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dev.to staff on December 04, 2017

Welcome! Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun... [Read Full]
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Hi! I'm Ade, I'm an aspiring developer working on learning Python. So far, I'm learning how to fail gracefully and the value of persistence.

Fun fact: I was born with six fingers on each hand.


Awesome! Python is a great choice. Keep it up and I'm sure you'll be a pythonista in no time. I wonder if you still had the extra digits if you could code 20% faster... :)


@goatsaretasty so those fingers didn't work and you had them surgically removed?!?


They apparently wiggled just fine but they were amputated right after I was born so I just have nubs there.

Imagine what an advantage something like that could be if they functioned correctly.

Now I regret my mum's hastiness. On the other hand, how many more typos would I have if I still had them?

That's a peculiar thought. I would expect that you would run into other issues -- Namely, that you would wind up having to design your own unique keyboard to accommodate your extra digits, as the spacing and alignment/arrangement of existing keyboards would not fit your physiology?

It would be a very interesting thing to evaluate and see if there are any other people with similar physiologies, and see how it has helped or hindered them, and what obstacles they had and benefits they reaped.

Though, I do suppose that also depends on your own interest in things like that. For those of us who have not had the same experiences, it would be interesting, for you, it may very well be boring by this point.

Funny how our perceptions can vary so much based on our own experiences with any given subject.


Nice to meet a fellow six fingered programmer, mine was removed immediately after birth and I'm sure it's same with you


Hello my name is Lamine Diagne and i'm senegalese in West Afrika


Hi. I'm Mudia Imasuen.
Learning python.
I didn't read the code of conduct but I am very well behaved.


My name is Mikey and I finally joined this site! Ben (founder of this site) is my younger brother. Hey @ben ! Ben taught me the basics of Ruby on Rails a few years ago and I've been hacking my way around ever since.


Hi, My name is Pedro Fidalgo, I have been around since 1996 working with databases and software.
Since 2014 I decided to start using platforms like Elance or Upwork, I made so much code and I worked with so many persons since then that I decided to start sharing some tricks and thoughts about the projects where I have been working.

I love databases mostly when they are used to help decision makers.
Software development also rings a bell, mostly algorithm development and desktop software development.
I work mostly with Oracle, SQL Server, VBA, PLSQL, TSQL, SSIS / SSDT, IBM Datastage, C#.



Hey, I'm Ashley, and I first learned to build websites when I was a teen, wrote my first program at age 15, and fell in love.

Life took over (bills, jobs, adult stuff) and I lost my way career wise... I'm 28-years-old now and learning all over again. Currently I'm focusing on WordPress development, which everyone seems to loathe, but I'm enjoying it so far.

Fact: I'm 4'11" tall and I wanted to be the Pink Power Ranger when I grew up. I'll settle with just being a developer but being a Blood Elf Paladin would be cool, too. o . O


Hello Ashley!

Life happens but it’s great you’re making your way back to your passion. As long as we do what we love we will never have to work a day in our lives.

Wordpress I have not tried out yet but it is highly recommended by universities that are design and art based.


Good luck with learning! Any reason for choosing WordPress?

Also, paladins FTW. :)


Thanks, Andy.

Main reason for choosing WordPress is that I have two blogs and wanted a custom built theme with performance first then beauty. It seems like all the pretty themes available are resource hogs. I used to love building websites so I figured WP would be a good fit. We shall see...


Welcome. It doesn’t really matter if other people like it or not, as long as you’re learning something that is useful to you.


Hi all! I was an amateur coder back from 2009-2013. Unfortunately, I was in a horrific motorcycle accident in late 2013. I was in a coma for a month and have certain, serious lasting mental deficits. Specifically, my short term memory and my spatial reasoning and spatial memory were most damaged. Despite this, I'm still very high-functioning and good with words, so I'm still able to learn new things (after enough repetition). Nice to "meet" everybody. :)


With the right motivation, anyone has the capability to succeed at anything. Don't let your deficits stop you, and you'll go however far you desire - at your own pace. It's amusing to see someone else who writes with similar structure to myself, it's rather rare.


Welcome, Daniel! Nice to hear you are doing the best.


Hello from Toronto, Canada! I'm Alison, a maker (3D printing mostly), advisor to tech startups, diversity & inclusion activist (working on checking my own white privilege and lifting others up), and get-sh*t-done type of person.

My day job is working for RBC as the lead for Technology Community Engagement. It's a new role for me and the bank and I'm figuring out how to support peer-to-peer tech communities inside and outside the company. I've been spending most of my time connecting with Toronto-based meetups and groups, offering to host events, and finding speakers.

I thought I'd hate working for a big company, especially a bank, but I've been surprised by the amount of freedom I have to build out the tech community programs. I have previously worked for a dev shop, healthcare company, government gambling, digital strategy, and my own startup.

I'm a big proponent of design thinking and often coach startups on customer development.

My biggest regret is that I took typing instead of programming in high school in the '90s and thought that coding/math/technology would be too hard to pursue. Many of my (male) friends went on to do computer science and engineering and I wish I did too.


Hi Alison,

It's my pleasure to see someone from Toronto here. I'm studying in Humber College at Web Development program.

