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Welcome Thread - v134 staff on July 21, 2021

Welcome to DEV! Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just ...
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Kara Peoples
Wish I had realized this part of existed earlier. I am here now and that's what counts. Hey guys glad to be a part of this great resource tool. 🐛🕷 Just another bug maker and bug catcher looking to do some awesome coding....

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kubona Martin Yafesi

That's wonderful Kara.

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Glad havr yi

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Boniface Mutisya


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Hello everyone, I am a developer from Brazil 🇧🇷, I will start to share contents about compilers, IOT and programming languages. I am loving this platform built from devs to devs ❤️, let's learn a lot together

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Naem Azam

Hello DEVs! This is Naem Azam. I am an Engineering Student. I'm currently learning Python in the Noob level, I like Cybersecurity . I also have a lot of interest in Blockchain. I'm good with HTML and CSS. I Like WordPress Too.
Nice To Meet You All.

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Allah Rakha

Hi everyone.
finally glad to see a good platform for developers where they can actually interact like social media sites. I've gone through lot of interesting, loving , helpful articles on . Thank you everyone for being part of this platform.

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kubona Martin Yafesi

Feels great here already. I am new here. I hope to get better at communication with the community here. I call you family, we support each other. I am currently learning Python, with future emphasis on Artificial Intelligence.

I love making new friends, so you want the same? Here for you. Thanks for the welcome

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Jai Irkal

Hello everyone! I'm Jai Irkal, an Engineering Student. I'm currently learning Python in the intermediate level, AI and ML. I also have a lot of interest in Web Development. I'm good with HTML and CSS.
Hope you all are doing well!👍

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Arthur Coudouy

Hey DEVs! 👋 I'm Arthur, working on I'm mostly a Node/React developer working on front and back as we're still a small team. Looking forward to participating more in this community. If you have any question around code review, feel free to reach out!

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Thank you for helping us newbies

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Maximilian Gaedig • Edited

Hi 👋, I'm Max
I visited very frequently from my Google news feed, enjoyed almost every post, and now decided to make an account. Currently I am in highschool and an Frontend Developer using React and server administrator for I hope I'll meet nice people here, and get a couple coding tips, or maybe even post something.

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Shreyas Daniel

Hello everyone, I am Shreyas Daniel. I am 20 years old. I am currently working on React and React native projects. I'm also interested in ML, getting started in it slowly. I read posts frequently so glad to be here.

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Tarandeep Singh

Hey guys! I am from India. Currently learning Full-Stack Web Development and sharing knowledge and resources along the way. Really excited to join this amazing community of DEVs! Looking forward to an amazing journey of learning, nurturing & sharing knowledge ❤

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C Vasanth

Self learnt PHP, mysql, javascript application developer and Linux server administrator. Found many of my questions directed to and registered to learn more

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I hope found many of my questions too, fellow.

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I love the great articles here!

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Hello all! Excited to be here! Thought about making my YouTube videos into articles and post them here and hopefully get some feedback. I want to share some information that might be helpful for beginner developers specifically, because I struggled a lot in the beginning as a developer and I want to address those pain points.
Have a nice day!

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Dylan Attal

Hi all! I'm a software engineer leveling up his own skills by explaining algorithm scripting challenge solutions. Hopefully some junior/aspiring developers can gain some knowledge by reading my posts!

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Madhusudhan Konda • Edited

Hello people!

Very happy to be part of community. I am a developer working in London, passionate about teaching and training Java and Python related technologies.

I have authored few technical books and just released Elasticsearch in Action (second edition) early release (MEAP).

Quite excited to be writing for community, I'll pen down few articles on getting started with Elasticsearch here.


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Hey all, Im a Senior Java DEV, keen to learn more about react, flutter and also improve my skills, Im really enjoying the posts and articles shared here.

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Hello I'm Apongpoh. I 'm Web Developer and work as freelancer, entrepreneur and mostly I am passionate on web coding.
I’m quite expert in using programming and markup languages like:
Hypertext markup language (HTML)
Cascading Style Sheet

Hope i'm welcome in community.

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Rob Bailiff

Hello everyone, I'm a self-taught programmer previously working in science but recently landed my first job as a software developer. I initially started with Python a few years ago but more recently I've been learning about web development. Looking forward to learning more from the community. Cheers!

