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dev.to staff on January 29, 2019

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Hello, my name is Andrzej, I am a JavaScript Developer currently working on web-based augmented reality experiences.

I am an architect turned software engineer - which isn't as odd as it sounds, considering I find many similarities between the two fields in my day-to-day work.

As I am currently focused on expanding my knowledge of Typescript, I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with the community here.

And to answer the question about music: definitely listening while coding, especially some trip hop, ambient and electronic music. Unless I'm on a tight deadline - then I'm listening to Dunkirk soundtrack 😉

Cheers 👋


Hi, I'm Junhong and I'm new here too. 😁 I think your finding is interesting. What do you think the most similarity between architect and development? My guess is that I needs to draw the big picture carefully?


Hey, sorry for the late answer - missed the notification! I'm actually writing a blog post exactly about this topic, will share on dev.to soon ; )


Welcome! Also, great music choices.


Hello 👋
Nice sharing. Stay in touch 😉


Hello Andrzej,
Glad to hear about you. And I am also happy that we share similar interest. I would really happy to hear more about you.:)


Hey! I am new here as well. I am also curious how do you find these two fields different/similar – what is the biggest similarity between two?


Hey, thanks for asking! I'm actually writing a blog post exactly about this topic, will share on dev.to soon ; )


Augmented reality always amaze me, how do we use javascript to make it happen.


Hello, I am Apoorva. I am a Software Engineer. I am passionate about machine learning and I have started writing articles on the same a couple of days back. I am here as I want to learn and share my findings as well on different interesting stuff 😌


Hi there 👋🏻 Machine Learning is such an interesting topic, looking forward to reading your articles 😊


Hey everyone! I'm Mitchell and I'm a Software Development Engineer currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

I'm new to the industry and I'm looking for ways to continue learning post-graduation, ideally working on projects related to urbanism, urban planning and land use analysis where I can leverage my tech background. I was hoping to be able to find likeminded people on here!

Cheers 👋


Hey! Nice to meet you! I think the use of tech in urban planning and land use is incredibly fascinating.

To follow up on Maegan's question--what's your stack?

Also, what is a specific project you're really into right now--whether it be your own, or an external project being done elsewhere?


Howdy! What type of stack do you work with?


Hello, my name is Raphael from Nigeria, upcoming Front-end web developer 😁, passionate about web development and seeking for improvement.
I do like listening to music while coding, mostly classicals and Enya songs.
Looking forward to meeting new Friends. 😎


Big fan of that gif 😁

I usually don't listen to anything while coding, which I think is the unpopular choice. If I do, it's almost always an album or a single track on repeat.

For example, I literally played K/DA - POP/STARS on repeat for probably three weeks straight.


I also play the same couple songs on repeat for a BIG WHILE until I decide it's time for a change. I don't mind, but it drives my girlfriend mad if we're working side by side! lol


Have you played it on Beat Saber?


I haven't, although I did watch a video of it. Looked like fun!


Hello my name is Tiamiyu Abidemi, I'm a frontend Developer more interested in JavaScript, equipped with little knowledge about backend working with Node.js framework Express, MySQL and MongoDb and I'm currently trying to learn Vue.js any help will be highly appreciated thanks.


I think both of us are on same page. I have also done some front end while simultaneously working as python developer. And I am looking forward to move on with JavaScript. So, mutual help would be really great for both.
I would be glad to hear similar from you.


We are on same page, will be glad to learn from you both


Welcome Tiamiyu!

I'm also learning Vue.js right now and loving it.


That's awesome, would you like to share resources?

I'm doing a course on Udemy, as well as reading articles on here to learn.

The Vue.js docs are a good place to start, and also here is a list of various awesome vue resources: github.com/vuejs/awesome-vue

Thanks so much, I'm definitely checking this out👍


I’m Joel and I’m a frontend web developer at studio chriate in Melbourne, Australia.

I mostly build complex custom WordPress websites for a range of clients and in my spare time... I still code 😅

I joined up as I kept coming across this site in Google search results and decided I needed to become a part of this awesome community.

Looking forward to spending time here.



Hi I'm Prince Otchere, an R&D chemist turned web developer. I program in JavaScript and have recently set up a personal site that I will post thoughts relating to my interests.

I started with projects of my own and went on to help others like the Order of the Serpent, Positive Education and Nationwide.

Since I am currently focused on improving with TypeScript, Angular and AWS, I look forward to learning from posts here and sharing some of my thoughts.


The Order of the Serpent? As in this Order of the Serpent? orderoftheserpent.org/

For TypeScript, I found these series of articles very useful: medium.com/@wittydeveloper/typescr...

Welcome to dev.to!


Yes. That is correct. I got really interested in the Left Hand Path after deploying the CRUD comparative religion app, Hypatia. So back in 2017, I came across a group of users on Reddit that wanted to migrate from Religious Forums to their own space. And that's where the Order of the Serpent started.

Also, thanks for the resource. I'll take a look at it.


Hey, I'm Colin. I work in a newsroom, making whatever's required to tell stories in innovative / engaging ways. I reckon this is a good place to share the learnings I make that would be a bit short for a blog post, but a shame to not document in some form. I hope we enjoy hanging out together ✨


Hey everybody, how's it going?

I'm Karen. Expat Front-end Engineer in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Currently transitioning to a new job.

I have worked with backbone -> angular.js -> react (now) and fortunately don't plan to switch to anything yet.

I just finished bootstrapping my first, long overdue personal blog/website with Gatsby.js
and am currently looking into practicing more advanced typescript.

Check out more on me here and please feel free to contact me and say hi, I am always open for a good friendly exchange over js :)

Cheers 👋


Hello All
Mitesh Sharma here. Neewbie to web development but the advanced nature of web components and its inclusion in Salesforce Lightning brought me here and piqued my interest in Web components. I am thankful to @bennypowers to introducing me to such a nice community here.
Happy to be here and excited to learn from all fellow developers...


Hello, I’m Oliver, I am a full stack developer at a company which fights blood cancer.
I learned coding myself when I was eleven years old. Since 2011 I work as a software developer in different fields. But I didn’t learned as much about how valuable clean code is or about the social part and politics of software development as I currently do.

dev.to is a big knowledge base where I found many very useful and interesting article which helped me to get through a mentally rough time.

Most of the time I listen to classical music but
Interstellar by Hans Zimmer helps me to get really focused, so I listen to this song for a few hours on repeat.


Welcome Oliver!

Sounds like an interesting company that you work for, and I'm glad the dev.to community helped you through a rough time.

Hopefully some time you can share some articles or thoughts on the value of clean code :)


Hi everyone, I'm Sebastian from Patagonia argentina (born in Viedma, living in Bahía Blanca). I've been a software engineer for one year and a follower of the community for almost 2 years.
I decide to become an active member because the people in DEV help me a lot during my time as a student and continue doing it in my professional career, so I would like to give something back.

Currently I,m working mostly with Angular and .NetCore. I'm a Linux user so I'm looking for open source projects to make some contribution.

I love listening to music while I'm programming (and in every other moment), I also love rugby.


Hi, my name is Heather. Previously a developer, moved to software testing and automation and now I work as a community manager for a software testing community :)

I'm trying to get my toes wet with some Python as it has always been a language that was recommended to me but I never had the need for it in my roles. Now I have some time to experiment I think it's time to see how I get on with it.