I'm much like you - regretting, that I haven't chosen programming earlier, in high school in the '90s. Though I was always keen on math/coding. It took me 15 years after graduating from University international tourism management program, that I really-really enjoy coding more, than anything else in my life. So, now I'm back at school again and learning programming)))

You mentioned in your intro, that you were in charge of hosting events for tech people. I was thinking about visiting some of that kind. Can you, please, suggest where to start searching? Have a great time!


Hi Andrei - I'm currently working on a section of our website for Toronto tech listings. It should be up in the New Year. In the meantime, I find meetup.com, eventbrite, Startup Here, and MaRS to all have great listings.


Welcome to the dev.to community! 👋🏽

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.

People are friendly and happy to help :)


Hello! I'm Adam, I'm a college software developer working on getting my degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering, working mainly in game development and robotics. Currently I'm working with TrickFire Robotics at the University of Washington Bothell on creating a robot for the NASA Robotic Mining Competition.

I've recently seen lots of the articles on this website and seen so many interesting points brought up that I figured I should join up and see what else is on here.

Pleased to meet y'all!


Hi to everybody! I am Jahanzaib, currently working with Java EE and doing some DevOps. Still trying to understand if i want to go more to the backend or the frontend (coming from a web dev background).

I have found this one a good place to learn new stuff :)



I'm Idrees, an amateur JavaScript developer & a future engineer. I have been practising JavaScript for about 2 years now.

I am here, because one of my friend told me to join here and create posts about side projects & also see what other developers are creating and get inspired by them.

Thank you Dev.to


Love the look of the site. Senior Systems Designer for control systems in broadcast helicopter video transmission and government data links. I followed a static site (JAMstack) developer here and it took less than a minute to decide to sign up. I surprised myself even further by posting. Obie Wan convinced me I guess. Jedis...



Hi everyone! I'm Josh and I lead the Developer Relations team at Algolia, your friendly neighborhood search API :) I like Ruby for fun, JavaScript for apps and Java for speed. Always happy to talk about search, developer communities, San Francisco or Paris - ping me anytime!


Hi everyone! I'm Alan. Once upon a time I was a facilitator at the Recurse Center; I've also worked at a few startups. I really enjoy functional programming, math, and studying French, and lately I've gotten interested in deep learning/neural networks. I recently decided to leave the last startup I was working at to devote myself full-time to studying machine learning.

My New Year's resolution is to write more: I've got too many half(... quarter)-written blog posts sitting around. I guess if I'm gonna be in-between jobs for a bit then I don't have any excuses!


Hi lovely folks, this is Chintan here. I'm a developer and have been designing and coding software for over ten years. I'm passionate about new technologies and languages. I'm here to learn,unlearn and share.

Happy Holidays to everyone!!


Hi everyone. I'm Kenji, and I got interested in dev.to after reading a couple of interesting articles in Japan explaining how dev.to is FAST (and some of them are actually on dev.to such as this stuff > dev.to/mizchi/-devto--b5 by @mizchi (article in Japanese)). I'm recently working on C++ and C# as a late learner of OOP, as well as Erlang, Elixir, and FreeBSD.

Fun fact: since age 17 for 35 years my right eye doesn't really work (lens removed due to cataract). So I've been writing code mostly with my left eye only.


im mohamed , 46 yold most of it in the software field development then management but also still develop , each some years i receive a shock about how the tools and methods changed then i try to follow and stay on the road , im web development expert , dot net mostly with some of php and adf , doing 2 masters now , MBA and the other one on IT , agile and big data now days subjects . All Regards for Every one


Hello, everybody!

I'm Kazuki, a developer living in Porto Alegre, Brazil. My interests now range from machine learning (my field of study) to web dev.

It's really nice to be part of this community! Thanks.


Hi! I'm Daniel, im a Brazilian developer, actually i work as a freelancer developing with Python and JavaScript. I discovered Dev.to from Facebook and started reading everyday some posts about carrer, dev and discussions. Actually im 20 years old, seeking to learn even more and someday, live in Canada or USA. Ps: Sorry for the bad english.


Hey there, I'm Aaroh! I'm very passionate about web development, particularly about React, React Native, and GraphQL.

I'm currently learning some native Android development, while comparing/contrasting that to my React Native experience. It's been really fun so far! (I started about 3 weeks ago.)

My 1-2 year goals are to:

  • Write more. See some of the things I've written so far: medium.com/@aarohmankad

  • Speak at a conference. I'd absolutely love to give a talk on one of my passions this year, and I'm actively applying to conferences that have open "Call for talk Proposals"

  • Start a podcast called Open Source Party. I'd love to pick an open-source project every week or two and contribute to it, talk about my experience, and maybe even interview the owner/maintainers!

Thanks for reading and I'd love to hear from you!


Hey everybody! I stumbled across dev.to from a twitter post and it seemed like a pretty cool place! I’m a student about to graduate with a bachelors in web development. I’ve got a great passion for Front-end and recently have been getting into a lot of React!


Hello, I'm Eke Diala Enyinnaya. I'm learning to code. I'm learning Java and Android. Its kind of weird (Java) as I had basic knowledge of python- the variable declarations and all. It's challenging and I happen to love challenges. It's beautiful being here. I've learned quite a lot. I was in a dilemma about native and hybrid mobile apps but an article I read here about React native helped guide my decision.
Great to be here.


