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Welcome Thread - v136 staff on August 04, 2021

Welcome to DEV! Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just ...
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Sangeet Khatri • Edited

Hi, I am a freelance web developer from India. I am in webdev professionally from 2 years now after having worked as a full time junior sysadmin. I started working with simple static pages using TailwindCSS and HTML as very small projects but quickly moved to Jekyll, Gatsby and similar static site generators. I now primarily work on Gatsby sites but have been using Next.js more lately and have started moving slowly to more dynamic sites which co-ordinate with servers for various uses and it's been a great rewarding journey so far and hoping I'll continue to learn more and more as time passes by.

I am looking forward to learn Rust and Go since Rust enables me to use low level code on browser using WASM and Go interests me since it feels like a great choice for lightweight and fast backend since the idea of using interpreted languages in backend, especially with the dependency structure of node.js was never something I felt comfortable with.

I have been active in Reddit programming communities for a decade now, but those communities have started changing for worse unfortunately and hence I was looking for a more open place for discussions which landed me here.

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hi iam student

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Numan Usman

Great to know I’m not alone. Hehe

Thread Thread
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I'm a student too :P

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Suhas Kadu

Same here.

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Lucia Cerchie

Welcome! I think you'll find a learning and positivity-focused community here-- I have!

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Ben Halpern

Great to have you!

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Daniel Wedding

Howdy :D

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Vashishth gajjar


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Numan Usman


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Carlos Ochoa


I´m a 61 years old young man. I´ve worked as a developer since 1986; now I´m trying to move to Laravel and it has been a litle difficult due to its simplicity.

I will try to do my best in this new learning stage of my life.

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Nick Taylor (he/him)

You got this Carlos and welcome to DEV! 👋

Be sure to check out


Whale hello there!

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Sunil Choudhary

Hi Carlos
i am 45 myself and find it difficult to adopt the new development paradigms.
YOu are not alone.. Give me a shout when you want someone to talk to

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Nevin Katz • Edited

Hi all,

I am a web and app developer living in the Boston area. I work at Education Development Center and do a mix of front-end development, Drupal development, eLearning consulting, app development. I also work as a tutor / writing coach / homework coach and write about web development both here and on Medium.

At EDC we are right now in the midst of some Drupal upgrades and migrations, which represent the majority of our work this year. I have been writing about about my experience with a D8/D9 upgrade this week here on

Before coming to EDC, I taught high school biology & other sciences. During that time, I wrote and illustrated the Dr. Birdley Teaches Science series.

While I grew up in Virginia, I have now spent more of my life in Massachusetts. Outside of work I enjoy illustration, running, writing about technology, and playing my son at chess.

Nice to meet everyone and I hope to see you in some of the forums.

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Thomas Bnt


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Nevin Katz

Thank you!

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Hello, I have been a developer for 20 years, I have always programmed in languages ​​such as c, c ++ and Java, I have been developing in Javascript for some time and I would like to continue learning more, mainly the new paradigms and web development frameworks, such as vue , react and angular, I think this web page is a very good way to continue learning

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I am an aspiring frontend developer.I currently work with HTML,CSS,javascript and react.Knowing more about this field,and finding support brought me here.I'm also looking forward to being a full-stack developer.

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Hi, Olasunkanmi. Brand new here and just starting out on HTML and CSS. I've seen "full-stack" all over the place. What does that mean?

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It means both frontend and back end😊

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Matti Lipponen • Edited


I'm not a web developer but I really want to become one. So far, I have mastered the html language (I needed it for uploading content to the site) and the basics of css. Where would you advise me to start? I don't like paid courses, but eager to grow up as a self-taught person. Thanks in advance for the advice!

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Hi, Matti. Even newer noob here... Just now starting to learn HTML and CSS. How did you learn HTML and CSS?

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Matti Lipponen • Edited

Hi! I've started here Definitely recommend, especially I like that part where you can test to use the code They also have CSS there

Also, I've watched some free videos, here is my favorite one

Hopefully, it will help

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Hi , I'm computer science student from India . I started learning web development few weeks back from freecodecamp . I wanted to expand my knowledge in web development also I wanted mentorship . I'm very curious to learn more and more .