Definitely listen to music while coding. Depending on the task, either the testers rage playlist on spotify or more upbeat "you can do it" music.


Hi Heather! Welcome to Dev.to! Let me know if you have any questions about the site -- or Python!


Hello I am Amanuel Tadesse, I love JavaScript and currently am working at maraki soft located in Ethiopia as front end developer specially angular application development also i really like vuejs and i used it for personal projects.
Currently am digging deeper in to angular for my new job. i like asking question as well as answering others question.
problem solving is the one skill i want to develop as a programmer and am working on it. thanks all.


Hi, I am Dat from Viet Nam.
Currently I am a Software Engineer at Sapporo, Japan.
Beside the full time work, I also have a small freelancer work which related to NodeJS, Express.

Previous, my work was mostly in PHP ( 6 years experience ), but I use C++ ( sometimes Ruby On Rails for web tool ) for full-time job now.

I know dev.to through other article, and I am so surprised about DEV, it is really interesting with a lot of great stuff from around the world.

The next willing tech is Machine Learning. Current I am lacking knowledge about ML, but really want to deeply passion into it.

I also want to try to write blog again ( previously was Yahoo 360 ).
I think DEV is great place for me back again with this hobby.

I like to play games LOL(League of Legends), listen music and make friends(especially tech friends).



Hello, I'm Alex.I'm from France and I start learning code since september. I was an welder, but I wnt to be a fullStack developer. I learned about HTML CSS JS (Jquery ajax) PHP SQL Laravel CakePHP MVC and some other stuff. I want to know how you learn code and why? =)


Hello, I am Python developed looking to change my career as Full Stack JavaScript Developer. I would be glad to help python followers as well as learn from JavaScript Fellow's.


Welcome to DEV! JavaScript is super popular right now - there are a ton of jobs available! Good luck learning it :)


Hi All,

I'm Adie. Been working as a Dev for nearly 18 months with a focus on Full Stack JavaScript but getting more involved with PHP now, not really enjoying writing it and struggling to find decent resources to learn it but getting a little better with exposure.

I'm working on a React and Firebase app in my spare time so will be spending a lot of my spare time on this and hope to be able to learn from the community as well as contributing back.


Hello, I am a Full-stack Developer.

I am well-versed in back-end frameworks such as Laravel, Codeigniter, Django, Yii and so on.

Also I have rich experience in front-end frameworks such as react, angular and vue.

Now I am focusing on Serverless stack and MEAN/MERN stack development.

I love playing tennis and solving math problems in my free time.

My favorite song? It is "My heart will go on"


Hi, I am Mehul Mistri, Freelance Mobile app developer with expertise in iOS, Android and React Native.

I believe in giving my best and provide solutions with top notch quality and high performance. I always believe in client first methodology and make sure they satisfied with the solution I’ve provided.

Currently I am exploring my knowledge in IoT products.

I also provide free bug fixing for my work anytime. I’m open and willing to learn whatever is necessary to accomplish my client’s goal.



Hello Everyone, my name is Bryan Tong. I have been developing web oriented software since 2002. My primary focus early on was PHP, MySQL, JS, HTML, CSS.

Not much has changed except that I have dropped PHP and continued on with Node.JS releasing numerous packages to NPM.

Now there is Kado, to me Kado is an extension of the express way of thinking. Kado adds some flavor and opinions to the web stack and presents and more coordinated and consistent work flow.

The modules in Kado put every portion of building a web system first class leaving no subsystem behind.

If you want to learn more it can be found at kado.org I hope this helps introduce myself. As a real person I am @nullivex. I will add my Github here shortly.


Hi there, I'm Sarah 👋🏻 I'm a front end engineer but also sometimes dabble in full stack. Passionate about JavaScript and good user experience. Looking to gain some knowledge and possibly share some too 🙈 I usually listen to instrumental music while coding, right now it's the Westworld ost 👌🏻


Hello, i'm Maximiliano, looking to move forward in development.
i've been working in web development since 1998.
Sorry, i leave the sound arround me as it is.
I try to do my best every time, and every single task i've done, i think that there is a better way to do that, and i find it later, just after i finished it.
I have been teaching web development, and it's a nice way to go back in every step, and rethinking it.
Some times a do some part time consultant jobs.

So now i've a beautifull family, my wife, my child.
So i'm looking forward to have a job. My prioriy is work life balance, looking for remote jobs, trying to show what i have for some one to pay for that.

So here we are, get in touch with remote people.


This is very belated, but - nice to meet you Maximiliano!

It's been awhile since you've made this post - how are things going now?


Hello! My name is A.J. I'm a mobile developer. When I'm not at work coding for Android I'm at home coding for iOS. Currently building an iOS Vision project for OCR and Image Recognition.

When I'm coding I'm usually listening to The Social Network soundtrack too loudly on my QC35's.


Hi, I'm Siufts, a French student who's been developing a lot of stuff on self-learning (autodidact) for the past 5 years.

Sorry for my English not very good, I try to do the best I can, but it always ends up copying and pasting my text on DeepL. '

I love discovering new projects, new encounters, I love everything that is creative and original.

And yes, I love listening to music when I develop. (Sims 4 OST, the best.)


Hi Siufts. It's absolutely normal to not be at ease at first with English is it's not your mother tongue. Best thing you can do is continue reading and writing even if you make mistakes, take advice from others and take your time.

It's great that you join the Dev community. There's a lot of great articles to learn from around here.

A few things if I may:

  • Don't try to be self-entrepreneur without experience, start with a boring office job. You will learn a lot !
  • Don't rush things. Start small and then grow bigger. We all tried to do a game or a community as our firsts projects, but it never works ;)
  • Use Github. Browse random project, read code, contribute to others projects ... lot to learn there.
  • You site is great ! Nice work.

Hey there I'm Josh and I work at ABC News with @colingourlay. I worked as pretty much an office "IT Guy" for around 10 years before realising that I wanted to become a real developer. I'm still learning every day! Feel free to say hi 👋


Hi everyone! My name is Joe and I'm a code newbie! A friend of mine recommended i join. I've been studying code for the last couple years in my spare time. I was part of the Grow With Google scholarship and graduated Udacity with a nanodegree in Android Basics.

I'm familiar with Java, XML, HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript. I'm currently going through freeCodeCamp.com to deepen my web dev knowledge. I love having music on while coding. It's usually a lofi hip hop channel from youtube and sometimes my anamanaguchi station on pandora.


Wah Gwaan Man! (Jamaican for Hi)

My name is Tremaine and I'm a Fullstack Developer hailing from Jamaica: the land of wood and water!

I prefer developing in JavaScript (front and back-end) however I code in PHP, Python and C#.

I was drawn to the dev.to community because no other outlet seems to provide real developer stories and viewpoints.

I hope to learn a lot from posts and further develop my skills as a software engineer.

Hope to interact with individuals here!

Bye for now.


Hello! My name is Sven. I'm a developer mostly interested in web technologies, but I also try to keep up with other things as well.

I just finished my front-end development internship. It was fun! I hope I can apply the things I've learned in my future work.

I'm interested in user experience design and I'd like to learn more about back-end development as well.

