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Welcome Thread - v124 staff on May 12, 2021

Welcome to DEV! Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just ...
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Sukhpinder Singh

Hi everyone, just started few days ago on this platform. Its nice to share knowledge on various technologies in this huge community.

I possess following skills - C# | .Net Core | Xamarin | ASP.Net | Angular | NDepend | Sonarqube and many more

I am currently learning code analysis with Ndepend and sonarqube.

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Nick Taylor (he/him)

Welcome to DEV!

Spiderman swinging by to say hello

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Sukhpinder Singh

Thank you, I am so happy to be here, and Hello to you too :)

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Hello there

Thread Thread
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Sukhpinder Singh

Hello brother...nice to meet you :)

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Sukhpinder Singh

Hey there. Nice to meet you..!!

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Hello can i ask for your help in an error i happen to face in mvc

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Sukhpinder Singh

Sure, let me know.....happy to help.

Thread Thread
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Server Error in ‘/‘application.
The resources cannot be found.
Description: http 404 the resources you are looking for (one of its independencies) could have been removed , had its name changed or temporarily unavailable. Please review the following u and make sure that it is spelled correctly.

Thread Thread
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Sukhpinder Singh

Although it's not a correct thread for a solution.
But as per my understanding the problem seems like ur global.asax it's trying to reference an unknown Controller name.

Solution: Delete ur global.asax file if you are not using it.
Recommended Solution: Point global.asax route to correct controller.

Let me know if it works.

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Hi :D

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Sukhpinder Singh

Hey there...!! Welcome 😊

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Ania Gajecka


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Sukhpinder Singh

Hey there. Nice to meet you

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Murari Gaurav


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Sukhpinder Singh

Hii.....Nice to meet you..!! I hope you and your family are doing well.

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ananta • Edited

Hi everyone, I am ananta!I have been part of this amazing community <3 for 4 years. Thanks to the Dev team. Because of them, we have an amazing community where many people from all parts of the world share awesome new things to learn. I am always learning many new and exciting things from this platform!

he he ha ha

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Jared Chung

Hi! I'm brand new here and excited to be here. I just posted my first post (about the Python ecosystem and why it should be seriously considered for donations) and I really hope to get any and all feedback on those ideas!

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Nick Taylor (he/him)

Congrats on your first post and welcome to DEV!

You did it!

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Meet Shah

Hey people. I am Meet Shah. Yes my name is Meet. People often have a confusion with my name. In Hindi language it means 'sweet'.

I am 16 years old, and I am a self-taught Java and Web developer.
I am versed in following languages:

  1. Java
  2. HTML
  3. CSS
  4. JavaScript

I have the knowledge of the following Java frameworks:

  1. JavaFX
  2. Swing
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Arthur Annibal Tavares

Omg 16 years and already knows Java, congratulations!

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Tanzid Ahmed Tushar

Hi , I just hope DEV is open to newbies! This is my first day in this community!

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Nick Taylor (he/him)

DEV is open to everyone. 😎Welcome to DEV! 👋

Whale hello there!

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Marcelo Sousa

Hi everyone, first time user here. Excited to be part of this community. I'm working on reviewpad, a new code review tool to help us improve code reviews. We're building it with a couple of programming languages (mostly Go, Typescript and Rust). Check it out at reviewpad. Looking for feedback!

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Hi everyone, nice to join! I'm a self-taught beginner working on my first project and joined the community with the hope of finding a mentor who I could spend 30 min 2x per week to help me solve problems faster (in addition to problem solving on my own and through forums) - I am building a web app on the MERN stack that connects with Plaid and other open banking APIs.

Hit me up if that's of interest

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Chadric Gotis

Hello Dev Community! Hoping to learn exciting stuffs and technologies with you guys. Never knew this community exists, now here I am. So excited!

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Nick Taylor (he/him)

Welcome to DEV!

Chow Yun-fat giving a thumbs up

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Shantanu Nighot

Hi everyone, I am Shantanu Nighot from Nagpur. I am a self-taught developer who loves frontend and backend equally😅. I am currently learning the Django framework but a bit confused about the resources to use. Any suggestions are welcomed. Also, I have created my personal website using HTML, CSS and JS at Please let me know if you have any feedback on it too.

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Levente Hadházi

Hi everyone! This is my first week at DEV, at I can just say this community is awesome 😊 I haven't been here a week and already learnt so much! It's good to be here 🙂

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Nick Taylor (he/him)

Welcome to DEV! Glad you’re enjoying it so far!

Robert Redford nodding in a forest

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Visakh Vijayan • Edited

Came here because this place feels more exciting than medium. Hey, I am Visakh and I am always rewriting my own code.