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Nick Taylor (he/him)

Welcome to DEV!

Spiderman swinging by to say hello

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umair mehmood

Hi, I am finall year student of BSCS from Pakistan. I love to write clearn and reusable code as writing again and again same code is painfull. currenlty I ma exploring Data science and AI. doing web development in Python django as well. I created a youtube channel where I started to teach python for beginners or advance user can also learn from there as well.

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Priya Kothalkar

Hello, I am Priya Kothalkar. I am learning by creating projects.
I have created quizes, Speak translator apps and emoji cyclopedia using react and practicing daily python language by solving problems on Hackerrank. Also I took a 100DaysOfCode challenge on Twitter. It's going awesome to learn and showcase your learning journey in front of People.
Here is my Portfolio:
You can connect me on

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Hi everyone 👋. After a long time only reading awesome stories from other people, i decided to signup and publish one myself: From Waiter to Developer. Enjoy!

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Peter Kim Frank

Welcome to the community!

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Hi, I am a freelance web developer from Nigeria. I am in webdev professionally from 1 years now after having worked as a full time junior sysadmin. I started working with simple static pages using CSS and HTML Javascript and also Bootstrap as very small projects but quickly moved to Lagos, E-commerce and Static Website I now primarily work on E-commerce sites but have been usingWordpress more lately and have started moving slowly to more dynamic sites which co-ordinate with servers for various uses and it's been a great rewarding journey so far and hoping I'll continue to learn more and more as time passes by.

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Hi everyone! I'm Brieanna, I'm from Pennsylvania, USA and I'm currently a Game Dev major (graduating Dec. 2022). I fell in love with coding about 7 years ago and finally decided to pursue what I really wanted to do. Most of my experience lies with C# and C++, but I do have some experience with Java and Python as well. I also have some experience with Git (as well as GitHub and TortoiseGit), Visual Studio, etc.

I hope to do some game jams before I graduate, and maybe even find some people to work on side projects with as well. Networking is always great too! :)

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🌈BruceTheGoose.Eth NFTs 🦇🔊

Hey all~ I'm not actually a developer, but this platform keeps coming up in my research so thought I'd pop in and potentially meet some people who might be interested in collaborating, and hopefully I'll learn a bit in the process. I've done a lot with no-code solutions, and visual deployment projects; but my main interests lie in blockchain, and more specifically in NFTs. Everyone has probably heard the term NFT thrown around this year, but most people don't really understand it. I've been full time in the space as an artist for about 2 years now, and in that time my insatiable curiousity, and overall enthusiasm for the underlying tech has turned me into one of very few genuine experts in the industry. I've got a laundry list of ideas for things to buidl, most of which would raise the bar in the whole space; because I understand the vast potential, I just don't have the mindframe or the attention span to learn coding from the ground up to be able to write/format solidity and then connect it all to functional frontend. Currently I'm the Founder/CEO of , all built with no-code solutions, and would love to find some people interested in getting in on the ground floor of what is practically guaranteed to become a giant in web 3.0 infrastructure.

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Chrysovalantis Constantinou

Hi, I knew about p5.js but never got to use it until today and it got me very excited. As I was looking around to find about similar packages, and more about p5.js itself, I stumbled upon this site and thought it looks cool so I registered.

I have about 11 years of coding experience, on and off, but mostly from the scientific computing site of things (I'm a theoretical nuclear physicist by training). The past year or so I learned about three.js, web-development and loved it. So now I want to learn more :)

I also want to learn about Unity 3D eventually :)

So yeah.

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Akshaya Natarajan

Heya folks!

I'm Akshaya, currently a Master's student studying Data Science and Machine Learning at UCL, London. I joined #DEV after seeing a lot of action on Twitter. I'm hoping to learn and write a lot about ML to share my knowledge and improve on it. I'm very new to writing, specially technical blogs (so this is probably my adventure this year! ;) )

Really excited to be here and connect with fellow DEVs!

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Numan Usman

Hey, y’all.