Well, this was basically my introduction. I hope I can share some of my knowledge with posts.

Take care ✌

EDIT: I forgot to answer the music question! I like listening to instrumental music when I'm coding. Lately I've been listening to open.spotify.com/track/4GDhkAg959r... 🎶 this.


Hi! I'm Amitai, a software development coach in New York.

recursivefaults image
invited me to join. I love sharing the joy of programming and making room for joy and growth in teams and organizations. Happy to be here. :-)


My name is Samrith. I'm a Frontend Developer, who spends a lot of time convincing people around me to not use jQuery.

I also make NPM packages (react-select-input, Concurrent Tasks) which I end up spending time defending.

I majorly listen to music from the 50s-80s or lo-fi hiphop radio. Occasionally to top charts as well. If I need to concentrate, the seamless edit of Intro by The XX is my go to song.

Feel free to hit me up!

Cheers 🕺🏻


Hello everyone! I'm a simple hobbyist; by day I code tools in C# to help me and my coworkers' workflow, and by night I mess around with the (programming) love of my life, Ruby.

My current projects include "boring" things like Excel add-ins to smooth over workflows at my day job, and more "exciting" things like compiling Ruby on Windows in MinGW without using RubyInstaller. And then trying to embed Ruby into a Win32API app. I promise I have a reason for this other than hating myself.

To answer this month's question, I'll sometimes listen to music depending on the mood. Lots of instrumental stuff usually; video game music (Final Fantasy, lots of Sonic the Hedgehog stuff is great background music), or electro-swing (Tape Five, Parov Stelar are current favorites). When I want lyrics, I'll fall back to Evanescence, Dream Theater, and Coheed and Cambria.


Hi everyone

I’m Andy. I’m a tech lead, mainly working with Java on full stack projects. Like everyone I love writing code but, as I’ve worked, I’ve become convinced that quality of output is usually more dependent on teamwork and communication than on individual coding talent.


Hello my name is Demayne and I came across this community by perusing the internet. To answer the third question:

When I was in college many moons ago, I studied while listening to music. Especially solving complex math and engineering problems.

So for coding. Its not a problem. I listen to jazz, slow jams, or whatever mood I am in at the momemt.


Hello, world!

My name is Ray and I'm a software engineer at Biotech company. I work primarily with .NET (C#) and I am most comfortable with object-oriented programming.

I'm here at dev.to to interact with fellow programmers. Also, I'm really new to web development, and I'd like to build out this skill and learn from the community here. Hopefully, I'll be able to teach a thing or two along the way!


Welcome to the community Ray. It's a great platform for that, and I hope you do share some articles!


Hi all!

I'm a software architect, love code, love computers, love connecting with others about all of the above and more. That's why I am here. :)

Regarding music while coding - no. Mainly because I love music so much that it ends up pulling my attention away from the task at hand.



I do architecture and frontend. I love clojure, declarativeness, great specs and patterns.

Oh, and I also love frontend and great UX! I published my first article just now:

Hit me if you wanna talk! :)


Hello community,

My name is Pritesh Usadadiya, i am a QE Engineer current working with Software Technology company mainly focused on Quality Engineering services.

I build Performance Test scripts and test Performance of application on various environments with use of tools like Jmeter , Taurus , Gatling etc….

I also customize Automation Tests with various frameworks like Selenium, Cucumber , TestNg , and Junit based on project requirements.

Domains that i have worked with : Telecom, Health Care, E-commerce, Airline , CRM & Travel Management.

Other than that, I love writing code and in my spare time, Mostly in Python and PHP, with help of frameworks like Django , flask (My Favourite)

I don't listen to music while i code.(Tried several times but it just doesn't work for me.)

Happy to be here and contributing to the community.


Hey everyone, I'm Ben! 👋I'm a front-end engineer based out of sunny Los Angeles, CA.

I've been a long-time fan of Dev.to's community and posts, and figured it was about time I join. I've also been writing for a little bit now on my own blog/Medium and think it would be fun to share my coding journey with the Dev community.

As far as coding music goes, I like to listen to a single album on repeat for a while. Lately I've been digging Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein—the composers behind Netflix's Stranger Things. They've got an awesome soundtrack for Valley of the Boom that makes for some great coding music.

Excited to grow with you all! 🎉


Howdy All! My name is Jeremiah & I am a computer engineer with a professional background in networks and system administration. I've always found myself interested in web-dev, so I've decided to start learning full-stack dev from the ground up!

I'm hoping to utilize my programming background to teach myself front-end dev and potentially make a career change to become a professional developer :)

Looking forward to being a part of this community and the learning path ahead!


Hello everyone,

My name martin and I stumbled upon this nice place through my google suggestions.

Professional I develop mainly in Java, but in my spare time I'm thinking around with vue.js and python.

I hope that dev.to can motivate me to write some stuff where others can profit upon.

See ya around!


Hey everybody,

My name is Seva, I am a JavaScript developer with ~5–6 years of experience, playing more with backend technologies lately, and also looking into more low-level stuff, so I can understand OS better.

I actually work remotely, and live right on the Pacific coast, in Oregon, USA. I do kayaking, hiking and a bit of guitar playing.

When I code, I always listen to music, usually some ambient. I like a sad touch in it, personal preference.

Looking forward to be in this community!

  1. I got here from a Medium, don't know which. Currently renovating this stack: GitHub/zigbeer which is the most popular and affordable way to get your own Zigbee coordinator up and running. If anyone is interested in participating in that niche I'd love to hear from you. My WIP is here: GitHub/ZigBeans
  2. I done did it now.
  3. These 4 (off by 1 error) songs on repeat:

Hi, My name is Ramsai. I am a Backend Developer working with LAMP Stack. I am working on LAMP Stack and basically into building web apps with Laravel.

Currently, I am learning Latest Javascript and React to become as FullStack.


Seriously I have no idea how I stumbled upon dev.to, but I love it already. I find myself thinking is this UI using Bulma? I am a curious person. I love problems, solutions hide behind them. Other than that I am just me, an ISBE.


Hi, I'm Ange (pronounced "enj" or "engie").
Well, I love developement and since a couple of years back, I'm focusing on web development, especially in JavaScript. I'm not a core vanilla JS dev, that's why I'm here to learn more and meet awesome devs :)


Hey everyone! I'm Justin and I work as a Software Engineer in Auckland, New Zealand working on a full-stack Web app for a startup called AnyEpic. My stack is JavaScript all the way down but I'm trying to like things that isn't JavaScript. At the moment, I'm getting back into basic electronics and hopefully some embedded programming soon.

Happy to talk about lots of topics and to answer any questions on startups :D


Hi, my name is Abir. I am a Software Engineering student. I'm currently into the Front End Web stack and in my free time I love playing video games or solving coding problems on Hackerrank. Getting an internship is my primary goal for this year :)


Hello, My name is Bhavik Charola. I'm a React Native and Node.js developer and also running small IT firm called BinBytes in Rajkot, India.

Basically, I like learning new technology as a hobby and I always developed new things from which I learn.


Hello people!

This guy is currently a web frontend developer, although I also did other things in the past 7 years of developing professionally.