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Hi, I'm ZigRazor. I'm a software developer specialized in C++ and Python Application.
I hope to find community support for my open source work.

This is my GitHub Profile

GitHub logo ZigRazor / ZigRazor

My Profile Readme

Hi 👋, I'm Zig Razor

I'm a Software Engineer. I love programming, and low level problems. I'm interested in CyberSecurity, Machine Learning, Advanced Algorithms.


Stack Overflow


Connect with me:


Languages and Tools:

android bash c cplusplus firebase git gtk hadoop java kotlin linux mysql photoshop postman python pytorch qt rabbitMQ rails ruby scala scikit_learn sqlite tensorflow




And this is my actual main is an header-only C++ library for Graph representation, manipulation, partitioning and algorithms called CXXGraph. All contributions are welcome ( also a simple star if you like it ).

GitHub logo ZigRazor / CXXGraph

Header-Only C++ Library for Graph Representation and Algorithms


codecov CodeFactor

GitHub license GitHub release

LGTM Alerts LGTM Grade

Generic badge Generic badge Generic badge

Generic badge Generic badge

Table of Contents


CXXGraph is a small library, header only, that manages the Graph and it's algorithms in C++. In other words a "Comprehensive C++ Graph Library".

Algorithm Explanation


Graph Dijkstras Shortest Path Algorithm(Dijkstra's Shortest Path) Dijkstra's Algorithm is used to find the shortest path from a source node to all other reachable nodes in the graph. The algorithm initially assumes all the nodes are unreachable from the given source node so we mark the distances of all nodes as infinity (infinity) from source node (INF / infinity denotes unable to reach).

Thank you so much.
Best Regards.

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Viktordotcom • Edited

Hello everyone, front-end dev here, fresh out of the OdinProject forge. Not much of a talker, pretty much the only "talking" I do nowadays is inside VSCode.
Here to explore some fresh content related to front-end web development, broaden my horizons and learn a thing or two from more experienced developers

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Gerard Davis

Hi, all! I'm an art school graduate turned fledgling front-end developer based in Syracuse, NY. I spent the first half of this years studying up on CSS and JavaScript, and now I'm trying to wrap my head around React. And this is my Github:

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Glad that such a community exists. The world of coding is as big and vast as the planet for me as a newbie.

I’m hoping to lear, grow, share and collaborate with others in the community.

One of our course lectuers posted the link to the community in our slack.

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Hello everybody!👋 I am web developer and almost PhD in material science :) Last two years I want to start a blog about my dev experience and stories. This comment will be my first step at this direction 😅

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Moses Lau Yi Hieng

Hello everyone, I hope I can learn more from urs experience. Stay safe

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same with you

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Michelle Ann Terrazas

Hello everyone! I'm Michelle, American living in Japan right now. I'm a beginner/self-taught junior front-end web dev. Learning and building with JavaScript React - currently working on a positive news social media app called Perch with a small team! My goal is to get more proactive in the dev community, on here and LinkedIn. I'm open to helping contribute to small React projects as well!

Here is my GitHub:

Nice to meet you all! ♥

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Dwi Fikhi


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Hello. I hope everyone here is safe and doing well. Glad to join this community. I'm doing my engineering from India. I want to move from India to start my career as a full-stack developer. Looking forward to suggestions which can help me to get my first job.

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Wathsala Gamarachchi

Hello everyone! I am an undergraduate in Information System Sciences and a new comer to this developing field. Explored and this is a very cool and interesting platform for the developers. Glad to be a part of that. <3

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This is my problem in veu.js please solve

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This might be better in its own post. Not welcome post,

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Mansi Saxena

Hey guys, this is Mansi here, Computer Science student studying in VIT, Vellore. I am passionate about the world of Data Science including Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing. I'm here to share my knowledge on these topics mainly and hope to learn a lot from this community!

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Ola - Welcome, Welcome, Welcome ! !

jgralston profile image

Hi Everyone,

I learned to program back in high school (almost 20 years ago now) and want to learn again. Just starting out fresh and this community was recommend to me from a colleague at


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FijianRunner • Edited

hi team, dev space is so informative , i m a developer but my work was mostly evolving around legacy code, i m actually trying to catchup with the dev world, dotnet, c# ,asp core - I have sound understanding of MSSQL , queries ,script writing , but i m hoping to gain more knowledge on web app development. i really want to make this transition, and fast.