I’m a noobie at web Development stuff. I have no formal education of it.

I’m a Registered Emergency Nurse in Ghana, West Africa.

I’ve always loved playing around with PCs since I got introduced to it as teenager.
Never really doing anything specific with it, not really knowing what exactly to do with it. So just learning general stuff by myself and jumping from one program to another.
Y’all know that feeling/state, I guess. Hehe.
I took a short virtual course/tutorial on graphic design, and I now feel like I like web Development/the concept of it more.
So I’m self-learning about that stuff now.
I just stumbled on this site/community by accident tonight when there appeared a suggested article in my feed, cos I’ve been for some time now searching html/css stuff more often.

I read a few of the articles, and I’m here now.

Hoping to learn more about Development, and hopefully build a career out of it, instead of just exploring and solving common computer problems for friends for free.

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Hi There!

I am Nditah, a fullstack developer!

Here is my first article here.

I am glad to be part of this amazing Dev Community!

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Daniel Wedding

Hey! I'm a developer and community manager of a framework I just made an article for. It's pretty rad. You should check it out! I'm currently in college at a young age but always willing to strike a conversation.

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Bilal Hussain Shah

Hello the dev. Community. I am web developer and have almost 2 years of experience in web development. I have worked on backend technologies like dotnet core, php, nodejs, mysql, mssql, identity server, efcore and frontend technologies, like HTML, CSS, JQuery, Vue Js, Angular, React, Razor, Blade. I have also managed application deployment on web server like AWS LightSail using Ubuntu Operating System. I know basics of git and linux command line. I have also developed two mobile applications on android.

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Alexander Rådahl 🤓

I am Alexander. I’m 26 years old and I work as a Senior User Experience designer, specializing in Customer Experience and Conversion rate optimization. I’m currently working and living out of Oslo, Norway.

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Hi all,

Greetings from South Africa. I am a regular visitor to the Dev site to learn about latest developments on my favourite coding languages like Dart, Go, Rust. I also enjoy a bit of embedded coding on the ESP32 as well as the Raspberry Pico.

I have now joined Dev and hope one day I can also create content that can help others.


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Luis Laverde

Hello community. A pleasure for me to be here. I am a junior developer, born in Venezuela and currently living in Cordoba, Argentina. My profession is really dentistry, since I have been a dentist for 18 years, but the pandemic turned my life in such a way that I decided to reinvent myself and here I am, after almost a year and about to become a Full Stack (MERN). I love programming and listening to music and I consider that there is no better way to earn a living than this profession. I started out of curiosity with HTML, CSS, then I learned Javascript, then React JS and now I am already with Backend. In fact I am a Javascript tutor at the academy where I learned: Coderhouse. Who'd say? Well yes, sometimes I am surprised where I have been able to go and among my goals is to be able to develop in Blockchain and to be able to have some experience programming video games. I hope to be able to share knowledge and experiences with all of you, and to nourish ourselves with so much that there is in this techno-ecosystem. Greetings to all!

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Sunil Choudhary • Edited

Hi I am a freelance developer from Bhopal, India
I have around 20 years experience in IT. Last 6 Years I m in my Hometown and loving it.
Trying to learn Law and get it married to Technology. So Legal+Tech is what is my new passion now.


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Saharsh Laud

Hi I am a CSIT undergrad student currently in 2nd year of my study and I just wanted to be a part of an amazing developer community which brought me straight to DEV. I have been playing around in the field of Technical Content writing for the past year or so and I have also started exploring Machine Learning. Besides this I am also a contributor to the opensource repository maintained by BlobCity Inc. on GitHub. I hope I can meet some amazing people here, learn and share with the community.
Please feel free to contact me!
I hope this will be the start of an amazing journey!

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Renne Aguilar

Hi there👋🏻 I'm Renne, currently I'm learning JavaScript and ReactJS to jump to React Native, and after that learn AI with Python also I'm on fire with blockchain tech🤯 I hope to share nice thing with you, let's make friends😁

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Hey everyone, I've joined to help push dev content for Flux (a decentralized cloud network backed by a proof of work blockchain). You can deploy any hardened docker container on the Flux Network so expect to see lots of examples of deploying nodejs apps to Flux.