To add to the suggested list above:

  1. Things I wont shut up about

State managment with redux, pure components (with react, but I would use any VDOM) and functional composition with lodash/fp / ramda

Many people are not comfortable with some of these things, even when they see benefits in them.
So I'm also working on elevating that with pairing, 1:1 meetings, documentation, presentation(s) and being empathetic and open to alternatives without losing the benefits I gain from these things, in productivity and quality of life.

Happy to be here


I am Micah Bala based in Nigeria, an aspiring software engineer, currently studying to become a fullstack web developer(JavaScript), I love to keep abreast with technology.


Can you please elaborate on how you are working on full stack web development with JavaScript.
I am learning node and express. Looking forward to learn react or angular. But not sure which one to select.


I learn to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript for front end web development, currently learning node.js, express and react same as you are.


Hey, I have been a coldfusion developer (get the lols out now) for a very long time. I never kept up with other languages other than JavaScript, jQuery.
I am trying to learn Django/python. Be great if I was able to some help here. I have a large project to complete and it's daunting.


Hi guys, my name is Luis, I'm 32 yo and I'm from Portugal. I'm mainly a PHP / MySQL developer but currently I'm working with Node.js / MongoDB.

Through out the years I've worked (professionally and personally) with some PHP frameworks (Zend, Yii2) and I've done some Full Stacking. I've also done a few personal projects, mainly some apps / scripts that automate daily tasks (with Electron / Node.js, PHP, bash scripting, etc.).

I'm a bodybuilder (competed some years ago and now I'm just working out for fun and for the mind, yep, I'm more focused if I train consistently).

When I'm coding I usually listen to metal. I love bands like Amorphis and Myrath.

This year I want to learn much more. I want to improve my skills in Python and Vue.js. And I want to finally get into GraphQL and React.

I have two questions for you guys. How do you manage to stay motivated to keep coding and to keep evolving, having so many prog. languages / tech nowadays? How do you decide what to learn and when to learn (on personal time obviously)?



Hi... I’m Michel (French name = a guy :p) and I’ve been working for the Canadian government for over 30 years. I’m currently working in .NET Core with the bulk of my work being on the backend, i.e. web service and database, though I’ve been getting acquainted with the web UIs (Typescript, Javascript, React) written by the “kids” and fixing their optimism (errors CAN happen, guys, you have to expect them rather than have the thing blow up in the user’s face! lol)

Do I like listening to music while coding? Damn right. I’ve had a heavy metal music review web site for nearly 20 years now (not sure it’s OK to post the URL, so I won’t) and whether I’m at work or at home, I’m almost always listening to music. My site’s design and tech (bad PHP coding with a MySQL db) dates back many years and I’m s-l-o-w-l-y rewritting the thing in .NET Core and trying to fix the annoyances I’ve created for myself over the years. Using the same technologies at home and at work benefit both.

I got here this morning while looking at articles on Flipboard and there was a cool little React tutorial from someone unsatisfied with the official React tutorial.

That’s all for now. ;)


Hello, I’m Micah. I am a beginner developer that is working on a whole lot of stuff at once. I have lately been dabbling in the Python SDK for the Anki Cozmo. Also been practicing bash scripting, as well as some basic HTML and CSS.
I’ve been coding since I was 10 and just starting a block-based language. I am still slightly active on Scratch (scratch.mit.edu) to build concepts very quickly. I’m also into graphic design.

Glad to be here! 😇


Hello All, My name is Nik.

I restarted my coding journey about 3 months ago. The last time was 14 years ago with HTML, but that didn't last long. I had too many projects going at once and dropped it in favor of another project. This time I started with Python. It went a lot better because python is the starting point for all of my projects now. I view any and all work as some form of a project, compartmentalizing like this helps prevent me from working on several projects at once and giving each one it's deserved attention. This process is something that would have helped 14 years ago.

My coding specialty will be home automation. I've got a long way to go and lots to learn. Deep Learning, Machine Learning, C++, and home web interfaces are on my list at the moment.

I do not listen to music while coding, or much at all, I find it distracting. My family will put it on, and when that happens I just ignore the music and let them enjoy it.



Hi y'all! Number 3 to make it easy.. Yes, listening to music while coding most majority of time. What's playing will depends on the perticular moment, code-project am working on and mood. It could be pure Classical music up to Hard Metal passing by Deep House.

My name is Derek, and I've been programming since 1997. I have started to learn modern web dev technologies ( all js related language ) since 6,7 months now. I've been learning NodeJs, ReactJS, Javascript, Rest API, briefly any tools necessary to qualify as a FullStack Dev.

I just had that nice feeling a couples day's ago where everything just seem's to get in place slowly and easily while coding "js". That's a reward for having persevered when I was most often in the dark and at the foggy land! Just love it. But hey, this is just the tip of the iceberg.. Still got a long way to go.

I've also been doing SEO since early 2000 but have kind of let it got since a year or 2. Still managing Google Ads thought.

Well that's about it. Thanks for reading a say hello. Might see each other around.



Hey you all ! I'm Bob, I work in the Opla spaceship. I'm looking for new agents to accept the challenge, contribute and be part of our delta crew on Github (github.com/Opla/opla). We're the creators of an amazing way of automizing tasks through Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Chatbots, that can be accesible to all types of users without coding skills. We are creating our own NLP tool and we keep developing the software.
I came until here because this project definitely deserves to be known as it has the potential of being a big success.
See you soon!


Hello, my name is Abdul-malik Mustapha, I am a fullstack developer currently focused on frontend and machine learning. I am thinking on writing about CSS Architecture and also some fun stuffs about ML. What do you think? Am so excited to be here


hi everyone. my name is maysam and I'm working on both back-end and front-end frameworks. and I'm here to learn new cool stuffs.
I love heavy music while coding (sometimes) because they increase my adrenaline :D
I'm sure that I'll find new cool friends here and I hope that I can share my own experiences to others.


Hello, my name is Rahul Pandey from India. I am a grails Developer currently working on web-based projects.

As I am currently focused on expanding my knowledge of core Javascript, I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with the community here.


Hi, My name Madhu. I am a JavaScript Developer. I started my career as a Junior FrontEnd Developer around 2 years back. Now i am a cross device developer.

I've been using Vue (MEVN Stack) for almost last 1.5 years and In my current company i am working on Angular (MMAN Stack). I can say Angualr Developer on the day and Vue Developer on night.

I started using this site like few months. I was researching topics related to DevOps. Usually i find articles related to DevOps on a deffirent site. And i came across this community while researching and i fell in love the way the contents was presented. Since then i am using this. Thank you for this great community.

As for the music, yes i always hear music when i put on my coding hat. And music genre i prefer is mostly symphony metal and industrial metal. In my perspective music helps me productive.


Hello, I'm a long-time web-developer from Germany (started web development in 2001 before it was cool ;-)) with a passion for programming languages. I'm a Free Pascal advocate but also really like to play with Ada, Ruby, Lua and Smalltalk (Squeak and Pharo). For my job I'm mostly using PHP, JavaScript and PostgreSQL.

When I'm not at work I try to invest most of my time into my family, playing Magic the Gathering, some rogue-like games, trying (and regulary fail) to master my longboard or practising Karate (Kimura Shukokai Karate).

Beside that I like to listen to Reggae, Jazz and HipHop music and reading historical novels or Science Fiction.


Hi Everyone!