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Hi. I'm Bett from Australia. Year ago finished University and now working as a middle JS developer. Sometimes looking for a short projects to help somebody))

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___Anurag__Saikia___ • Edited

Hey DEVELOPERS!!! im Anurag Saikia from India🇮🇳. Im a beginner programmer and web-developer (noob).
Im the co-founder and Co-CEO of Saikia technologies Assam a private software company. Im 13 years old. I learned programming from Sololearn Application. And my favourite languages are - Ruby, Python, PHP (im still learning these three). I just made this account and im enjoying it... Thanks DeV.To Community 😉☺️ . And one more thing if u r a Sololearner u can search me as Anurag Saikia and on Github as anurag90-tech, im also available on Instagram @___anurag__saikia___. I'll soon post something on







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Mikita Yafremau • Edited

Hello DEVs
I'm a developer from Belarus ⚪🔴⚪, Minsk
And I want to join your DEV community
I'm working as Python backend developer and has base knowledge on the React

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Shriya Dhar

Hi everyone,
I am a new developer in the making. I like to build projects in React library. I came to the dev community to have a collaborative learning experience and share knowledge through my own experience so far. I have taught myself to code using online resources.
I am looking forward to learning more from this community.
Also, currently, I am working on building a messenger app and learning Node.js.
Happy coding !😊

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Shriya Dhar • Edited

Hello people,
I am a new developer in making. I like to build projects in React library. I came to dev community to have a collaborative learning experience and share knowledge through my own experience so far. I have taught myself to code using online resources.
I am looking forward to learning more from this community.
Also, currently I am working on building a messenger app and learning Node.js.
Happy coding !😊

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Maria Antonella 🦋

Hi Everyone,
The last months I visited, and everyday I read posts. This place is amazing :) So I decided to introduce myself. I'm Anto, a developer from Argentina. I'm currently working with React and React Native. But I'm still learning, everyday, of course!

This is my introduction:

Have a nice day !

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ollivuorio • Edited


I'm a 34-year old professional in a different field than computers. Being able to code has however been my dream since teenage years. Now I have finally decided to get down to business and start learning! I'm currently teaching myself C# and my first goal is to get a completely self-made roguelike game done! :)

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EXtreme Stack

Hello people. Glad to be part of this very important community. My name is Buchi(pronounced better if you're a local). Right now I'm comfortable with html and css and I'm working tirelessly to get really comfortable with my javascript. I've very much loved every post I've come across here and I want to help people too the way I'm being helped.

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C.W. Bertrand

hello guys!!! I'm new here. I intend to switch from being an Urban Planner to a Web developer. I really need help and encouragement from you guys. I started already with HTML & CSS, now I wanna know more about JavaScript and Python. It's really tough, you know!!

I really don't know which materials I need and how to go about it. And I really need a mentor. Please any reference?

corepoorg profile image

Hi everyone, we're a new London-based startup called, a place providing help to entrepreneurs work on their projects, by giving them all the tools they might be looking for, as well as business insights to find the next big thing to work on. :)

mantyk profile image

Hello everyone, I am Manthan Khandale. I am a Software Developer current working with Dart and Flutter. I came here through Manvi Tyagi's amazing article on her interview experiances. Really exited to be here. Feels like family already. Hope we all help and guide each other in our journey as developers. 😍

7one6 profile image

Ola everyone - "7One6" here - but really
it's just mr_Mario.
Just trying something different, in wanting
to learn Python. That's why I'm here.
Just getting my environment set up.
Trying different Editors, so we'll see which
one works for me. Always take, LATER.......

ewoomedia profile image
Edgar Woo

Hello all,

My name is Edgar. My friends call me Woo because of my last name and it being more easy to remember. I am an award-winning photographer that used the time from sports and events while off to take a front end developer bootcamp and fell in love with making sites and apps. I also learned things like 3D art because it has always been a passion. There is so much to learn and although I was comfortable in my photography industry and happy to play a big role in helping others, I am now jumping into something new and humbly starting from scratch and I'm embracing that. I am looking to connect with some of you here and learn from you all. Thank you!