Hi! I am Omkar from India. I am 2nd year CS undergraduate and currently working on Android and web development. I am also writing a blog(just started ) at The Coding Express

Facts: I liked the design of this website so much. Also, I really want to be very good at Python.


+1 on the site's design. Makes me want to come here more often.


Hi! I'm Andy Gorman. I've been doing software development professionally for two years, not really specializing in anything in particular. I am aspiring to work in a social impact field, and am trying to move in that direction! This seems like a good/encouraging/positive community, which is a positive differentiation from other programming communities.


Hi all! I'm Mattia (Equinusocio for friends) a 29 years old front-end HTML/CSS architect learning... everything :) I work as UI Developer, team leader and design system lead at Contactlab S.p.a. in Italy.


Hi everyone! I'm Maciej, coding in SAS 4GL for living for 11 years now and recently learning Java and iOS Swift after hours for some side projects. I am also dedicated player (console, board, pen and paper :) and father of 2 little monsters ;) I was redirected here from some Polish dev blog and simply loved this place. Many insightful and good posts, no hate, I like it!


Hi, I'm Andreas. I'm a developer from Switzerland. I recently rebuilt a side project of mine awesomereact.com with Next.js, styled components and GraphQL. I had some experience with these technologies, but learned a ton and really like the Developer Experience.

Looking forward to learn and discuss new technologies here in the DEV community.


Greetings! Been following @thepracticaldev on Twitter for some time now and there is just too many great articles posted that I HAD TO JOIN! I've been developing software for almost 2 decades, every day living in awe of what people are achieving with software and always learning from them.


Hello! My name is Telmo and I'm a 21 y.o. CS undergraduate in Brazil. I work at tech support but I'm also developing a few applications to improve workflows in the company. I'm mostly coding Node.js applications lately, but I do Python, Java and a bit of C++ as well.


Hi, Yiafee Here, looking forward to learn and practice a lot of javascript and web security from today. Hope I will be able to give something with my experience in php, android and java. the tone of this place felt amazing to me.


Hey folks, name is Marc, though online, many know me by my alias 'Daemoen', or 'Dae' for short, since it's tricky to pronounce when you encounter it. (Day - Moe - En ).

Experienced 'DevOps' Architect, obsessed with automation, simplification, and continuing to pursue and experience growth in any and all things technical or philosophical.


Hi im Mohammed, im studying python at the IUG still begginer but i have a huge proplem.... i love proggraming and i can understand python but the thing is my logic is bad when the teacher give me a proplem to solve i forget every thing about python and can't solve it

Awful Fact: we are 95 pyhton students we understand python but can't solve proplems or struggle at solving it ........

Any advice?


Hi! Name's Tenashy and I'm currently trying to wrap my head around full-stack web development. I'm still knees-deep in JavaScript and hopeful that one day I will be experienced enough to call myself a developer :)

And I have no background whatsoever in computer science, actually learning how to code using google... [sillyGrin]


I am really Great all of your team ,
I usually read your website article from facebook and believe me it boost my Energy toward Programming.
I am a beginner and love coding beside that i am from a remote area and i grew up in a area where we don't even have complete solution for electricity and 6 year back i got interest in Technology and i didn't become developer instantly but when i saw animation images it drove my mind to the the exact angle where i wanted and then when i start using internet it used to make me wonder how website and all this stuff works and later i find out that's it's something called programming and then start learning HTML online .
and then CSS, JS , JQUERY etc then i started learning backend language and believe me i was very happy when i learnt getting data from user and putting it in database and then do whatever you want with it .
later i started learning Graphic designing and digital marketing , Today i can work in multi field such as Graphic designing , SEO , front end development and backend development . I am really happy to introduce myself here .
Haris Khan


Hi! I am yash from india. I am a java developer interested in solving problems and learning the problem solving like competitive programming. On work I am a fulltime java developer working on in house big data framework. My day passes with debugging threads and java garbage collector. I love linux,bash scripting and awk,sed,grep. I am also interested in working on open source project but don't get enough time to be a part of a community.


Hi, I'm Alexandre
I'm a full stack engineer, mostly curious about all the things and with quite a love for frontend / react.

I joined the community after reading Dan Abramov's q&a around here and seing how friendly/thoughtful it is.


Hi I'm Bruno, 22 years old, I work on a startup of chatbots on Porto Alegre Brazi as a junior web developer,I work with IT for 5 years 4 as support 1 as developer, and I'm now on a career as web developer, I came to dev.to to get better as developer and learn with different people, and I'm loving it you guys are awesome, thanks!


Hi y’all, I’m Aminah. I’ve been coding for a few years, but seriously for the past 2 years. I’m a Rubyist and love RoR and hopefully will get the hang of React.js. As a twitter stalker I found this site and hope to meet other likeminded individuals. 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽


Hi y'all. Saw this in one of my Slack channels and thought I would check it out. I am an aspiring dev a bit hung up on which direction I want to go... There are so many things I find interesting and I feel like I get stuck in the mud as I try to decide what I want to devote my time into learning/building. Currently, I work as a QA Engineer writing Selenium tests w/ Java... One thing I DO know, I don't like writing automated tests!


Hi, I am Kashif and coming back to wonderful world of coding after spending many years in the boring lands of SEO and Blogging.

