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Welcome Thread - v17 staff on September 17, 2018

Hey there! Welcome to! Leave a comment below to introduce yourself to the community!✌️ Welcome! Leave a comment below to introduce y... [Read Full]
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Hello everyone,

I'm Victor, an iOS developer from Taiwan, currently working in HK, just want to know more developers all over the world and seems here is the right place to come.

hmmm, just want to say~

hello world!

Victor, Lee Chung Yun


The hello world never gets old! haha, welcome to mate


Great to see you here Victor 👋

May I ask how you found out about


Nice to meet you. I love Taiwan very much and hope to have a trip there. By the way, May I know your which city is your hometown?


I’m from Taipei, but currently working in HK though, but welcome to ping me if you want to ask something about Taiwan or Taipei 😀

Sure I will and I should say that Taipei is a modern city and I like your Mayor. ;).


I'm Matt a Microsoft Server Engineer (mainly network admin) came here as just starting to learn development.
Not sure where to start have a few projects of my own I want to complete hoping people may be able to help offer advice.


Welcome to Matt.

Mind if I ask what make you interest in development?
(_ e.g.)I've seen some who used PowerShell moving to C#_)


Hello everyone!

This is Timi, 30 years old full stack dev girl, working remotely, travelling, living in Spain for a year and a half, but in NYC for 2 months right now. I love building, creating solutions, making life easier with good products.

A lovely article brought me here from my chrome extension, which hit a chord with me as I feel I am at a similar stage.

Besides development, I have a huge interest in architecture (in the brick and mortar way), sustainable development and smart cities. I want to create some mini projects in these fields to create a portfolio and get some insight in these fields.

I am interested to see what can come out of meeting all of you!

Yours truly,


Welcome Timi! I'm honored that my article was your doorway into 🤗🤗

Which stacks/tech do you work with professionally?


Heey :)

I am glad too! :)

I work with react, react native, mobile and frontend stuff, and starting out with php more recently.

I can see you are doing rails. What is your purpose with being a developer?

Hi Timi,

I've freelanced in Wordpress for a few years. I decided to learn to code back in February. As a freelancer, my passion is providing efficiency and workflow solutions to small biz and nonprofits, so I'd like to continue in that vein as a developer 😁


Hi Timi. I went in hard like you did but chicken out towards the end of the first paragraph as it was making me feel like I was having that dream wear suddenly you're at school but naked.

I'm way out of my depth here.


Hi Everyone!

I am a Web developer who loves coding.
I am the newbie here and hope to learn and share new things in programming.

Please feel free to message me. I'd love to hear from you. :)

Ming Lee


Hi Ming,

I'm new here, good to see I'm in good company. What sort of coding are you into? How are you learning these days?




Hi John,

I am sorry to very late response. I was busy so never checked this community. So I missed your message.

I am a full stack Javascript developer, and I joined this community to learn new things. :)

ReactJS and NodeJS are my main stack to build web application out.

Feel free to message me if any question.



Hi everyone!

My name is John, I first became interested in software development in school. I was lucky enough to have a great teacher shout out Professor Phillips (Modesto Junior College).

That was a few years ago, I started working in IT, and was able to do some cool development projects and learn on the job. Mostly doing SQL reporting, and some email automation, with some Front End thrown in the mix. After a few years, someone suggested I learn Web Dev and I loved it. So I started learning on my own through MOOCs and tutorials, and I have been steadily working on improving my skills.

Over the last two years I have taken a few freelance clients and now work on the website and blog site at an IT firm.

I have been mostly working on my own and looking to work with a team on a product in the near future, I like JavaScript, React, Node, and Express, but I also like learning other languages and frameworks.

Visit my portfolio
Twitter me @jbull328
And link me into

I'm looking forward to chatting with you all!



Welcome to, John 👋

Great to see you around.
Let's learn from each other.

I can't seem to connect to btw 🤔...



Great to meet you!

Should be maybe if that doesn't work.

Thanks John for the links.

I was able to works on Chrome doesn't load on FF & Chrome...

Might be due to a VPN I am using.

Yeah, it definitely could be some VPN issues or errors with the way I have my Cloudflare SSL and DNS setup, that is all a little new to me. Glad the first works though.


Hi everyone,

Frontend noob from Hamburg, Germany here. Learning React now after ~ 2 years of jQuery. I was amazed by the number of articles here, even for a relatively specific topic like next.js. Came here from hackernews.

Looking forward to not only learn but contribute here with some posts. Almost everything I learned in frontend development came from blogs and posts like here.

