how much I could learn from here. So here I'm!

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Tobiloba Adedeji

Hello everyone! Tobiloba here. I'm a frontend developer and programmer, I'm from Lagos, Nigeria, currently a Computer Science student in the University of Lagos, Nigeria.
I really like learning new stuff and I know this community would be a good fit for me. Peace y'all!

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Hendra Manudinata

Hi, everyone! So glad I can join community.

I'm Hendra, a teenager from Indonesia. I'm a hobbyist coder, currently working on custom Android stuff (ROMs, recoveries) as well as contributing to opensource projects. Loving code since I was in 5/6th grade, I'm learning more programming languages and skills. My favorite programming language is Bash and Python. I like compiling Kernel-related stuff especially for Android. All these stuff are available on my GitHub.

I'm joining so I can read many amazing stories from amazing developers around the world, as well as their tips and tricks to improve my coding efficiency. Also is a way to share my knowledge, with the hope to inspire people.

Looking forward to "blend" with you all! :D

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Jima Dube

Hello Everybody,
My name is Jima Dube. I am a full stack developer.
I joined DEV community and I am happy because DEV community could help me to reach my goal.
Thank DEV community for this opportunity.

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Pranav Kural

Hello everyone!
Glad to join the community and make connections and learn more! :)

I was very passionate about web development and even did some full-time work while I was in college after high school, but after completing college had to get into a job where there was no software or web development at all, because of financial circumstances & other reasons at that point in life.

Last year (after 3 and a half years), I finally quit the job and decided to get back into doing what I love, which is essentially coding, software development and designing.

Currently enrolled in CS bachelors and studying on my own during summer break. Right now focusing on gaining really good base in JS, CSS and no-sql. Planning to learn React and React Native first, then might lean into Web 3.0 development.

Hoping to be a good developer and designer in a few months, at least good enough to do some freelancing work and support myself while I'm studying in university.

I'm here to learn, become a better developer, engage with the dev community and to contribute where I can. 😄

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Hola everyone, my name is Justin. Im a self taught full stack engineer, w/ about 20 years experience, 10 of those developing and shipping internal Enterprise software.

I was originally sys admin with scripting skills and front end design skills. Somewhere along the line discovered MSHTA and allowed me to build UIs for my scripts and soon after, full blown apps.

MSHTA has been long deprecated, so I first picked up Node, then Electron. Eventually I would grow out of jQuery and picked up React, TypeScript and Redux so I could modernize my workflow.

I came across this site last year, with so much good content, its time I officially join the community.

Hello and thank you all!

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Jay Yip

Hello, everyone. I'm Jay, a undergraduate majored in software engineering from East Asia. I think there are lots of experienced coders on I want to learn something about CPP...
Actually I'm not good at English, and I'm sorry for that. I hope that I can get some new friends or learn something useful from you experts.

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Affinito Alessandro

Hi all,
I'm a devops engineer trying to take back some good programming skills lost after years of bash and pipelines scripting.
I'm learning go since a few weeks from the official go tour, plus go 101 and some random article.
I've created a small repo to share the learning process with my colleagues to try to share the knowledge in the team and to keep up also on the long term, since we don't have any internal go project right now

My goal is to learn it deeply enough to build small advanced programs like k8s clients and network apps to make our work easier, or to be able to customize k8s plug-in written in go when needed.

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hello everyone
I am currently a student of post graduation
I am very much interested in development but have invested sort span of time know I reached to right environment I guess you all guys help me as a sinner help there younger ones
tell me where to start
I have average knowledge in web development (html,css,java script,php, Ajax) and basic concepts of react, node.js , programming language java,cpp, python
and have internet in data science
give suggestions please

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Sai Tanmayee Chervi

Hi everyone!!👋 I'm new here and I've been learning from react documentation. ( Can someone please help me with the following question I have?

Thanks in advance and happy learning! ❤️

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Numan Iftikhar

Hey everyone
it's Numan here.
What's up guys?
I'm a student of graduation in computer science and have a crush on coding 😄. I'm currently learning react.
I would love to find passionate coding friends along the way. :)

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Hello everyone,
I'm really glad to be a part of this community.
I've been working on website development for a while now and all of a sudden I feel like I need to go into flutter dev which is what I want to do majorly as a career.(flutter developer)

Now, here's the issue...I get so lazy at times to focus or work on myself.

After so many distress, I finally decided that I need a source of inspiration...I feel like a lone ranger probably because I'm just starting from the very beginning of flutter and I do not have anyone to gear me up or pressurize me to working hard.

I'm really hoping to find my inspiration on DEV.
If there's anyone that can help me out here, please do not hesitate. God bless you.

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Hi I'm Dan and I'm trying to learn in public because I'm an exhibitionist. Just grinding until I can get my first job in tech even though I have a CS degree.

I hope to learn a lot from everyone here and maybe I can contribute too.

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Hi everyone iam new to this community iam here to study and discuss about new technologies that upskills me .
Then,i am fresher i want a good job so i think this community will help me to achieve that...thank u....