Since my return, I have started to pick on Python with the goal of delving into ML and AI in 2018. Wish me luck :)

Currently, I am available for freelance / remote consulting work related to WordPress, SEO, Adsense Optimization and Web Scraping with Python.


Hello All! I am a programmer working for a Small Grocery-Retail company in Arkansas, and a recent (May, 2017) college graduate! I'm always trying to learn something new, and I am always looking to expand my skills. I primarily work in VB .Net, but I am teaching myself python and javascript in my sparse free time. Thanks for having me!


Hello there, I'm Black. . . Dudus Black. I was happily hacking away learning Javascript, building the client side api calls and call functions, bootstrapping this startup, stressing out, dealing with short attention spans and wondering how i found myself here. . .


Hi I’m a JavaScript developer in Denver. I’m 8 months into my first dev job after attending a 7 month code school. This is my 4th career and I’d say my best one yet! Fun fact - I also have a 4 and 2 year old so life is crazy every day. I love that as a developer, once you solve a problem, there’s always another challenge awaiting. Also, as a front end developer, I love that the characters I type turn into functioning, pretty things that work on the internet.


Hello I'm developer previouly worked as team lead on a Opensource Project mamed ProcessMaker developed with PHP now I'm fascinated with Node.js and Typescript for both sides back-end and front-end,...


Hi my name is Ibrahim from Lebanon, i'm a frontend and backend web developer experienced in PHP MVC frameworks such as codeIgniter and Laravel, loving building web applications and to learn more technologies, recently i am trying to improve my skills by self motivation in Angularjs or Reactjs but i need some advice in this what is the most tutorials that we need it to develop our skills in programming?


Hello! I'm Krishna, I'm a loaded developer who loves JavaScript, Angular and User Experience Design. I believe in our collective ability to create a better world. I never stop learning, because, yeah, life never stops teaching.

Trivia: I am also a Gamer and My favorite quote from the game 'Destiny' - 'Guardians make their own fate'.


Hi! I'm Sanket Kumar Gautam. I am a final year Computer Science & Engineering Student. I have been following "The Practical Dev" community for quite a long time & just love it. I would like to be a part of this astonishing community.

I am a Open Source Enthusiast, Programmer & loves to solve real life challenges by leveraging latest technologies using computers.

Fun Fact: I really not able to figure out, where I am headed to, in my life :)


Hi I'm Ana and I'm from Croatia, currently learning everything frontend webdev related :) I'm changing my career from land surveyor to webdev and I'm loving every day of it :)


Good for you and good to see other women here 😊


Hey everyone. I’m the Director of Development at the LA office of a digital agency called Edenspiekermann.

I’m a big fan of React and am particularly enjoying working with Gatsby these days. On deck next to learn: Regl, GLSL, WebGL, etc.

Happy to be here!


Hey all! :) I'm Callum, I graduated from Warwick university with a CS degree and I'm working at Citrix on XenServer with some really awesome people!

I have about a million technologies I'd like to learn but mostly I want to start building more cool side projects when I'm learning new things and come up with a side project that starts making a bit of money outside of work.


Hi, I came here seeing a post by Jacob( github id cube2222) on making a distributed key-value store. I want to learn about developing distributed systems for my own hobby. But practical resources are very less. Send me a hi anytime :):


Heyo! I'm Chris, a developer from Ireland. Love C# and JavaScript. Framework agnostic. :) Currently looking to better my comp. sci. skills due to an eye-opening job interview I had. I'm here because of @sehurlburt (twitter.com/sehurlburt/status/9449...). :)



I am @olaven .

I am studying frontend- and mobile development.
My knowledge is limited, but I am fairly confident in Java and JavaScript, and I have some minor experience with C# and Python. At the moment, I am trying to understand some of what Unity3D has to offer, in preparation for a course I will be taking next semester.

I found this site on Twitter and I got curios. The "sign in with Github" was just too easy ;-)

Hopefully everyone on here is having a good Christmas :D


Hello Everyone, I'm Fatima from Morroco, a bit of a beginner trying to learn machine learning and Artificial intelligence using python, and making good use of it. I'll start by writing my first article here very soon ( I got some good results that my beginner self is proud of and ready to share ) and I hope you will like it. Thanks for this amazing platform


Hi Somesh here from India. I am a wannabe coder and am currently trying to get better with Python and ML after spending quite a bit of time with C++ programming.

I'm newly out of college with a degree in CS and had my first job in a big service oriented company (TCS). But I left that job in the first couple months itself because the work was downright horrible for someone who loves creating and coding (it was "application support and maintenance"; a profile which didn't even require one bit of programming knowledge).

So here I am, jobless and clueless, but still learning nonetheless!


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Hello! I am Alexandre, from Brazil. I am studing Python 3.6 since last year and I loved it.
For a while I programed with C++ but Python is better for me because I need to prototype some algorithms in a short space of time. So, Python is the tool for me now. My tools are: PyCharm and Intel Python Distribution 3.6. If I can help you in some questions, just ask. If I have the answer it will a pleasure answer you.


Hi, I'm Abdul, I'm a 15 year old Nigerian developer that deals with JavaScript mainly. I deal with NodeJs rawly . I build command line tools with NodeJs. Visit my github profile to view my works.