Thank you,


Hey cytel, I'm new here as well. Hope we a have a pleasant time here in


Hi there everyone! :) I'm Tony; a developer from Norway that are just getting into blogging about coding, development and what I am doing as a full stack developer at Sorentio. What I want to do in the future is to get a remote job and keep on evolving as a developer while still having time for my family and crossfit which the flexibility of a remote job will provide me.

I love working in the back-end with databases, apis and the logic that the user don't see while interacting with a piece of software or a website. Clean and testable code is also important to me. Why do it halfway when you can do it proper the first time around? :)

And by no means am I an expert in the field but I'm a firm believer that teaching others will excel my own learning and that's why I am diving slowly into writing articles and blogging about my work/progress :)

Thanks guys :D


Hello All,

I'm Harley and have been developing software professionally for about 20 years in Media, Internet, Video Game, and Financial companies. I've been following the Practical Dev and on twitter but hadn't visited the site before. I was listening to the Software Engineering daily podcast today and was interested by Ben's description of the site and community, so I decided to check it out. I am always looking for ways to increase my personal and my team's productivity and am looking forward to using this as a resource and can hopefully contribute as well.


Hi Harleybl,

Greetings from one SWE Daily listener to another. With your many years of experience, how have things changed over the years? I probably have seen some and first started learning when Jquery was just starting to fall out of favor. But you have probably seen a lot. Any tips for keeping current?




How have things changed... Lots and at the same time not so much. That isn't really a helpful answer. When I started was basically right after the PC revolution and just before the internet 1.0 really took off. Development had shifted from large mainframe development to taking advantage of PC's power, so there was a big emphasis on 2 tier type solutions. With the internet bubble things shifted from 2 tier and fat clients to 3 tier and web clients/thin clients. Following that was an emphasis on doing Service Oriented Architectures which are kind of the pre-cursor to today's cloud computing distributed/micro-service architectures. Its kind of funny because it feels like the pendulum is swinging back towards fat clients first with the rise of Javascript frameworks, mobile applications, and extrapolating that to things like web assembly and edge computing. Well maybe not fat clients in the traditional sense but moving computation closer to the user or device and away from the services.

As far as keeping current I think you are probably already on the right track by listening to SWE Daily and being a part of communities like this one. Apart from that in my professional life I look for opportunities to incorporate new technology and try new things while still accomplishing the goals of the business. If that doesn't fill your appetite I recommend having a side project to work on that allows for more green-field development and experimentation.

In general you have to figure out what are the things that really interest you and stay current on those at a deep level, while having an idea of what else is going on in the industry at a higher level of abstraction. I feel that will keep you flexible enough to be able to solve a wide variety of problems.

In your specific case of JQuery I wouldn't worry too much as I am sure there is still a lot of JQuery out there to be worked on. Some industries are still running Fortran code written in the 70s and 80s. Do I want to work on those systems... well no. My advice here is simple. Don't get good at the things you don't want to do. It's like every time someone gives me a Perl endorsement on LinkedIn I wish they wouldn't have. (Perl is fine if that is what you want to do, I just don't personally enjoy developing in that environment, but then again I haven't used it since the late 90's).

With so many new frameworks and methods popping up every day the hard part is figuring out which ones are worth learning and which don't have a good life span. So I basically take a wait and see attitude while new technologies gather some critical mass before I jump in.

Hopefully this helps.


Thanks for all the great details! So many gems of truth here.



My name is Diana, a senior student at the University of Zagreb studying Computer Science. I follow community for over a year already. It has been a really great source for me to expand my knowledge.
I look forward to meeting people from all over the world and maybe I get a chance for a student internship in some cool company. Also, I would like to write a few posts.


Hello! I'm Archeia (sorry for pseudonym) and I'm just a beginner to programming.

I have a passion to create a desktop mascot that helps cure loneliness even by just a bit. I like reading articles and I hope to learn a lot of things from you all!


It's a nice name, doesn't matter if it's pseudo.


Hi I'm Dorothy,

I wouldn't call myself a dev. I'm not looking for work in the tech industry. I'm just a keen hobbyist. Started learning Haskell today and I write a blog entitled "Grandma Runs Arch Linux".


Hello [x for x in ['', 'World', 'Everyone']]

I am Peeyush, the podcast interview - SE Daily interview with Ben Halpern - brought me here.

I have been a tech-founder for 4 startups since graduation (2009) - 1 failed (no market -, 2 (acquired -,, 1 (going on -

Office snacks I would recommend - chewy nature valley bars.


Very cool Peeyush, I also listened to that episode - SE Daily is great!