I am Ekwinder, a Backend Developer currently working mainly in a Python based stack and have build web-apps across multiple fields ranging from e-commerce to finance. I am really interested in devOPs and automation as well.

I enjoy hip-hop music and follow football(soccer) religiously.

I found an incredible article which introduced me to this site. Would really love to read and understand different people's viewpoints on the topics I love.


Hi, my name id Denis. Worked for various IT companies for 25+ years. Feel free to check my LinkedIn profile. Several years ago started my journey into Data Science - Predictive, NLP, ML, now AI and NN. Love to create order from chaos, i.e. take dirty data and turn them into tidy dataset :) And then get something useful out of it. Would love to meet new people and share some fun.
PS. I am looking for my BIG IDEA :) Meaning that I want to make some project that would be useful for as many other people as possible. And still looking... There are so many interesting things around...
Cheers :)


Hello, my name is Alex, I am the Founder of AJonP. A community to support all Web Developers.
I am currently making videos for Angular Material Firebase, but the community helps drive what videos we create which is awesome.

It is because of this group that I discovered dev.to, so I am very happy to find a place where I can deliver some (hopefully useful) white papers :)

If you want to drop in and say hello, here are all the ways:
🎥 YouTube: bit.ly/ajonp-youtube-sub
🌎 Site: ajonp.com
📦 GitHub: github.com/ajonpllc
🗞AJ’s Week in Web: bit.ly/aj-week-in-web
💬 Slack: bit.ly/ajonp-slack-invite
🐦 Twitter: bit.ly/ajonp-twitter

If you just want a cool picture of a cat...how about this super cat?
aj super


Hey, I'm Austin. I'm an ASP.NET/C# web developer, working regularly with CRMs as backends. I've been following dev.to for a couple of months now, and finally caved.

I'm trying not go get left behind with everyone I know moving into JS frameworks, so I'm working on a personal project to build a TypeScript music player using AmplitudeJS, then move into converting my otherwise vanilla personal site to a web app. This is directly fighting my free time I usually spend on my music project, but I want to get it done to share my music. If you're into Synthwave/Retrowave or Synthpop, check it out. Fair warning, I don't consider any of this to be "done" :)


Hi all, I'm a React and Rails dev working on building the largest Remote Jobs board possible (it is free to post a job). The site is currently built mostly with Rails using Turbolinks for faster page tranisitions and Stimulus.js as a light JS framework layer, and the admin tools are 100% React. It has been a lot of fun to build and dev.to has been a great resource! Looking forward to being a more active part of the community.


Hello people.

I've been doing professional development for about 7 years now.
My current technical focus is mostly scalable state management in web frontend with redux and I'm enjoy a functional js style with lodash/fp or ramda.
The usual feedback I get that there are benefits, but many don't feel comfortable with these technologies and style.
So my current effort is to have meetings and 1:1 and write documentation and overall work on my I guess leadership and mentoring skills.

See you around


Indian Startups, a 75,000+ member community, is a startup ecosystem & a platform bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and partners throughout across the globe to help nurture, nourish and empower new and growing startups.

We have open source projects oriented towards helping entrepreneurs and startups and are looking to build teams to build the applications.

If you are interested please ping us back and we will be excited to talk to you.


Hello, my name is Steve. I'm a full stack/devops developer currently working on an API that supports two mobile applications. I've worked on a variety of backend stacks in Perl, Java, and Python over the years and frontends from Dojo through to React today.

I listen to a variety of bands typically, but I've been floating around post-punk revival, specifically White Lies and Interpol lately.


Hi all! What a very cool community here that I didn't hear about until today from a colleague of mine. I'm currently a Developer Advocate at Cloudinary and learning Vue.js and starting a community in Seattle of Vue devs soon. I'm excited to network and also learn from everyone! Thank you for having me :)

I am ecstatic to read other peoples blogs/stories, so here I am!



Hellooooo! 👋 My name is Thomas.

I am a student at Canisius College (freshman, Buffalo NY) who is sharpening his web dev skills and learning Swift.

I am a digital media arts major with some interest in minoring in CS.

Right now I am working through Angela Yu's fantastic course on Udemy and working on my website. I also have a podcast where I talk about whatever is interesting to me at the moment, and sometimes I talk with friends.

When I am not following a tutorial/course, I am listening to The Weeknd, electronic, rap, or Phish.

Feel free to message me anywhere on the internet (agentmcbride), I'd love to chat!


I'm a Junior iOS Developer with ambitions to become senior and contribute to Open Source.

I saw my friend had really liked an article on here on how to learn, so I read it. I like the article so decided to have a look around the site. As a developer, I sometimes feel a bit alone, or isolated, so I liked the community and welcoming atmosphere on this site. And so, here I am! Look forward to learning more, contributing and meeting awesome new people! :)


Hello all, I got here in my quest for a lair to scourge for articles meant to help me improve as a developer without having the need to check out another website. So far, I'm loving it.

I'm a poet. So yes, I believe that code is poetry, first encountered WordPress in 2013, first got to know of hypertext preprocessor in 2012 through Uloki script, learned how to read it and manipulate databases with it through the script.

I have multiple personalities in this order; Developer, Poet, Designer. Not multiple personalities disorder.

I spend time now writing, designing websites using WordPress and creating timeless visual identities (Logo) for startups and more. While studying Industrial Chemistry at a university.

I work with ease while listening to either inner silence, an album or a track on loop. I don't do coffee, and my typical sleeping time is 6-9 A.M.

I love; peace of mind and pun.


Hello, I'm Tim Knight, writing on behalf of Click Travel engineering team.

Introducing myself personally, I am the Tech Lead of our Flights team, delivering API connections to enable our business travel platform to offer the best results for our customers. I'm moving from more Software Development focus, writing in Node 6/8, to a more architect and management role, focussing on how I can make development easier for my team.

Click Travel is one the UK's fastest-growing tech companies - committed to improving the business travel experience. We've won awards both for our Technical expertise and for our Platform as a whole.

We use a wide range of AWS tools to support our Platform, primarily basing our new code in Node.Js running on Lambda, with access through API Gateway, but we have code running on Java 8 on EC2 instances, and various Cognito, Redshift, and Athena projects.

We try to keep ourselves at the edge of what AWS can do for us, so we're here both to learn more about how we can use AWS but also give examples of how we use the technology and work as a business in an Agile way.

A fun fact about myself; I'm currently training as a pro-wrestler on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

I personally listen to music whilst coding, I usually have Primordial Radio, playing Rock, Metal and "beyond" on, my personal favourite bands are Parkway Drive and Frank Turner (and the Sleeping Souls).

I also run a "playlist of the week" across the company; we pick a topic which has come up or is tied to the week in question, i.e. this week was based around BAFTAs and Grammys. Each person chooses a song, adds it to one of my public Spotify playlists, and we aim to listen to it on a Thursday so that people in the company can share music taste and introduce each other to new music.

As a sign-off; from this account, you'll see posts from myself, and other engineers, we'll try to end our posts with a signature to let you know which one of us is writing on behalf of Click Travel.

Thanks for reading what turned out to be quite a long post! :)

Tim Knight
Flights - Tech Lead
Click Travel



I am Oscar. I actually registered a while ago. But now I’m writing my first post. We will see how that goes.