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jimtonic • Edited on

Hi all,

I am Glen, a software developer , I love to greek software development , such as Testing tools / framework , java stuff on my leisure time to keep myself updated. I accidentally find this such great place.

Happy Coding , Happy Learning.

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Erika Kacelnik

Hi everyone! I'm a Design graduate who just entered the world of tech, working at a devtool startup. I'm learning Python for my job and thought this would be a cool place to hang out and learn :) see y'all around

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aniketqw • Edited on

Hello everyone,
I am a college student and had just ventured into the field of Computer Science.I am trying to explore different field of study.Thus look forward to learning from all of you.
Thank you

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Hello Everyone!👋
This is Ammar Siddiqi, a learner of MERN Stack development. 😊
I am super excited to join this community because I know I will learn a lot from this community of amazing developers. ✌️

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Duop Yat

I'm really grateful to be here today as the things go from the started point to the expertise. I'm currently devolping Kubernetes playground as the role of senior DevOps Engineer. I joint this community to learn and also to grow up together with other developers who has passion and talent like I to changes the world. I will be available to assist others also just like the way I needs to learn from other.

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Tochukwu Ohabuike

Hello Everyone,
My name is Ohabuike Tochukwu. I am a full stack developer.

I joined DEV community and hopefully, DEV community could help me to reach my goal.
Thank DEV community for this wonderful opportunity

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Oloye Reedwan

Hello everyone,
I’m excited to be here among amazing people and would really love to learn and also contribute.
I’m a web developer (html,css, JavaScript, Reactjs and Anjular), I have been programming for 2years now and I feel I have a lot to do and learn and I’m really honored to be her among great minds.

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Hi, All,
This is Tony. I am very excited to join this amazing community. I am now a co-founder of a startup company. We are now building a no code tool for data analyst and anyone want to use data with no code. I believe data driven is the future!


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priya pandey


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Arjun Reghunath

Hello World!!
How you doing?

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Gabriel • Edited on

Hello I’m Gabriel.

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DevOpsDays Kyiv

Hello everybody. I am Kateryna, Community manager from DevOpsDays Ukraine. Join us at 17-18 May

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Michael Tharrington

Awesome!! Welcome to DEV. Sounds like a seriously cool event! 🙌

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Satel Dev

Welcome Everybody!!!

Like Dev, Love Dev, Looking forward to be part of DEV

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hello everyone im new here

danbaba1 profile image

who knows how to call a switch statement

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i need help with learning logic amd algorithm

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Its all about practice and exposures , keep challenging your self , start with sudo code and write it on a paper (I will force to handwritten). forget about the syntax at first stage (you have google for it).

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Hello, this is Cassi m currently learning web dev, and m glad to be a part of the community. Hope to learn and grow and one day help others just like me who are starting their web dev journey.

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Welcome! 👋

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Sean Davis

Hello Everyone
Sean here from Florida.
I'm glad to join this amazing community.

Looking forward to learning, sharing and growing together with this amazing community.

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muhammadjamiu abdulganiyu

Hi everyone,am so much happy to join this amazing community...

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hello everyone i'm glad to join this amazing community.
i do front-end development .

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Abhiram G P


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Sarah Temidayo A.

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah. I'm a .NET/C# and React developer, (MERN) stack. Dev platform has been very beneficial to me. I'm glad to finally be a part of the community.

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Jayanta Adhikary

Hey, this is Jayanta (you can call me Jay) and I am a university student. My favourite technologies are JavaScript and Golang. I am excited to learn and discuss with the community!!

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Hello Everybody!

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Vamsi priya Mutthireddy

Hello everybody
I am new to this community

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Dek Nurul


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Hello 👋

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I tried to google it up and after many of turns I'm here!

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Vijay Ashok Nikam

Hello Everyone, I am here to learn web development. Node.js, React.js, TDD, Automated testing, Containers.

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Milan Laca

Hello community :)
instead of introducing I am going to find more about VUE and .. I try to contribute to Nextcloud projects and develop my own apps with Gitlab EE utilities ...

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Hello my name is som , i am currently learing web dev with the aim to get into web 3.0 asap . I also like c++ to do some coding , i am currently learning dsa .

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DevOps Engineer learning more everyday about AWS functionality and furthering my knowledge in web application development, mobile app development and IaC.

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Hey all 👋🏽 I'm an aerospace engineer turned web developer with a focus on MEAN/MERN stack. Joined to see what kind of projects that might be appealing for recruiters.

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Andrew Williamson

Hello Everybody! 👋

I am Andrew Williamson an experienced game developer.
i joined this platform to share and gain knowledge.
All I want is your cooperation and support.

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John Smitt

Hello guys, I am new to the community and I am looking for a developer who can help me with a project.

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Opiyo Erique

Hey everyone, I'm new here i hope gonna learn much from this community.

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Hello guys!

I'm kinda new to development. Hoping to learn so many things in this community as a look forward to my career!

Looking for some early tips and advice from you sensei!

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Hi I'm a php developer. currently I'm working on WordPress theme customization
My question is how to improve my skills.

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Hello ~ !!