Hello All, Glad to be here! I'm learning to program with Flatiron School via their online program. I've attended Codeland twice, where I heard Ben Halpern speak. I also attended Write/Speak/Code where I heard Jess Lee speak. So has definitely been on my radar for a while. Looking forward to learning and sharing in the community.


Hey guys!

I'm an android developer from Switzerland!
I've fallen slowly but surely in love with Kotlin, although I still heavily use Java.
As a kinda zobby I collect good developer jokes. So if you have any to spare please send them my way.
One of my favourites is: Yo mamma is so big she has multidex enabled.


What up my dudes

I'm web developer (junior) from South Africa looking for a place to vent frustration and gain some insights into the world of web dev. Looking to become a full stack web dev and then jump over into some data analytics in the not so distant future.

peace out



Hello everyone!

I'm Xavier, currently trying to change my professional life learning to code.
I hope to stay here for a while, learning from all and sharing my journey.

I have tried some popular learning platforms: codecademy, treehouse, freecodecamp, udemy…

Text editor based learning sites give me the feeling of making progress, with quick wins challenges, but after a couple of weeks, I feel like I can`t remember almost anyhthing…

Video based learning is too boring for me, too slow.

Time goes on and on, and I haven't build almost anything on my own (except a dozen of WordPress sites).

But...I am confident I will get it at some point.

This time my approach will be different. Just building things, learning 'just in time' and joining some community like

By the way I hope to be hired remotely and/or find a cofounder for a side project.

Sorry for lenght, that is almost a post!



Hello World! 👋

I am Sam, a freelance full stack developer. I have been building applications professionally for over 10 years.

I just learned about on the Indie Hackers podcast 😲

Drop me a message if you need any help, I'm here to try to give back to the community as much as I can.

Have a great day


HI All,

Looking forward to some great articles here.

By the way, how do I save/bookmark an article I'm currently viewing? I don't see the save button unless I do a search and see save on the results items but I can't find a bookmark for the current article. i.e. some site links to the article and I want to add to my reading list for later



The like/unicorn/reading list buttons are pinned to the bottom of the window down there


Hi everyone! My name is Amanda and i'm still relatively new to code (a year I've been doing this) I am switching my blog over to here. Looking forward to making connections :D

I am in a course for Full Stack - so i really like all, but feel more comfortable in back end.

snacks would have to be....popcorn!

i love video games and bad reality tv- anyone else?!


Great to have you here.
How is it going with #100daysofcode and Coding bootcamp by Flatrion School?Maybe you can share your journey in some posts and we all can benefit from that.
Good luck!


hi there! thank you for responding to my welcome :)!!!!! i only started 100 days of code around 69 days ago, i've been in the bootcamp for over a year...and with my posts i hope to explain my stories ! i have a few posts that i'm going to import right now and then continue to write on here.


Hello World,

I'm Jan from Philippines, I was just searching the web on how to eliminate the boring feeling if you keep on working on a single JS Framework over and over again. Then I read @marluanguerrero blog about Vanilla Javascript.

Hope I'll be able to learn more from you guys!



Someone I know referred me to, and I decided I should join. I am not yet a developer or in the industry; I am actually a full-time attorney. That being said, there are some things I want to program, to materialize some of my thoughts and ideas into, and I hope being here will help me hone in my skills to help me realize those thoughts of mine into reality.


👋 Welcome INTP Panda to

Great to see someone in a different field of profession to be interested in programming.

& Please feel free to ask any questions 😀 (either by replying to a post or writing a post).


Thank you! I certainly will. I'm already reading so much and getting a lot of information!

If you happened to know any developers at your work,
I am sure they'd more than love 😍 to help you out, as well.


My name is Owen. I'm a developer from Ireland. I just read about on github and it seemed like a great place to interact and learn from other developers so I thought I join and check it out :)


Hello all,

I'm Bertrand (Bart is my US friendly name!). New developer and new on I heard a lot of great stuff about the community here.
I recently finished a bootcamp and now want to meet mind alike people and keep on learning!


Welcome to the community! Perhaps make a post about your experience and learning on the bootcamp you've just finished? That'll make a good first post!


Great idea, I wanted to do something like that indeed. I do have some stuff to say about that!
I am also trying to develop a few habits around coding. I'll discuss about that too :)


My name's Tsubasa and I'm Japanese.

I've learned the foundations of Ruby, so I learn to develop with Ruby on Rails everyday and study also English!

In short I'm newbie.

That's why I've joined here to write articles in English about what I learned.
If there's a mistake anywhere in articles I'll write, please point me out that!


welcome tsubasa! if your looking to learn how to be a better developer and your looking to do it in english, your in the right place. I have yet to find another community for devs that is moderated so well and so free of trolling. Hope you like it!