I am a Frontend Dev, mostly working with Vue, trying to build stuff that is accessible and I am a bit pedantic about CSS style. I was trained as a graphic designer but got more and more into coding. And now I am not really designing any more, except in my free time.

I do listen to music. Ambient if I need to be really focussed, Rap for getting stuff done I know by heart and sometimes Techno. But at times that just stresses me out, so at the moment it’s mostly Ambient.


Welcome welcome welcome everybody!

If you're interested in a simple first post, consider sharing an interesting repo you've come across and posting in this tag:


Interesting open source repos you've discovered and want to share with the community.

Here's an example:


Hello there you bunch of awesome people!
I'm a RPA developer, so a bit out of place here I suppose. But! I do sometimes like to play around with stuff,mostly C# or good ol' fashioned front end trio of html/css/js (somehow can't stick to one thing though...)
Anyway, I've been visiting Dev.to for quite a while now and finally decided to join !
See ya around!


Hi I’m Gift Egwuenu. I’ve been a member of the community for close to a year now. I remember I joined because I wanted to be close part of developers community and also I was trying to get into technical writing ✍️

Fun fact: I’m a sucker for great pictures I love photography!



I'm Denys Seguret, an OS coder by night, the author of Miaou, a chat mostly used by gamers and coders (10 millions messages on my server) and of broot, a new way to navigate among files and directories on linux.

Also trying to be useful on Stack Overflow when I can find time.

Right now I'm mostly playing with Rust and I came here to see how is the place (I just discovered it on twitter).


👋🏼 Hi I'm a Product Designer that also sometimes calls himself a front-end dev but I usually whisper it as to not offend actual developers.

I currently work at Cornell Tech, which is not located in Ithaca, NY but a (beautiful) new campus in Roosevelt Island, Manhattan.

I am also a member of Civic Hall and am part of civictech.us where I get to "use my powers for good" in creating web apps for community building, civic engagement, and social justice.

I am interested in bridging the gap more between designers and developers.

portfolio: markmalazarte.com
it me: instagram.com/markmalazarte
twt: @markmizzles



Hi... my name is Mary. I am A PHP developer and A Scratch instructor. I also volunteer as A facilitator for some NGO. I am currently working as A web developer intern.

Well, I stumble into this website while trying to read A post someone shared on facebook developer circle group. And I kind of find it interesting.

Also, I studied biochemistry but decided to go into IT. It sound weird though but, I found programming interesting.

Currently I am learning laravel cos of the personal project I am working on and also learning Yii cos of my company based projects.

I like listening to music while coding. But not always.


I am a career long qa analyst learning to code. I’m older and never have coded formally before. I am ready am doing some JS & C# self study. Music I listen to includes jazz standards, Phillip Glass and fellow minimalists, ambient stuff to quiet and facilitate focus.


Hello, my name is Andrew, I am a entrepreneur and Javascript developer currently working on a blockchain-related project. I recently decided to dedicate more time to writing. Hopefully, sharing my experiences will push me to become more active in online communities such as this one :)

I am currently learning more about encrypted distributed filesystems. I also recently started writing a small file-sync cli tool in Rust. It's very challenging, but I am enjoying it a lot!

Cheers 👋


I've been here for a while, but had not introduced myself... so here it is!!

Hello, I am Sal Hernandez. I am a Software Developer that has worked on front-end and back-end projects. I'm currently learning Angular and have worked in the past with React, React-Native, and Node.js.

Recently I've been working hard on a project that uses AutoHotkey and Electron and am enjoying every single challenge it has given me!

To focus properly I use the Pomodoro Technique while listening to instrumentals or film scores(look for Hanz Zimmer's playlist on Spotify).


Hi, I am Prabhakar from Mumbai, India. I am a Front-end developer working at an Investment bank. I enjoy JavaScript, Angular and React.

I am here to expand my knowledge on front-end and software development in general.

Currently, I am exploring functional programming in the front-end space.

Apart from programming, I like table tennis and martial arts (taekwondo).


Found out about this place from my Google News feed. A few of the articles I read were a nice and fresh read so decided to join.

Went to college for video game design. While there learned programming to pick up slack in the team. With in a few weeks was helping the seniors with their projects. Continued to learn and it has almost been 10 years as a self taught programmer. Didn't get a job in video game company, but did as tech support and learned a lot, and doing programming currently as my job. I do hope to some day get in on a gaming project either as a designer or programmer.

Currently in my personal time exploring some different languages such as SmallTalk. Excited about .Net Core so I am taking some time to get familiar with linux desktops. Also very interested in automation and looking for a project to implement DevOps (hoping to do some at my current job).

Thanks for reading.


Hi all, Emeka is my name. I currently understand HTML, css and javascript but trying to perfect my express tutorials and then later learn react.
I'm very passionate about learning and wouldlove any one to point me to where i could lean expressjs professionally.


Hello everyone, my name is Filip!

I started learning JavaScript with small coding background(Java, HTML, CSS) from college. A friend of mine suggested dev.to so I discovered this awesome community!

I am really overwhelmed by all the great people that share their knowledge and experiences here so now half of my coding time everyday goes to learning and coding JavaScript by the book and other half is spent on dev.to!

My first big goal is to make web apps with MEVN stack and I hope that one day I will be able to pay off my debt to the community. 😊

Cheers 👋


What's up everybody?!

My name is Kaleb and I'm an Application Developer for a non-profit international relief organization based out of North Carolina.

My focus is Angular FEs with C# .NET Core BEs. I graduated with a CS degree from Appalachian (App-uh-latch-in) State University in 2015 and started out as a Hardware Technician at the same company in 2014 while finishing up my degree.

I love music and sing and play several instruments including drums, guitar, piano and banjo.

While coding, I'm listening to Flume, Bon Iver, Lord Huron, Julian Baker, Rainbow Kitten Surprise and any other band/artist I'm really digging at the time.

I just wanted to say that I'm really grateful to be a part of this awesome community and I've learned so much from those who have been willing to share their wisdom and insight on this platform.

Keep coding!


I am just starting out on data analysis knowing something about statistics. I am particularly interested in open datasets both in the sense of better taking advantage of them and the politics of deciding which ones need to be open.


Hey everyone! 👋
I am a final year CSE undergrad at IIIT Trichy, India and currently a maintainer of github.com/probot/weekly-digest (Probot by GitHub).

I came across dev.to as they installed my Weekly Digest GitHub app on their repository and thus, I visited their GitHub repository which led me here.

I am currently exploring dev.to and to be honest, I really love this website. I hope soon, I too will start publishing my views and learnings here with every amazing developer here!

I am so happy to meet you all and excited to be a part of this community! 😃


Hello, my name is Don Greenfield. I am a 71-year-old retired IT Professional. Started in the late '60s, punched cards and 401 accounting machines. Went to a fly-by-night school to learn 1401 autocoder. The compiler was on a real-2-real tape unit.

Started programming on an IBM 360 mainframe using assembler language. Coded BTAM relay programs and coded my first on-line program using assembler language for 3270 dumb terminals.

Was fascinated to see something I coded come to life and interact using programmed logic. Wasn't even a relational database. Think it was VSAM. Help re-develop the same system using CICS. Programmed and designed systems for AS/400, UNIX, Oracle Databases and PeopleSoft. Last 15 years spent as a manager but always kept my hands in coding.