Hi all! I’m a JavaScript developer in Denver, CO. I’m 8 months into my first dev job, after attending Turing School of Software and Design. It’s my 4th career and I’d say the best one yet! I love that every time you solve a problem (one of many possible ways) there’s another challenge waiting.


Hi, I'm Jan from Hamburg/Germany. Developing Java/Spring/Camunda is my day job but I am also interested in CQRS and other JVM languages, just started to work with kotlin. Learned about this platform by lovis on the hamburg kotlin meetup and looking forward to read, learn and share.


Hi all! I'm Mattia — Equinusocio for friends — a 29 years old front-end HTML/CSS architect learning... everything :) I work as UI Developer, team leader and design system lead at Contactlab S.p.a. in Italy.


Hi! My name is Juanjo and I'm from Argentina. I'm a mechanical engineering student learning programming. I love to create things, and I feel I can create anything with mechanical and programming together.

P.S. Excuse me for my bad English, I'm learning it to!


Hello everyone! Happy new year :)
I'm Valerio, I'm a Front End Freelancer and Entrepreneur from Switzerland.
I'm the founder of Dreaming Lab (dreaming-lab.com)

Hoping to meet nice guys here.



Hi! I'm Aye Chan, i'm from Myanmar. I'm an aspiring developer working on learning Python. Is it the best choice of Programming Language for interestimg in creating robots? Please advice me. .. Thank you all...


Hi! I am Segun, a Backend Developer from Nigeria. I work mostly with Rails and MySQL.

I started learning Node.js and Express early this year and luckily I was able to land a Node.js side gig :).

I am currently learning how to build APIs with Node.js with the book Building APIs with Node.js. And to solidify what I've been learning, I am building this mini project github.com/segun-adeleye/bookly-api.

I look forward to a great time here.



Hi I'm Mohammad , I'm a back-end developer working on Java,Node.js,Typescript and a little PHP on the side dish . Still learning something new everyday and this site is helping , glad to join in mates !!!


Hey! what up? this is jawwad,i am a c# developer but need lot of learning,Secondly i am running a youtube channel related to source code but thinking to add tech information in it to...i guess dev.to will help alot...


any advises are welcome


Hello, my real name is Eduardo, I'm a 22 years old CS graduate from Brazil.

Nowadays I'm responsible for a mix of technical and non-technical tasks at my small company. Also contributed with some HTML, CSS and Javascript for many, already dead, projects.

PS: I also love to use silly nicknames on twitter and silly avatars everywhere else.


Hello I'm Lucas, I'm developing a program for IT Command, which is a company I own (ITCommand.Tech) I'm looking for a friendly community to help me learn (so the opposite of Stack Overflow!!!). Its called ITCMD Notifier if you want t check it out at ITCommand.Tech/Notifier . I know Batch PHP and some powershell and mostly work with these!


Hey everyone! I'm Alfian, and I'm a 19 years old communications student from Singapore. I am still currently self-learning development (still in the front-end) and hope to learn more in the future soon and create my own project.


Hey! I'm Lama, and I'm a HS senior making my way through the Front End Dev certificate on freeCodeCamp + learning Java. I've been reading a lot of articles on dev.to and follow the Twitter account, so I thought what better way than to join the community?

Fun fact: For all of my robotics friends, I do FTC!


Hello People,

Have been reading some pretty good articles on dev.to. Glad to be a part of the community. Checkout my github projects and you are all welcome to contribute especially if you are interested in building after market ROMs for Find5 and/or ZP955/Speed8.



Hi Everyone

I just want to say thanks to every. I am started my career in web development.
I mostly read your site post from social media accounts (Facebook) and trust me I can't explain in my words its really useful for me. when I feel tired from coding your posts articles tips always increase my strength I am not feeling alone when I need any help.
I am a beginner no more knowledge about coding. when I continuously following your post I have the best basic knowledge about web development and programming. Hope so in my next post I will appear as a professional programmer. Many basic things about HTML CSS and bootstrap I learn into my schooling. But due to weak base in programming, I need more improvements and hard work. Muzammil Malik


Hi I’m thotgamma :3
I’m a student of university and currently working on C++ OpenGL Physical Simulation project, or trying to use Angular in my blog.
I also like electronics and I often write code or design board for embedded systems.
I wonder if i could make friends in dev.to! thanks!


Hola! I'm Benjamin. I've been a Python dev for the past 5 years or so. I'm excited about entrepreneurship and interested in meeting people to discuss business and potentially work with. I heard about dev.to on the Indie Hacker forums and so far it looks promising. Best of luck to all you out there and happy dev(elop)ing!


Sup! Name's Chris. Buddying Web and App dev. Working currently with HTML, JavaScript and CSS, but learning Python and Java as well. Wanting to learn a range of different languages and then prioritise one of them.

25 years old, with Autism so I see things very differently to others :)


Hi, I am Nikhil, Java Developer. I am looking forward to learning more about Front-End Tech Stack like ReactJS, ES6..etc. Really new to the front-end.Looking forward to your suggestions and comments. Please help me out.



Hello there. I’m Matt. A web developer. I make things. I use many things, PHP, WordPress, JavaScript/ECMAScript, Node. I dabble in other things but mostly those. I’m constantly learning and getting frustrated at new things. Long time reader, first time caller. I work to live, not live to work, so I stick to non-startup companies, starting to steer clear of agency work as well. So, yeah. That’s me.