Let's connect
Twitter | GitHub | Twitch | Facebook: @edgarwooio
IG: @edgarwoo

If you want prints of photography or NFT's:
Twitter & IG: @ewoophoto

mhmxs profile image
Richard Kovacs

Hey :) Introducing myself in a few sentences is almost impossible, because I'm a father, a lover, a cyberpunk psy[trance] nerd, an anime fan, a race driver, and a hockey player. And lastly but not least I'm a cloud expert software developer, who is infatuated with open source, community driven development. Currently I'm an integration engineer at StorageOS with many years of DevOps background. My main focuses are Kubernetes operators, Go micro-services, and Calico network development.

lukehansell profile image
Luke Hansell

Hi all, I'm a Senior Software Engineer from the UK, mostly focussed on Developer Experience (DX) tooling and front end engineering. I love testing and automation.

I've read a few articles from before, but never contributed any of my own. I thought now might be a good time to start networking with the wider dev community and sharing some of my own thoughts and ideas!

breero profile image
Bree Owen

Hello! My name is Bree and I was brought here by a link posted on LinkedIn somewhere. I’m currently learning AWS but software development is down the pipeline with Python and a few other things mixed in. Super happy to be here!

kyronfeast profile image

Hi everyone,

I just received an associates degree with a mojor in computer programing. Now I am Learning Apache Cassandra, GraphQL, React and many other great tools thanks to Datastax.


jhankda profile image
Riya Jhankda

Hello everyone , I am from India and started coding from 1 year.
i am interested in open source and web development currently and i know java and python till now and learning DSA nowadays.
this is it with my intro .

roligautam profile image
Roli Gautam

Hello everyone,
I am Roli Gautam, pursuing Btech. in CSE. I am frontend developer. And I am passionate about open source programs. I also like to do competitive coding and I am working to build my DSA concept. I am glad to be here.
Looking forward to connect with you all and share knowledge with each other.

codespectremike profile image
Mike From CodeSpectre

Hello everyone! My name is Mike, and I'm a fullstack engineer, specializing in React, Typescript, and Python. I'm interesting in fullstack web development, devops, and data engineering! I've lurked on for quite some time, but finally decided to step up and post my first article today!

sankar254 profile image
Sankarraj R

Hello World !!!
I'm a frontend developer from India. Passionate about web technologies.
Looking forward to learn more from this community.

Please do checkout my pen on codepen:

Peace ✌️

biachaudhry profile image
Bia Chaudhry


this is Bia Chaudhry. I am currently working as a Data Scientist at D4 interactive private ltd. /, and did my Bachelors degree in Software Engineering from NUST. Along with Data Sciencing I also write and run tech blog & podcast :D

Glad to be a part of DEV community. Looking forward to contribute in the tech industry even more!


kravigupta profile image
Ravi Kumar Gupta

Hi Everyone, It's good to be in a dev community. I am from India. I am a developer and Technical Author. I develop things with Python, NodeJs, Typescript, Java, Spring boot etc. Time to time, I get my hands dirty with data analysis. I hope to share content about these in time.

I wish I had heard about this earlier. Thanks to for introducing me to

novice2ninja profile image
Dhiman Das

What is up guys? This is Dhiman Das from the computer world.
I am mostly active on LinkedIn & twitter, and would love to connect with you guys ( or and going to be an active user in Dev community also.

Thank you!

dake2135 profile image

Hey guys, I am coding on PHP since 2015 but still can't jump above Junior level. I have a roadmap to become a senior developer and will share the progress here. Currently I am focused in OOP, OOD, Design Patterns and TDD

andrecasal profile image
André Casal

Hey everyone, just joined to share what I'm building :)

amayzes profile image
Aaron Mayzes

Hello. I am here now. A reddit post about kedro brought me here.

satishchhatpar profile image
Satish Chhatpar

Hello community

Hope you are doing well.

sidjadon profile image
Siddharth Jadon

Was just googling an error solution came across the Dev Community. Really love to be a part of it.