Posted my first post earlier with info on the Flux developer grant programme where devs can apply for a 100k Flux (~$10k) grant to deploy their app on the Flux network:

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Husnain Dev • Edited

Hey , my name is Hasnain and i am from Pakistan self taught learner currently i am learning reactjs with Tailwindcss i am beginner my plans are to be a full stack developer i want to use technologies like Reactjs and Tailwindcss as frontend and Django and PostgreeSQL as backend.

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Hi everyone my name is Gideon , I am formerly known as Dragoonix on various online games . I started my programming learning journey 4 months ago . I am happy to have found a place where I belong . Thank you .

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Hey folks! Well, finally I have made the step and joined the community :)
Even though a little late at 38 from Aschaffenburg Germany, but better late than never to get into Web Development. I have been working as a designer for about 10 years, (Designing Logos, Print and Websites) but no development at all.

After about a year ago I have been working with HTML and CSS and and now getting into JS (selftought). It has just been so great so finally see the things you design come to life :D

Been struggling a little lately, because there is so much to learn and trying to figure out for what is next. Node, PHP, Databases, when to use which and how, but I guess this is normal ;)

Greetings and have a great week!

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Wojciech Gryc

Hi everyone! I'm an ML/web developer (Python-focused; Django; ML frameworks) and recently cofounded a startup called Phase CRM (; we build Slack apps to help people deal with Slack overload.

Happy to connect with folks on ML, productionizing ML, building in Python, or anything else.

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Ciao, I'm an Enthused Machine Learning Engineer and Full Stack Engineer from the heartbeat of Africa. I started working on Data science and analysis as an alternative to wb development and now I've fallen head over heels for it.
I am looking forward to enlarging my professionaly radar and community, and thus begins my a new challenge.
Lieto di conoscerti, and hope to see you guys in my forums.

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Breeana Payton

Hi, I am a front-end engineer. I am currently on a job hunt so I have come to to build social presence and show what I'm capable of. I also want to help others who may be on the same path so please feel free to reach out.

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Pavel Kříž


my name is Paul, I live in Czech Republic in central Europe. My hobby is writing web/mobile apps, especially PWA ones.
I work as teacher of technical subjects at technical high school.

"Mluvím česky" + "I can speak english" + "Yo también hablo castellano" :-)

At my work I use a few of my own mobile apps used by me and my students. I like new technologies and try to use them in education. I have written some of study materials containing QR codes to enhance knowledge of the topic.

Thanks to site I can improve myself. Hope I can inspire another people one day...

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Akshay Bhandari


I recently completed my education. And now am exploring all possible platforms and tools that can be used to solve problems that people around me face.

I am utterly sad that java will soon be scrapped as a language for android. I just got used to it.

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Amarjit Yanglem • Edited

Greetings! I am a student pursuing Graduate degree in India. I still have a year to go before graduation. I have keen interest in web development and have been developing my skills for some time now. I have an average knowledge of HTML and CSS and have been working on to improve my skills in responsive design of webpages. I have recently grasp on how the display properties in CSS works except 'grid' property(a bit tricky😑). I have beginners knowledge on JavaScript and have started to learn React FrameWork(comment if it is a good idea or not). I have beginners knowledge on version control(this is a very interesting technology to me). I understand how much i still don't know about web development and i'm trying to learn step by step. I know that I have just started swimming across a vast ocean but I will perceive and swim towards my goal.
Thank you. Have a good day everyone🥳.

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Anurag R Naik • Edited

Hi everyone 👋, I've been a developer for 7 years, have been working on various web applications primarily on Javascript based technologies, although had worked extensively on .NET in my early days.
Currently have been working on Vue.js, React.js as the front-end frameworks creating and updating various web-components and developing RESTful APIs using Node.JS.
I consider myself lucky to have used AWS, which gave me a whole new understanding of micro-service based architecture and informed me of using cloud based infra instead of on-prem.
Currently continuing my learning and understanding of AWS and have recently taken up Python as my next adventure into a new language 😊

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Hi, my name is Addison. I recently dove into entrepreneurship and ran into some technical issues with my team so thought it incumbent upon myself to take up some dev skills.