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Henri Kinnunen


I listened through almost all the episodes of the great podcast, and decided that maybe it's about time to check also how the community is doing. I'm a senior engineer living in Finland. I work as a freelancer, and have been doing that for the last 4 years. I consider myself as a fullstack engineer: I particularly enjoy writing typescript, and work with the infra, and backend in general, but I'm not afraid to touch frontend code either.

Happy to be here! :)

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Juan F Gonzalez

Hello there, welcome aboard!

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Hello everyone, I am new on this platform. Its nice to be with you guys shareing knowledge in this huge community.

I possess following paths - backend using laravel | frontend using Angular and many more skills

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Emily Perry, PhD

What's up team!!! I'm Emily, and I work for -- looking forward to posting up all the job opps at our startup and also getting back into web dev for myself and my own little projects.

Made my first post the other day and got some really helpful replies about building a site for my mom and her new business. It's been a minute since I built a site, and I really want to make it awesome for her because she deserves all the wonderful things. I really appreciate the great community I've encountered here so far, and I'm really excited to deepen my skills in things like Java, Python, and Firebase.

Fun fact: I've been to every continent, mostly for geoscience research, but now I work in AI for a startup doing a lot of education-related stuff, which I love. I am also a HUGE Pokemon Snap fan--always have been since the original N64 game came out, which I definitely played until last month when the new Snap came out.

Everyone take this quiz and tell me which Pokemon you get!!!! I got Chansey :)

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I got Charizard! breathes fire

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Emily Perry, PhD

That's amazing!!!! What a cool result! Thanks for letting me know what you got :)

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Hi Actually I have never known that this is something that we can share our codes and knowledges with ease, because the authors here seems to be a kind of professionals (like OSS chief committers).
In Japan, Qiita( is well known as such a code sharing platform. But I would rather join to this global community and share knowledges. Osu!

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Hello Everyone, today is my first day in DEV feeling great to be a part this. I am here in the search of my questions. Hoping to learn exciting stuffs and latest technologies with you guys. Never knew this community exists, now here I am. So excited!

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Sergio Méndez

Hi you all just sharing a lot of Cloud Native content for students and some topics in deep like MLOps, Edge and Service Meshes :D

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Stefan Matyba

Hey everyone, just stumbled upon this community, was intrigued and decided to sign up.
What can I say? I studied Media Informatics, work in IT security and data protection and am a coder at heart. Weapons of choice include Python, Java, C#, Go and others.

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Hi hi!
I am Floriane and I just discovered this great community :)
Looking forward to learn and share my own tips.
Working as a web developer with Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, Saas, CSS, JS
Currently learning React and Debian :)

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Christos Giallouros

Hi all, just joined the community!

I've recently decided to get into blogging. I've been building apps with Flutter on the side for a little over a year now, and I plan to publish regular content and tutorials to help myself, and hopefully others, along the way.

Excited to be here!

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Cameron Beeler

Greetings!! Today is day 1 for me as a Community Builder - Dev. So very happy to be part of this community!! I'm an AWS Solutions Architect by training and employ, as well as being a Freelancer in my extra time. Studying actively on Associate certs on SysOps & Developer and SA-Professional...I LOVE AWS!!
I've got a lot to learn and appreciate your forbearance already!!

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Hello, I'm new to the platform and I am a beginner in JavaScript (coding in general really). I have plans of making a Discord bot where it assists in server moderation and interaction with features similar to Google search and more. 😊

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Hady Mohamed

Hello everyone!!! I just joined up a couple days ago and just wanted to say hi to this awesome community!!! I am currently studying to become a Full Stack Web Developer, I have learned some basics already like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, and React and I am looking forward to learning so much more!! I look forward to chatting with you guys and learning in the process too!!!

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Shamil Mardanzade

Hi to everyone, i am backend developer with 3 years exerience. I am coding on Laravel/Lumen and i am learning now Spring Boot. What technologies will improve my skills for future? What do you think? Thanks

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Hide ⛄

Hi everyone, I'm Hide from Tokyo, Japan.
I'm a software engineer. At work, I'm developing a platform for AI applications by using AWS, Azure, K8s, Docker, and so on.
As a side project, I'm developing iOS apps that make our life easier and productive. So I want to learn more about tips and good practices for iOS app development in this community.

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Ayush Goel

Hi everyone, I am Ayush! just joined the dev community, I am currently pursuing my Bachelors, I'm an open source enthusiast & I am also very passionate about Machine Learning, AI, Web Development, DevOps & Kubernetes and I also enjoys to learn new things.