Three years before I retired, I took on a project to develop a dynamic online system for a High School Reunion (41 class years). I learn best by applying learning to real projects. Not a lot of time to get it going, so chose a provider that had a web page template system. This allowed me to learn PHP, mysql. added some HTML to modify pages, etc. Added JS, AJAX, and JSON to display on the same page most with php table results.

So now I am trying to teach myself CSS styling, grids and Flexbox so I can completely rebuild the website on a new shared hosting platform.

Any suggestions to tackle CSS, grids would be appreciated. I installed AMPPS on my desktop for learning.


Hello, my name is Adesh, I am a senior .Net Full Stack developer. Past 3 years, I have been working on Front-End development basically on Angular skills. I would love to learn about new things in the programming area.

I am a technical blogger as well and running my blog zeptobook.com. It is just 3-month-old blog website, but it is getting popular day by day. I am happy about that.

Happy bug free day!!!


Hi everyone my name is bee and iam currently in school of software development.iam new here.willing to learn a lot about this field from many of you guys.some things that I may as an individual not be aware of.


Hey everyone!

I decided to create an account on dev.to because I wrote my first (unpublished) blog post on Kotlin! I am doing research on if this is the place I want to post my developer content, or if I should also cross-post to other websites. I'm currently thinking about posting on dev.to, Medium, and my own personal website's blog. What do you think?

I'm learning as much as I can about Kotlin recently and finished the book Kotlin In Action. It applies directly to my job working on Android apps. In regards to projects, I'm working on an app to display a little-known dataset on public and private parks in downtown San Francisco.

I almost always listen to non-vocal music while coding. My latest favorite artist is "The Algorithm". Not only is their artist name relevant, but the music is excellent for getting "in the zone" for programming.



Hello, my name is Hamid Semix, from Uganda, Africa. I am a full-stack mobile and web developer and a framework enthusiast who builds frameworks for almost every project that I lay my hands on because usually the existing ones are either too small or too big for the job.

I program in php, javascript, C#, python, Node.js and learning Kotlin currently.

I like listening to music while coding, usually RnB and slow rock.



I am just a guy who codes for a living. Enjoy complex logic puzzles, learning about physics and astrophysics and taking University courses for fun on edX.org.

Cannot believe I didn't know about this secret society already. Happy I am here.


Hi everyone, Alastair here from the UK 🇬🇧 I’ve been a frontend developer for at least 10 years. Always learning and enjoying my job. Very fond of Vue.js and jamstack architecture. Nothing gets me into coding machine mode like Techno by the likes of Dax J or Rebekah, crazy but it really works for me! Sometimes though, some classical is needed to wind down or change the mood.

Currently I’m consulting and contracting for digital agencies after a long spell of permanent agency work.


Hi! My is LaMount. My friends call me Monty...so lets just go with Monty. I'm an absolute beginner when it comes to web dev. I started dabbling HTML, CSS, js, bootstraps, etc.; you know the front-end stuff and fell in love with it. Would love to make a career change and do it full time. I looked forward to getting to know and learning from you all.


Hello my fellow coders! My name is ScottT. I have been coding since I wa a teenager way back in the 80's. However I havehad no formal training until I decided to go to college at the age of 47. I now have a college degree in computer science at the ripe old age of 50. My goal is to get back into the job market after being away for a few years. I came across this site through a line in a blog post medium.com/@dan_abramov/making-sen... on medium.com. I don't have much of an idea about what this site has on it but it all looks interesting so. If anyone here has any advice on how I can make it to the next level, I want out of the world of mediocrity and into the "world-class' coder status. I just don't know how to get there. Any info would be greatly appreciated.



Hey folks, name's Ilya. My dev path started with analyzing seismic signals with Python (filtering, spectra, correlations, covariations, etc.): my background is in Earth Sciences and Applied Geographic Information Systems. Then I shifted to a more common practice of SaaS, started tech writing, and currently help our brand communicate with English-speaking dev communities.

It happens that from time to time solving product problems results in releasing opensource libs and tools which I believe to have value for the community. Will share those around.

Thinking of interests, these are the ones that occupy my thought more often:

  • Helping non-native English speakers spread their ideas and go for international markets with their products
  • Opensourcing things I worked on as a seismic engineer, not sure if there are many folks around who care about analyzing soils and deriving their resonant frequencies and seismic wave velocities
  • Yay, it's cool I discovered the Soma label's soundcloud stream, here are some vibes from Drafted

Hello friends,

I am Maksim, a Leipzig Area / Germany based Python developer currently working as a research assistant at the HS Merseburg. In prepartion to my PhD I decided to switch my field towards 3D stuff and gamedev. Feels good and strange at the same time to be a newbie of sorts :-)

I'd be glad to share my knowledge and learning a lot from you guys :-)

Happy coding and never forget to encrypt your backups!


P.S. I deeply recommend the sets by musicforprogramming.net


Hello, my name is RB Codes, I am a total newbie to coding and want to start with Python. My background is implementing analytics tools for video/page measurement and QA'ing these solutions.

My day-to-day is working with developers and finding bugs. I love what I do, and I like to identify the root cause of why an event is not firing and digging deeper in the code, with an end result of accurate reporting.

I'm happy to be here and look forward to learning from the pros!

I definitely listen to music when reading JavaScript I have determined focus with classical/instrumental music such as Janine Jansen.

Thank you 👋


Hi, my name is Stephe Coyle. I am an Android Developer.

I started my development career later in life and have been an Android Developer for just over 2 years.

I joined Dev.to because I like reading articles on here and thought it would be a good place to expand my knowledge on Software Development.

I listen to all kinds of music while coding. It all depends on my mood. Lately I have been listening to some game soundtracks.


Morning friends. I just started my coding journey about a month ago and last week, I took the React course at Code Academy. Although I have only been using React for a week, I made my first digital portfolio and hosted it through gitHub pages. I would love to hear what everyone thinks!

Here is my masterpiece: andersjr1984.github.io/portfolio/

I absolutely love React. I want to learn everything about it! Well, I want to start to learn how to make the freaking back button work. Hahahahaha.


Hi all, I'm a new Front End developer living in Barcelona, right now using mostly React and Redux. I really love React and I'm having so much fun coding, I've made a huge career change and I couldn't be happier. Right now I don't listen music while coding but I guess I will get to this point soon. I love punk rock and garage music.


I am from India which has taken a massive step towards serving its billion+ population electronically and digital through Digital India(digitalindia.gov.in) project. On my part, I am faculty preparing my students for digital India opportunity and dividends. My mission is to create awareness about the power and potential of this projects among Indian audiences and also world. This I have been doing with videos (youtube.com/user/dastikop), presentations (slideshare.net/indravi) and tweets (@dastikop ). I run a blog at dastikop.blogspot.in


Hi to everone✌️, I am Ahmet, i am living in Istanbul and i am a iOS Developer.

I am studying Software Engineering in last grade at university and i am working on data science with python in my free time but I have just started. I need to help on this subject.

I am looking forward to sharing my iOS and software experiences with the community here.

And Answer for music question: I like listen to music too much when i writing code and usually beats 1 radio or classic music

Good work to everone👋


Hey, my name is Yovany, I'm a undergraduate computer science student at UFCG and I have been practicing and developing a couple of web applications.