It is with much chagrin that I look back at how I avoided learning to code during grad school - sticking primarily to Stata for econometrics and analysis - but have found great resources and really have fallen in love with the process and robust communities online.

Currently, I am working through the OSSU - CS while simultaneously using Team Treehouse as a more beginner friendly resource.

I am also interested in connecting with devs who are involved in/looking to be involved in startups - I am happy to help out if anyone has Economics related projects that they are working on.

Additionally, if anyone has questions about working remotely in rural America I have helped a few people move out of the traditional urban setting devs find themselves in.

idris_fagbemi_c31c05906e8 profile image
Idris Fagbemi

Hi, am a system analyst from Chicago. I have been programming with Java for 5 years now and I learnt python in two weeks. I love programming and creating projects. I created a sql query analyzer tool that performs simple sql crud. I am currently working on a flask application that converts videos to texts. Also, I love teaching programming to beginners.

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Vikram Bhatt

Hi Folks,

Hope you are well.

I am a Software Engineer living in Hyderabad, India. I work mostly on front end development using React, TypeScript, and Redux frameworks. I enjoy the final stuff I get to make and millions of users can play with it.

I love programming languages. I am currently working on interpreters, and previously fiddled with babel.js. For some reason, I enjoyed knowing and building programming languages, I don't know. It really push you to write scalable, performance critical code. I genuinely believe every dev should at least once create an interpreter or compiler using LISP (family) languages. I caught the programming languages bug while reading Bob Nystrom's book Crafting Interpreters.

I want to learn more about system design, architecture and distributed systems. I often find majority of app now a days are rarely monolithic systems. I enjoy software design patterns a lot, mostly UML has been really useful in my job.

Apart from work, I love playing football. I often find myself watching lot of Rugby.

Looking forward to meet like minded people.

Love you folks!

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Hi everyone,

I'm a full-stack developer for 10 years. I've developed web projects with .net and java most of the time. I started to learn and code node.js with the NestJs framework this year. While searching some resources, I found dev community. There are lots of excellent articles here.
And I wanted to join these amazing developer folks.


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Giribabu Anisetti

I am currently a graduate in electronic and telecommunications engineering. I am learning front-end web development. I am learning reactjs and I found this dev community useful with lots of amazing developers sharing their knowledge.

menendezy22 profile image

hi i am student

bugraptorsqacompany profile image

Hello, We are Software Testing and Quality Assurance Company in India. We are based in USA, Australia and Canada. We are an independent software testing company, led by committed and dynamic professionals. BugRaptors is thought leader in software quality assurance and leverage cutting edge tools and techniques in across our projects to deliver seamless QA solutions. Till now we have served 1000+ clients across the globe with more than 30% reduction in time-to-market of your products, 100% Flexibility and 0 % Defect Leakage

You can check us here

sabzsyed profile image

Hi, I have been freelancing since I was 13 and now I have just ended my freelancing journey after 7 years. And now I am working on a ecommerce health store which will be launched next year. We all must be aware of the importance of our health.

I joined this community because of my passion of learning. I just picked my favorite coding languages to learn and will soon start experimenting website developing.

Hope to connect with some really dope coders/developers and to share any piece of knowledge I may have in this niche.


suhaskadu26 profile image
Suhas Kadu

Hi, I am TY Engineering Student studying in VIT Pune. I am Flutter developer and also develop web apps using HTML, CSS, JS. Currently I am learning ES6 and DSA for interview preparations. Dev is great platform for tech blogs and is very good community of developers.

lunaadsdesk profile image

I am professional blogger and I am also search engine optimization consultant at

rahulrajrd profile image
Rahul Raj

Hi I am a Frontend Developer from India. Working on NuxtJs from Feb2021 earlier was in Database from April18. So currently I am improving my knowledge on Frontend Technologies.
It was a huge change in career and I like it. Learning new things daily.