Hi everyone! I'm Daneel from Cape Town. Currently a PHP developer focusing mostly on Magento but learning the finer points of the Javascript and Node.js magic.

Looking forward to interacting with the community. Helping where I can and always learning. Cheers! 🍻


Hello everyone, i'm Michael a.k.a. sk1u, and i've been deving around for about a year or so. Been stumbling through Javascript, Python mainly but also bash and powershell. I'm currently working on getting certified in MTA and LFCSA, and learning Python 3 to finally migrate all my projects to it. Happy to share some thoughts on here and on my blog sk1u.com :-) see ya around!


Hi everyone!!!
I'm Wendell, I'm from Brazil but living in Portugal since 2016.

I work with software development since 2009 and my main technologies are JavaScript and PHP. Since last year I'm studying Go and working on some personal projects and some freelances projects with Go. By the way, Go is one of my favorite languages!!! ;)

I love to share what I know (I'm not an expert, but I think that everyone has something that can be useful to another person).


Hello devs and learners. I am Anuj Sharma, an aspiring web developer and JavaScript lover(Yes we exist) from New Delhi, India.
I just got placed and will start working for a web development firm from this Jan 2018.
I love learning new things ("framework" to be precise) and following hello worlds of anything I come across.
I am a foodie and love listening to Music a lot.
P.S. you can check out my playlist at open.spotify.com/user/anuj4x4/play...

You can reach me at anujsh.com :)


Hi! I'm prashant, I can create things using Python, Mysql, Django and I'm trying to be good software engineer. So i searched for philosophy of software engineers.
There is link that brings me to this website, which is


Hi, I am Justice. I have a fairly nice grasp on web technologies such as PHP, HTML, CSS & JavaScript, although am still learning. Now, am adding Java, Android to the list (let's see how that goes).

Fact: I am also learning about investing and my favorite fruit is banana. No am not a minion ;)


Hello there :)

My name is Magdalena and I'm developer-wanna-be :D So far I'm still learning HTML&CSS, and my goal for next years is JavaScript.

It's a bit hard because this is completely different than what I am doing, but I like to go out of my comfort zone and learn different stuff.

So if you have any advice for my lost soul please don't feel shame to share with me.


Hey, I'm trying to figure out front end development as well. I've decided give Ember a try once I figure out the back end stuff.

Best of luck!


I'm a student an TA at Temple University. I'm learning Python to write unittests for students who don't have internet in the home. That's why I'm here, I don't know Python except the last 3 weeks that I've been teaching myself, and even more don't understand unittest.


PS: I also like to use silly nicknames on twitter; and silly avatars everywhere else.


Hi, My name is Tobi, I am a javascript developer (Nodejs) mostly, I am familiar with Angular2 I am currently learning React and Vue (mostly Vue) so far it has not been too discouraging. Cooking is one of my hobbies


Hi! My name is Yanko. I am from Bulgaria and I want to learn java so I can make android apps. At some point in the future I will learn swift, because I want to know both worlds. So far in my experience I find it hard learning the language and knowing what to use. I hope this community can help me somehow progress in the dev world.


Hello all, My name is Michael. I started learning to program because I was tired of sending tickets to other people to fix problems that I felt I should be able to fix.

My previous non-dev job went bankrupt so I figured why not follow my childhood dream and just do it. I also started an SEO business with a friend and all my clients wanted front end website work so I got into web dev. The longterm goal is full-stack development with most of my focus on the backend.

Learning Python/Django, HTML/CSS, PHP, js/angular, linux admin and a little C and Ruby/rails when I get bored :)


Hi! I'm Ermir. Full-time coder with Microsoft stack, following latest trends in technologies, and of course reading python for fun!

Fun fact: Took my brand new laptop 1 year and 10 months ago, now CrystalDisk says I've 6300 hours of work on my hard drive... I think it's a bug in Crystaldisk!


Hello everyone. I'm a biology student, hoping to finish my undergrad studies in the next three months. I have been working with R for the last two years, which has taken me to some programming lessons. I want to learn more about R, python and a lot more about programming in general.

Greetings from Venezuela!


Hi All,

My name is Anh Vo. I am a software engineer. Ada is my favorite programming language. The name Ada is honored after Augusta Ada King. She is considered the world first programmer. The top reason I like Ada is that approximately 75% is statically checked and 25% is dynamically checked. The second reason I like Ada because it is closest to English language in the form of subject -> verb -> predicate.


Hi there, I'm Massimo from Italy, I enjoy to exchange experience and interests around programming...

I used to program WO (WebObjects) back in the days... that's where I learnt OOP

Nowadays I'm mostly on Laravel (PHP MVC framework) and Vue.js

Real fact: I read the Code of conduct page for real ;-)

Fun fact: few days ago I discovered Contributor Covenant, then I posted the M.L.K. quote on my FB diary (facebook.com/massimoselvi/posts/10...)


Hi . I am M Hassaan .I am about to finish my Electrical engineering graduation . I intend to do a masters on either:
1) Electrical Engineering
2) Robotics and Automation
3)Artificial intelligence and Software engineering

My personal interest is to go in software , but since I have very less knowledge of software I am doubtful that other competing students will easily beat me and get the better jobs. Should I stay confident for my aim or should I go into Electrical power in which I am already good .