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Mario Markovic

Hi DEV community! 👋

I've been 13 years in Web Development and this is my 1st day here. Did I miss anything?

Anyway, I'm into React and WordPress, and everything that is connected in-between.

Fun fact: I can style (almost) anything with CSS. Try me 😎

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Joan Clarke

Hello Everyone. I'm Joan. I learnt about this community today. I saw a link to this site in the Code Connector slack channel, so I clicked on it and here I am. Happy to be here :)

I am a self-taught Frontend Developer. My skillset are HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Looking to delve into React, Python and Django soon as I want to be a Full Stack Developer.

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Hello everyone, I am very new to as my mentor told me about it. I still have some looking around to do but I'm happy I was told about it. My goal is to become a full stack developer. I am self-taught and I've learned HTML and CSS so far. I am currently learning JavaScript and then its on to back-end. I cant wait to read some of the post on here. =)

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Charles Calzia

Hi everyone! I'm Charles, a student, software developer, programmer and entrepreneur. I have some tech projects on my github ( and on my personal website ( I would love to hear your comments or chat with you so please feel free to message me- I would love to hear from you!

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Greg Nazario

Hey everyone! Just joined because I felt like I wasn’t enough of a part of the general development community even though I’ve been in industry for a little while. Recently been poking around new stuff in blockchain and p2p realms

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Hritik Madankar

Hello everyone! I just joined this platform. Actually this is my first time joining any platform for developers :)
I started frontend web-dev, a while ago. I used React. It's an amazing library!
Now, i'm learning React Native.
I really want to explore open-source community, and contribute towards it!

ravhawk profile image

Hello My name is Will. I'm a 45 year old business professional who has been going back and forth for years (decades) about programming and what I could/wanted to do. I started down the path of blogging at to help my writing about coding as I learn about it to help me reinforce my learning, expand my knowledge base and meet people with similar interests. Maybe along the way, I might inspire others like me to do the same, by reading about my experiences.

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Prabodh Bharose

Hey Community!
Just joined this place with hope to learn and contribute in whichever way I can.
About Me:- Scientific Computing Grad with interests in Machine Learing ,Computer Vision and Web Development Frameworks.
Looking forward to this.

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Hi :) I'm Tomás and I just found this website in twitter and thought, why shouldn't I join, too :) I'm a web developer from Germany and currently working on an Angular project ☺️

I'm looking forward to read nice posts, exchange knowledge and get to know cool new people

rabattcode24 profile image

Hi, Thomas I am from Germany too.

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Eftykhar Rahman

Having some expertise in Front End Development. Experienced with various ways to deal with the advancement of dynamic web projects. Knowledgeable in various programming dialects and libraries including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, MySQL, PHP, Python and so on.

Solid foundation in Project Management and Customer Relations. Involvement with software development processes like Agile, Scrum, and MVC (Model-View-Controller) configuration design.

I'm keen on creating easy-to-understand web applications in MERN Stack. I love to work with new advances and playing with various stacks 🤖

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Gyasi Ford

Hey, hey. I'm somewhat new to programming/coding, with only a little bit of experience in HTML/CSS and JavaScript, but I'm now looking to branch out into Python and potentially even Java. Really keen on figuring out just how to properly build a portfolio for when I apply for software dev/back-end dev jobs, too. I've so far really enjoyed looking up all the interesting ideas that are shared on this site (especially for CSS) and am glad I found it.

Good to be here!

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Hello! I am Amirtha. I am beginner to this programming world. I love to learn a lot but I am a bit lazy. So took my first step to get my ass up and do something productive. Looking forward to meet many curious learners and will step up a game a little :3 Currently I am learning about web development.

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Dhanuka Perera

Hi All 👋, I was following the post of for a while. I just joined the platform today, So very excited and happy to share some cool stuff in the future. I write mostly about JavaScript and React and frontend web development. Thanks!

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Broken Rubik

Hi everyone. Glad to be here. We’re a team of consultants, developers, and web designers specialized in delivering tailor-made solutions for NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced.

Let us know if you need anything!

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Surya Singh • Edited

Hi Devs, It's better late than never.

I'm a software developer with 4+ years of experience as a backend developer.
Experienced in developing Restful web services using java and spring framework.

I love to read about distributed systems architecture so any recommendations for tags to follow or anything are welcome.

Happy to connect with like-minded people

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Joel Ndoh

Hi everyone, I joined last month. I am happy to meet you all 😊😊😊.

I just published my first post on uploading files with multer nodejs and express 🥳🥳.