I am passionate about learning and lately I've been interested in Data Science as well as Machine Learning. Hope I can get some nice insights here in Dev

Even discovering new songs everyday, I keep on listening the same songs on and on that I've been listening to over the last 5 to 10 years, and this is reflected in my playlist while I code.



I'm 39 y/o and have been a developer for about 6 years.
This is a second career, after my first one wound up being kind of a let down. (auto technician/professional)

This career is not a let down.
I get to be creative every day, and that makes me really happy and it has given me the financial freedom to live a fantastic life.

I'm currently an open source (LAMP) developer, working on mostly php frameworks.
But I am open to mostly anything should the project demand it.

I currently live in the Baltimore area.

Nice to meet you all!



Hi everyone,
I am Abhishek Sah, a final year undergraduate in computer science and engineering. I love making websites and application which solve some real-world problems.

I love working with Ruby(Rails), JavaScript, C++. I have used to React Native and Rails during my internship at GOJEK, Bangalore.

I love to explore open source. Currently, I am working on the fundamentals of computer science, writing better code and understanding best development and language practices.


Hello everyone, I am Ali, a web developer, always looking for better solution to solve a challenge. For a while I was reading Dev articles, but decided to register and follow up more.
At work, I listen to Bach, more recently to the six cello suits.


Hey guys I'm a student and join Dev in a hope u guys help me during my projects to solve problems. I m starting as a web developer with little knowledge. I hope you guys with me to help everytime 😊.


Hello, my name is Salehin, I am a Java Developer currently working on big data experiences.

As of now, I am currently learning and expanding my knowledge on Golang, really looking forward build up my presence as a developer with the community here.

Regards and cheers!👋


I'm Shaun, I'm a front end developer based in the UK.

I want to say I heard about Dev.to when Ben Halpern was on the Jonathan Cuttrel's podcast Developer Tea a few years back -- but i'm honestly not sure. I've been lurking the DevDiscuss twitter events for a few years and have always found the content interesting and relevant to my own work and career.

Our team is at an interesting junction where we're becoming more decentralised and my role is changing from "just" dev work to having more management and organisational tasks for an internationally distributed team - so I'm looking at the #team and #mentor hashes atm for a steer on how others have approached this. Help? :)

Music - does anyone else just have a single Spotify playlist where they jam all their current obsessions? I've been doing this since about 2008 and have a playlist thats up to about 26 hours.


Hello, everyone

I am a Java and JS/Node developer from China, mainly work on security product based on office365 and Azure.

I found this website have excellent blogs about techs, so glad to join and meet all of your guys.

Love playing computer games, like Civilization series , and also a senior geopolitical lovers. Currently are deep learning MySQL.

A good Chinese verb to you “Plant a tree, the best time is 10 years ago, now is the next".
Learning by making. ahahaha 😄

Cheers. 🍻


Hey All!

My name is Nate and my experience is in webdev and FE for web applications. Today, I work as a Product Manager at Hilton Worldwide, specifically in the digital innovation organization on the "Dreaming" team. Our team's focus is to build an innovative technology platform that can be integrated into our digital experiences so that our users can explore and "dream" to travel the world.

I wanted to join Dev.to because: 1) I love the mission the Dev.to team is chasing; 2) coding is still a hobby of mine and I'm hoping to learn from you all and further improve my competencies. Not only do I believe being involved in this community will make me better as a Product person, but I also hope to one day be a maker!

When I am heads down in work [or code], I always listen to music. I have a Spotify "Zone Out" playlist that is basically a bunch of progressive, technical, and atmospheric metal tracks (all instrumental; no vocals). It's the perfect balance that keeps me focused on my work. One of my favorite artist in that playlist is "Andromida"--highly recommend giving him a listen if you like progressive metal.

Happy coding!


Hello, my name is Ritesh Saini. I'm from India. I'm a blogger and an internet marketer. Currently pursuing MBA from Rajasthan Technical University. I am also a rookie dev and often write on my blog DigitalKube

I love to learn about web programming languages, and that's why hoping to learn a lot from this community.



Hello guys, my name is Ciprian, currently I'm a Javascript Developer, MEAN stack and 1 year experience with React but I started with LAMP stack and transitioned 3 or 4 year ago (can't remembered).

I found out about dev.to from AngelList Weekly and from the looks of it this is a great community.

Yeah I do listen to music when I'm coding but it varies depending on the mood and energy level, from binaural beats, electro house to rap, top 50 etc.

I decided to join hoping I can learn from you guys a lot of cool stuff and also to contribute with my knowledge.

See you around :).


Hey, my name is Elie.

I'm a full stack JS/Elixir/Solidity dev. I currently do freelance work and have run my own startup in the past :)

Just published my first post with some TS tips: medium.com/@eliezer/some-lesser-kn...


Hello peoples,

I am very excited to be actively joining this community. I've been following the dev community (and learned a lot from the articles and posts around) for quite a while now and as a newbie web developer, I've finally decided to 'join in the social game'.

I've been coding for around 1 year now, so I'm pretty green. I know mainly Javascript and related technologies (Angular, node, typescript). I am fairly advanced with JS (I am familiar with design patterns, modules and ES6+ features). I know some PHP and SQL too but I am fresh and need to consolidate all of these. I work for a company where I contribute to a bunch of websites maintenance (both on the front and in the back-end). I have no 'formal' education nor a technical degree, my 'basic' profession is that of translator/interpreter (I am fluent in French and Russian too so chat to me in whichever of those languages) but the market's pretty dead at least where I live and coding seems so much more fun. Besides web development I am interested in several other topics such as machine learning, AI, mobile and desktop apps, advanced algorithms (here's an awesome repo for you: github.com/trekhleb/javascript-alg...). It's not mine but it's super awesome and has good documentation.

I also have my own website and am open to collaborating, but I won't post a link to it yet (mainly because I am re-designing it currently and am not satisfied anymore with how it looks).

I am a huge anime/mange fan and japanese pop/rock songs (so that's my code music) I also love english covers after anime/game themes.

I love to cook and fool around with my 1 year old son.

Nice to meet you all and thanks for having me =).


Hello everyone, my name is Mohammad Ali Barham from Palestine / Jericho City I came here when I found "dev.to" on StackExchange and I really want to make connection with people in my field and share experience, knowledge and (B2B )business to business services since I graduated from Alquds university from computer science department in 2006, I didn't work in a programming company after that and I got stuck in teaching the fundamentals of computer science and IT courses as an IT instructor in local institutions and schools but I've never stopped searching and learning all the new stuff around in the new programming technologies till this moment from front-end to backend development to mobile apps development, I have listened to a lot for mentors, and actually I still want to create my own startup in web and mobile development by outsourcing while I am learning new things which are best technologies to apply in my projects according to any suggestions and advice.

Kind greetings to you all guys,
Mohammad Ali Barham ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


Hello I'm Varun and I oversee and build the backend of a major fintech company based out of India. I got to know about DEV via Ben Halpern on Product Hunt Radio.

I like to read and have a built a decent private library in my room by now. What do I read? Whatever catches my eye - from Sandman to Freakonomics!

I do listen to music while I'm at work (mostly post rock to avoid lyrics), but I'm at my most productive when I work in complete silence.