hutamatr profile image

Hallo 👋

subhash profile image

Hi, I am a frontend developer from India. i am looking forward to learn technologies to be a full stack developer

sonali2567 profile image

Heyy I am second year BBA CA student...I just came across it while surfing on Google

asadshakeel profile image
Asad Shakeel

Hello everyone, I'm Asad here, working professionaly for the last 3 years mainly on Java, Spring boot and on the serverless side Node with AWS and on front end side using Angular. Currently working on core Java middleware project.

khaledmust profile image
Khaled Mustafa

Just dropped to say Hi to you all.

vaibhav688 profile image

hi,iam student who is purusing bca,ihave learned python and c im learning on own html,css,javascript

thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt

Hello and welcome to Community !
Comment here with a description of you, your stack used and nice links of blog, website, Twitter, GitHub project 👋🏼😉

r4v3n profile image

Hi, I'm James T. Kirk

deanda1 profile image

Hi, I'm a novice and want to learn how to use full stack javascript more effectively.

vsptpm profile image

Hi, i am an Engineering graduate from India. Mostly into development stuffs. Currently expanding my knowledge on javascript.

sbithash profile image

Hello world :)

mujtabahussain profile image
Mujtaba Hussain

Hy Folks,Me mujtaba Hussain from Pakistan,recently I am learning react js,and wanna be react native dev in future,Till now I have done html,css Js, sass,bootstrap and react js

rizwan59 profile image

Hi I am Rizwan i am 14 years old and i am from India 🇮🇳 i love coding i know Python , C , HTML , CSS, JavaScript, and arduino Programming, app development, web development

wolemercy profile image
Oluwole Ajewole

Hi all,

I'm fairly new to web development and I am delighted to be a part of this community. I hope to document my growth and learn from other developers here. I trust it'll be a fun ride!

bestlegalf profile image

Hi all. I m web-designer from Springfild

redcarrot0803 profile image
Red Carrot

Hello everyone how are you?

hurch08 profile image

Hi, I am a student from Ghana trying to play around programming languages. I am a newbie trying to find my way through stuffs. Am glad to be here with you guys.

chichebewebdev profile image

Hey everyone, good morning.
I'm Chichebe@WebDev, hope I'm welcome here???

tony1994hash profile image
Adegbile Anthony

I'm a self taught beginner in web development

neerajcode24x7 profile image
Neeraj Kumar

Hey Everyone,
I'm a Full stack software developer.
Passionate about software architecture and cloud computing.
Regular attendee of web developer meetups and hackathons.

judeerrol profile image
Jude Errol Gamboa

Hello y'all! I'm happy to be part of this community and excited to learn more from other great developers.

chimezie profile image

I've been studying Web programming for about 7 months now, currently Learning React. I need a platform where I can meet and discuss with like minds, hence here I am.

biffimichele profile image
Biffi Michele

Hello, my name is Michele.
I want to master Javascript!

See youu!! :)

ramsonodoi profile image

Hello I am a student

yeanka profile image

Hello everyone

andytheking profile image
Andy the King

Hey guys!
I'm just a newcomer on all those coding stuff. So I'm here to learn JavaScript and and make new friend. Cheers!

grand27master profile image
Vashishth gajjar

hi nice to meet you all :)

anurag_pathak profile image
Anurag Pathak

Hello, i am freshman pursuing btech from gl bajaj institute of technology and management

geniouscodes profile image
Genious Codes

First time in the #DEV Community. I am an IT graduate and passionate about web development. Will be sharing my journey and the resources on the way.

p1re profile image

hi im p1re im newbie into this

kamlesh012 profile image
Kamlesh Bisht

Hey everyone,
I am new to the world of development, just know Basic HTML & CSS.
Looking forward to becoming a Full-Stack Developer.

saeedkarami profile image

Hi I'm a front-end web developer from iran

betebarros profile image
Bete Barros

Just arriving...

inoured profile image

I was network administrator but it is time to change .I am trying to be web front end designer. Start courses with html then css. Now I am ready to start small projects just to learn. Hi 👋 every body

emeldo39 profile image