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K Dhanesh

Hi Folks, first I would like to say Thanks to this platform and knowledge sharing is the best way to keep everything in memory this platform is very good for sharing the knowledge on various technologies. So Keep Sharing, everybody should learn Keep Coding.

sph3nyx profile image
Sayantan Sikdar • Edited

Hey everyone, I got to know about this media a few days ago.... just feeling excited to know the dev community. Contributing to the open source field shall be thrilling.
I’m an Open-Source enthusiast & a junior pursuing my Bachelors in Computer Science & Engineering.
I am passionate about Kubernetes, Android Dev, Machine Learning, AI, DevOps, Cloud Computing & I enjoy learning new things.

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Daniel Gross

I just joined yesterday after reading an interesting piece on this platform.
I‘m what most would call a dinosaur - nearly 52 yo, and a specialist on IBM i.
Hopefully I will contribute something to this platform in the future.

horomancer profile image

Hello, I have a hap-hazard education in computer sci that is mostly beating my head against linux for the past 10 years.
Working on educating myself so I can work in development with an interest in the rise of blockchain technology and system security.

mohammadshawerkhandariya profile image

Hello Everyone, I am learning React.

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Nick Taylor (he/him)

Welcome to DEV!

Multiple TV and movie characters giving a thumbs up

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Hi there! I'm Hercymar, just join a few days ago on this platform. I'm a fourth-year computer engineer student. Currently working on my thesis is about the gender gap in technology careers such as computer science and involving it with augmented reality. If you want to share info about it I will happy about it.

giftedmia1 profile image

I just joined this platform. I'm learning web development. I'm also a content developer.
I own a website (blog). I manage and upload posts on it.

I'm anticipating to meet and work with you all.

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Barnabas Babatunde

Hello everyone!
I just signed up on this platform recently. I'm hoping to share what I know here, while also learning from others in this community.

I am interested (and possess skills) in anything JavaScript, and web development.

valzax profile image

Hi everyone! My name is Gonzalo and I'm currently working on my degree portfolio to become a programmer (working mostly with React).

Every day I am looking for knowledge and hoping to become a good programmer and contribution to the community.

da_mohrningstar profile image

Hi guys, joined yesterday and I'm hoping to learn from and meet awesome people too.
Yeah, like you, yes, I mean you, yes he is talking to me, the reader.
Yeah, that's right, you're awesome, hope we'd make a good companion...?

I'm into Html and Css for now.
Thanks anyway...

claytonwiggs profile image

Howdy All!

I've been bouncing around the platform. But I am brand-new to coding and just about knee-deep in a bootcamp working towards becoming a full stack developer.

I've started in ruby and learning rails, with Javascript, CSS, and HTML all on the syllabus. I'm also on codeacademy and have bought a small stack of books that I am working my way through but am always hungry for more resources and any helpful hints/tips/tricks for beginners that you might have.

theodorusclarence profile image
Theodorus Clarence

Hello Developers! I usually write on my own blog at my personal site. Excited to learn some stuff and share some stuff here with you guys! Kindly check my blog and hopefully you like some of my writings 🥳

aifycodes9 profile image

Hi all, just joined the community. I'm moving from IT Support to Dev by learning python. Glad to be here

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Nick Taylor (he/him)

Welcome to DEV!

A T-Rex saying Yeah!

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Adam Robert Stefan

Hello there ✌️

I was surfing on the Internet for more informations about Java programming and what should a Java developer know in 2021, what have to learn a Java DevOps...
Then I just found this recommended blog where to read more and learn

So Here I am...

Currently I am taking a Java Developer course and I just finished with Java Fundamentals module and I started to be more curious 😁

If I could learn everything at once I would be happier 😂 not because I want to go through everything fast but because I want to know more and do more... I am not in a good relationship with patience 😂

So glad to met everyone ✌️ Hopefully will be a nice journey and a productive one. :-)

danielcreator profile image
Daniel Curcione

Yoh guys!! Now you have another webdev here, from Italy, with fury🚀
But, why did I discover this community just now?

My work and all my projects revolve around the Javascript galaxy, but I often develop nice things in Python (mainly time-saving scripts) and I'm passionate about new technologies: AR, VR, Blockchain, NFT, 3D stuff, all things I don't know the least about but that fascinate me.

In short, I'm a nerd but without glasses and pimples (but hey, I'm not even Brad Pitt, yet...) and my lab costs more than my car. Which is a Ferrari. Obviously.
There's really good money to be made doing this work, but damn the rgb stuff costs a lot.