Hello! I am Bharat from India.

I usually work with python, but rust has caught my attention lately. I just started blogging about my journey of learning rust.

Really excited to be a part of the dev.to community!


Just came across this wonderful community.
Hello everyone, I'm Yadi. I'm a new grad, software engineer and game developer!
Back when I was around 12, I used to play Warcraft 3 a whole lot. I got really into their map editor. It was a pretty sophisticated editor in which you can design not just terrains, but custom units, items and campaigns. It even has its own internal scripting language called Jass. That was the first time I started to sense the concept of programming logic and flow. So I just kept at it over the years. from visual basic to C, to Java... and the list goes on.
When I was about to graduate high school, my parents and I started planning to let me study aboard. One thing led to another, next thing I remember is that I was on a flight to Baltimore from Beijing and the crazy journey of mine just began.
... fast forward 4 years...
just got my undergrad degree back in June this year. It was quite challenging and rewarding at the same time. Met many talented people and responsible professors.
And I got an internship offer at a AAA game studio!
I'm a 22 year old kid just got out of school and slowly stepping into the next phase of my life. Wish my luck guys!
Nice to meet yall!


I am trying to use a custom adapter in listview. My android app is crashing everytime giving an error in logcat.

here is the link of my code file: drive.google.com/open?id=1lE3EIE-b...


Hey there, my name is Nikolay, you can call me just Nick:)

So...I'm experienced in building websites from ready-made templates for Wordpress or Joomla, but I'm real beginner in programming. Now I'm started learning JS and I hope this platform will help me:)


Hello, I'm Sam but my friends call me electrode,I write PHP and also with Laravel ,I've always wanted to joined a community like this and I'm happy to be here now.
I listen to dance/electronic songs while i write my codes.
My favorite artists are Deadmau5 and Bossfight.


Hi everyone! Im Pat, currently in a Coding bootcamp learning JS and React. Learning has been going really well! I am very interested in API implementation and creating websites using React Components and hopefully Mobile Apps!


Hi, I'm Kwaku. I love designing and building software. Got into software dev kinda late in the game so I'm mostly self-taught, and still very much learning. Most comfortable in Python but beginning to appreciate Javascript a lot more these days. Previously cofounded a startup. Currently doing UX architecture and dev in Memphis, TN


Hello, my name is Homero Lara. I'm developer from Dallas, TX. I'm here to learn from you all.





Hello all, I'm Samuel a beginner web developer and I'm here to satisfy my curiosity for knowledge and to share the little knowledge I have acquired so far.


Hi there! I’m Tomaz from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I’ve been a professional junior Java dev for 9 months now, following a life devoted to being a musician.

I have always loved programming and am really thrilled to be working with it!

Found dev.to on FB a couple of months ago and I enjoy it a lot, so thank you very much. It’s amazing to feel part of such a healthy and enriching community.

Hope you all the best, and a very long and prosper career as developers!


Hi Im Lucas, working for a company called IT Command to make a notification program. (Check it out at WWW.ITCommand.Tech/Notifier ). I'm from Massachusetts and have a firm Christian relationship with God.
I'm looking forward to a friendly environment to learn and to share (so the opposite of Stack Overflow).


Hi! I'm Ben. I'm a front-end developer who just recently finished an apprenticeship in the industry. I've been seeing a ton of 💯 content from dev.to floating around on Twitter so I thought I'd sign up and get more involved.

At the moment, I'm getting acquainted with Wordpress after learning how to develop for CraftCMS and also exploring React a lot more (❤️ GatsbyJS).


I started coding when i was 18 years old

I live near Paris.

I work for Mirakl in France.

I mostly program in these languages: Java, JavaScript, Kotlin

Sharing is my philosophy

I am currently learning more about Reactive System, Rx, functionnal programming, concurrency over parallelism, Vert.X

You can find me on GitHub as endouakulu

Nice to meet you.



I'm Brigette, a self taught Jr Dev working mostly in Javascript and Python. Looking to keep up with tech news :)


Hi! I'm from Ukraine, web developer at RingCentral. Started learning golang (currently, just a hobby). I hope to use it for my work.


I used RingCentral for a few years back in 2012!



I`m Alexander
Web application developer using Java.
Ethical Hacker pen testing enterprise applications for harmful bugs.
The huger for hunger for knowledge has brought me here.


Hello, this is Ahmet. I'm doing mostly C#; although open to functional programming at the moment.


Hi, I am Roy, Scala followers. Trying to get knowledge of FP using Scala. :-)


Good evening from Cambodia!
I'm Mengsrea.
i just graduated from university.
i have worked as android dev. i am here together with you for:
- (meet, solve,share) problem
- learn to be an expert dev(clean code).
thanks you!


Hello... I'm Jeremy. Per my twitter bio, I'm a Rock Climber, Downhill Skier, Motorcycling Enthusiast, Ballroom Dancer, Father, Husband. Not necessarily in that order. Oh, and I program computers.

I'm in Michigan (live in Ann Arbor, work in Detroit). Grew up here, lived in CA (SF/SV) for 14 years, planning to go back in 2019.