petulant profile image
Petunia Thembelihle Mokhwebane

Hello everyone first time here and I'm looking forward to learn more with your guys

thirdptyact profile image

Are there beginners in Algo Trades using python

zoltan profile image

Hi everyone! My goal is to publish quality content to help keep the community informed with useful tricks and tips and to hopefully make some great connections along the way!

sylvamadu profile image

Good day everyone, I'm glad to be here. I am a front end web developer.. still trying to fully understand JavaScript and reactjs. I look forward to learning more from you all.

aheisleycook profile image

same to you

dailo_lama profile image
Wil Lam

Hello everyone, can't wait to share some articles with you all! Cheers!

shubhamtiwari909 profile image

So much happy to be a part of this community and so much learned here🎉🎉

romanbyczk profile image
Roman Byczk

Hello there! I am a developer from Poland. I am looking for:

  • interesting projects that I can start contributing to
  • people that are motivated to develop their skills
  • community of people that are supportive and are looking at stuff in an objective way

I found all of those here :)

nshakib profile image
Md Nazmus Shakib

Thank you so much for creating this awesome platform. Hopefully I can learn and achieve my desire goal. Thanks again

vinaykeshava profile image
Vinay Keshava

I m a student currently pursuing CS bachelor's in India ,looking forward to learn more stuff from and also to blog (:
Intrested in topics like networking, security.
Loooking forward to learn more.

sampath88 profile image

Hello friends.

ukcloudman profile image
Ed Shee

Hey, I'm Ed. I'm interested in all things Machine Learning and cloud native development. Starting to write my own content too so any advice/feedback is awesome!

mrinasugosh profile image
Mrinalini Sugosh (Mrina)

Hi Dev world!
I am a Michigander who is also an enthusiast for Cloud, Javscript, AI/ML, coffee, hiking, and of course dogs! Looking forward to reading, learning, and coding with y'all!

maosan132 profile image
Mauricio Santos

Hi to all. I am Mauricio, a 45 years Full Stack student, now learning React. I hope to be of help and to learn lots.

rzmk profile image
Mueez Khan

Hi everyone! 👋

I'm a university student and want to read more about computer science to:

  • Learn 📖
  • Improve my skills 💻
  • Keep up with modern trends 📈

Glad to be here! 🎉

jphastings profile image
JP Hastings-Spital

Hey folks, glad to be here. Long time engineer, first time at Dev — looking forward to learning with you all!

jeayu profile image

Slack off at work

oluboladedeb profile image

Hello everyone,
I'm Deborah Olubolade, a frontend developer and UI designer . It feels great being on this platform. DEV has been helpful because I'm learning alot from other developers and I'm loving it.

eniojdsilva profile image
Enio Silva

Olá, pessoal!

Meu nome é Enio Silva, sou estudante de Análise e Desenvolvimento de Sistemas. Meu objetivo é aprender e compartilhar conhecimento aqui no

moisesu05 profile image
Moises Ronan Lezano

Hi all, starting out as dev. looking forward to learn more here. my friend recommended.

aheisleycook profile image

I love it here

collostack profile image

Hello am currently learning Javacript i hope i will learn a lot from the community

mohamadghadieh profile image
Mohamad Ghadie

Hello everyone, my name is Mohamad. I am currently a system tester. I am learning to become a web dev, slowly but steady.

vishwa4444 profile image

Hello folks,
Vishwa here 🙌🏿
Who is Vishwa ?
Vishwa is a engineering student who loves coding , he is currently learning python 3 and he has very good interest in web development.

oyungu84 profile image
alvin oyungu

joined so as to improve my knowledge and skills

suavebajaj profile image
Suave Bajaj

👋 Hi, I’m @suavebajaj
👀 I’m interested in Cloud Computing and DevOps
🌱 I’m currently learning Cloud Techonologies and Orchestration
Recently switch domain to Cloud System Engineer.

ghulam77 profile image
Ghulam mohy ul din

Hi, i am ghulam fayyaz Front end developer from lahore pakistan

micutzuclau profile image

Hello guys. I am a developer from Romania and can't wait to start and browse the posts from this community.

bontethedev profile image
Boniface Mutisya

Hi guys, I am a laravel+MySQL developer from kenya and I'm looking for a freelance job to work on! I will be grateful when I get one!