Thanks to everyone who will keep me entertained under posts, teach me cool stuff, and ask for startup collaborations. But at least you're not indies living in silicon valley, sorry but I won't accept.

xenochem profile image

Hello all! I'm on a personal journey to making my first Dapp and thought this would be a great platform to tell my story and learn from others! Feel free to HMU to say hi or just chat about what I'm learning about

jcode07 profile image
Justin Comeaux • Edited

Hey everyone, my name is Justin Comeaux (The eaux is pronounced 'o'), and I'm a Consultant Software Developer at CGI Inc. I mostly develop in Java and C#, but now I been developing in Ruby and Python for a while. I'm just getting back in ReactJS, so I'm looking forward to developing user interfaces for the project I'm working on. I'm sure there are many resources in here.

When I'm not coding or in meetings, I love being a homeowner with my Wife and dogs, and I am very family oriented. I also love playing golf and tennis, and I'm a big sports fan from Louisiana! GEAUX TIGERS! GEAUX SAINTS! GEAUX CAJUNS! GEAUX PELICANS!

sergioarmgpl profile image
Sergio Méndez

Hi you all just sharing a lot of Cloud Native content for students and some topics in deep like MLOps, Edge and Service Meshes :D

benjokoh profile image

Hello everyone.

korlaism profile image

Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to all of you wizards. My name is Gaurav Korla, I am based our of Bangalore and I am open to contributions/collaborations. My primary skillset is Full-Stack Development ( MERN ), secondary skillset is network programming ( distributed systems and blockchain, Python and GoLang ) and tertiary skillset is staring at my screen wondering why is it not working. I am really good at that.

With that said, I hope all of you and your families are safe and that it is wonderful to be here.

Cheers !

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Shubham Bhardwaj

Hi everyone, I've joined this platform today.
I'm an AWS Community Builder and have been enrolled in the #front-end-web-and-mobile program.
I would love to learn AWS Amplify here.
Looking to get flutter and android development resources also here.

nerdeye profile image

Hi everyone! Completely new here. I am a beginner starting to learn webdev. I'm hoping to document a journal here to interact with all of you while I learn as this seems to be a great community!
Fun fact about me is that I operate a food truck in North Carolina so this is definitely a completely different field!

t0lk13n profile image

Hello Everyone Just Started Today on this Platform. It's nice to be here..
I hope to be able to contribute to the community

SKILLS: Python | Linux | Jenkins | Ansible | LXD | Kubernetes | Docker ... and wiling to learn more......

anshumanpattnaik profile image
Anshuman Pattnaik • Edited

Hello everyone,

I have joined today on this platform, it's great to join the DEV community to share my ideas and experience.

I have been in the industry for around 8+ years now and having skills in both Mobile/Web Application development.

If you're interested, please feel free to visit my website "" which I have recently built using Django & PostgreSQL. My website focuses on producing contents from Application Security & Software Development.


yashika01962995 profile image
Yashika Sharma

Hello, my name is Yashika. I'm a Low Code/No Code Evangelist. I'm glad to be a part of this community and can't wait to connect with everyone ☺️ feel free to ping me whenever you feel like.

sudeeptmohan profile image
SudeeptMohan • Edited

Greetings everyone ... i am absolutely new to dev ... what brings me to dev is a personnel project that i have decided to work upon, it involves high level & low level designing, mobile app development, web page creation & development , backend system development and database designing - integration and finally testing
Technologies/languages i have begun learning are java, php, mysql & mobile app dev.
It's an honor to share a platform with experts like yourself ... hope to validate my technology direction. hope to learn technologies and values the team carries with them.

Best Wishes everyone

nton profile image

Hi to all,
seems to be a friendly env but I feel like a dino from 80's; how is this thing working?
I tried aws, gcp but I didn't want to give my credit card num.
Then I tried azure; but now I'm here???

universalxeno profile image

Hello, this is UniversalXeno nd Im an aspiring web developer!! Im currently learning React and would like to become an expert in React, coz React is super amazing!!!

lainz profile image
Leandro Diaz

Hello I'm working as developer full time and I always want to learn new things.

askneilpatel profile image
Neil Patel

Hello everyone, hope you are all healthy and happy. I’m looking for help from this community on a big decision we are making around OS. Do we build or fork Android OS to create an open metaverse OS for our immersive platform.

codewithscissors profile image
Sean Scissors

Hi all, I have been a "developer" for almost 3 years and I still feel like I have so much to learn and struggle every day. I hope I am not alone in this haha. I look forward to meeting people and discussing programming with likeminded nerds such as myself. I love how welcoming and helpful, by nature, the developer community is.

I am self taught with javascript and realizing after working on Angular JS (yes that old framework) and React (i love it and want to get better) that my vanilla JS needs work so I am working on that.

Thanks for having me here!

bulumko profile image
Bulumko Papu

Hi guys glad to be here!!

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor (he/him)