I learned SWE by accident; my prior career was as a CAD engineer, which gave me the opportunity to learn some Lisp to customize the CAD systems. Learned Oracle with the assistance of a guru, shortly after launched into SWE'ing fulltime. Switched to Java development in '98, using Java 1.0 for a short time before Java 2 was released (to the relief of many). Ah yes, Oracle 7 and Java 1. Good times.

I've added several arrows to my quiver, but Java and data management is the core to my skillset, still. Looking forward to adding some more modern client-side JS technique/tools.

I'm happy to advise, coach, mentor other engineers, whatever their experience. Let me know!


Howdy all. I'm Dustin from Austin, TX. I've been doing the iOS developer thing for the past... oh god, nine years. Working on branching into full stack.

If you're a fan of SW:CCG, we can be fast friends.


Hello, my name is Sarzana. I am a freelance graphic artist attending school for Computer Science. I am trying to learn Python currently with a few beginner books and codeschool.


Hi! I'm Nwanze Franklin from Nigeria. I am a backend and devops Engineer at Tribe.My love for tech is unimaginable.


Hi. I am Pedro, a first-year student studying looking for an internship in the summer. Currently trying to pick something up over break between WebDev, Scala or Elixir.


Greetings everyone. I am Mwicigi and I am new here. I hope to learn from you and to teach others on areas of interest along the way of coding. Fun Fact: I started learning how to code at 27 in 2017.


Hello there. This is Avin, a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer who has spent the latter half of 2017 learning Java and Python with the aim of switching career as a full time developer. My skillset includes experience as a Selenium Automation Engineer with Java as the scripting language. Almost done with my Python Foundation Nanodegree from Udacity and on the way to enroll for another one. I see 2018 as the foundation for building my career as a Data Scientist. Taught myself to play guitar in 2017 and will continue to advance my guitar skills in 2018. Excited to learn and unlearn new stuff in 2018.


Hi, I'm Tasos. Web developer caring about UX. Working on multiple projects where I found that math can sometimes make a good developer a great one. If you're good at math please become my mentor (Just simple advice like learn that, look at that would help me).


Really interested in sharing some design systems & css in js thoughts! Great community from the looks of it.


Hello, I'm Shreekanth, I'm full stack developer and I'm very much interested to implement algorithms using Typescript. Its fun fun to code using TS.


Hello! I'm Miq. I'm just a passionate learner trying to shine in the world full of brilliant people :)


Hello, My name is Levi Ding. I'm glad to be here.


I am new here and looking for some interesting material..


Hello everyone, I am Paulo looking forward to meet you all. I love programming and I am currently learning golang, python and machine learning.



Hi everyone, my name is Lakdhi from Sri Lanka well I am curious about new emerging technologies my main focus point to web-based technologies and I love to learn new tech and appliances.


my name is agc pomps i like code and others stuff


Hello, I'm Max. I was brought here to find out how to deploy Gatsby on Heroku. Do I need a buildpack? Procfile? What am I missing?


Hey I'm a developer aspiring to be a software architect.


Hi all!

I'm web Developer, tech enthusiast and Linux lover :)

Hope to stay here for a long time :)


Hey devs, Im Piyush I'm 18 started with web development first now into AI and ML, and here for the same.. hope I get to learn new things and inspire myself.


Thank, I'm from Colombia and I would to like write and share all about code and develop.
Thanks for all.


Hi everyone... Pranjal here... Just want some tips from you all and gain knowledge and experience from u all


Hello everyone, I'm a frontend developer current learning react-native.I will gladly assist any learning react, javascript and redux.

Fun fact: I don't like cheese.


Hi! I'm Andre, I'm a junior developer currently hacking on web technologies.

Anyway.. I love the website and it's helpful community!


Hi my name is Ingrid and, as Peter Frank says, I'm not very tech savvy. But building an e-commerce website has drawn me back to coding. Remember the Timex Sinclair 1000? Had that.


Hi! I'm Jan! I'm currently doing a web developer job. Aspiring to learn Python and get into the AI biz.



I am Hamid, I want to discover this world and especially not to ask others to do things but to be able to do it myself.


Hi all, this is Venkatesh. I'm a java and JavaScript dev working mostly as a full stack dev. I can help on either of the two languages and in here to learn


It Was Nice Experience by login into Dev and I Got such warm Welcome Message


Hi I am Tessy. Programmer. Now just jumped in laravel



I'm developer who love learning new technologies... skilled in languages like python, php and nodejs. Love to unlearn and relearn.


Hi! I'm looking for inspiration to become a good front-end developer. NodeJS seems nice)


Hi everyone! Glad to find such a nice community.
I'm a devops guy.


I’m an equity analyst learning Python as well as AI techniques to help me in my job.


Hi! I'm Nitesh junior software developer currently working as a Web developer. In my free time I like working in python and solve small problems with python scripting.


Hello! I’m Toru. I’m learning deep learning and functional data structure.


Software developer in making here. Working on Desktop and Webapplications.
Trying to enjoy life and code.


Hi everyone, I'm Evgeny, Syberian web-dev with attitude


Sup. I'm 13 and really into Java programming. Working on an extensive convenience library so you can easily create lwjgl games and apps, as well as work with Client-Server networking easily :P.


Hello! My name is Konstantin. I'm front end developer. I'm here to learning and share experiences.