Thank you 🙏
I hope hare's the right place for me.


Hello everyone! I am a newbie on front-end development, leart via freecodecamp, udacity, codecademy etc... for nearly two years and finally get a front-end development job few months ago. Glad to join here and know more about development! :)



Hello DevTeam,

I am working with landscape restoration monitoring team at WRI.
We have been desperately looking for higher resolution satellite imagery to map landcover of few districts in Africa and Latin America. We have some good data Collected on Google Earth by local operators. The challenge is that the best available imagery (open source) is still Sentinel-2, only 10m resolution.

I am so excited to here that Microsoft & ESRI developed a model to produce 1m resolution landcover map for Chesapeake region. The lack of high resolution landcover maps is a big problem, especially in many developing countries.

Is it possible to access the model, to test with the training data we have from some African landscapes?
Do you have access to 1m resolution imagery for some African countries, e.g. Ethiopia?

Unlike deforestation, restoration requires tracking of very minute improvements in vegetation, soils, and moisture/hydrology as well as biodiversity for long term. To make matters worse, we need to scale this to 100 of millions global drylands. AI for Earth innovation is right on this problem.

Thank you,
Tesfay Woldemariam


I am Ajinkya. Don't ask me technology, I have worked on many technologies.. mostly web related. I have joined this for some fresh content. I hope I'll get a good blogs and information.



I'm Dino from Croatia. I've been working as web dev for 6 years. Just stumbled on this site by accident and loving it. Python/Django & VueJS is my tech of choice, learning GO lang as I go.

I like apples! To answer the snack question. 🙂

Greetings to all. 👋


Hi guys,

Sorin here, I'm a web developer, I've been working a lot with WordPress in the past years, but recently I got more into Laravel for the backend and ReactJS for the frontend.

I really like to read stories from the other developers and that's probably the main reason for my presence here.

Of course, I have to say the traditional...

echo "Hello World";



Hi everyone! 🙋‍♂️

I'm Kosta, a Java Software Engineer from southern Germany.
I've been following @thepracticaldev on Twitter for some time and (finally) decided to join in the fun over here too.

Currently I'm working on a few Flutter apps (private and @work) while practicing Dart.

Cheers 👋


Hey everyone! I'm John, a Full Stack developer interning at American Airlines and going to school for Business Technology at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Node is my forte, but I'm also fairly skilled in Java and a handful of other languages. I'm a part of a consulting firm with some friends, making websites and apps for smaller businesses in the area.

I'm also a part of a couple of podcasts, one that I host myself. Those will be launching in a couple of months.

The first one, Unpaid, launches on November 16th, check it out!

Instagram: @john_kahn2

Unpaid Logo


Hi, John! Welcome to DEV!

The UNPAID podcast is an interesting idea. I'm not entirely sure about the "self-made, no bullsh*t" part — isn't a career made of people helping us out and us helping out other people? Interested to see what's in there, though.


Hey Florimond! Thanks for the warm welcome.

I couldn't agree more about helping others out. It's an integral part of how many of our guests are where they are. They received and gave help throughout their careers to where they are now.

The slogan was just put there as a way of saying that they had the perseverance to keep pushing and pushing. We are hoping that it can be a podcast that inspires others to keep pushing through all the hard times that we inevitably all face.


Hi There,

I'm Itu, Java developer from South Africa. I look forward to being part of the community and learning a lot from everyone. SOmeone posted a link to, so I thought i'd check it out :) I like what I see...


Hi everyone,
I'm Pelumi. I studied Environmental Engineering in school and I've been practicing professionally. However, during my undergraduate days, I learned WordPress and became proficient in using it, especially Divi builder (eventually turned this to a gig on Fiverr). I've always wanted to code, learned HTML and CSS also (using Jon Duckett's book), but anytime I see JavaScript syntax, I'm like wow...I'll never know However, recently, I've decided to confront my fears and learn web development fully. I've been taking some Udemy courses (Colt Steele, Andrei Neaogoie, to mention a few), FCC, and also getting answers from resources such as MDN, Stack overflow and GitHub. I don't know where this path will take me, but I feel happy and fulfilled every time I sit down to learn new things even though it might take me hours to grab a concept...the important thing is everything is becoming familiar gradually. I'm here to learn, benefit from everyone and also to use their stories as motivation to continue on this path. I hope to call myself a developer and a programmer too someday:).


Hello everyone,

I'm Jules, a software developper from Guinea, currently working as software developper at Dn-Tech a Tech company in Guinea

Just found in my search and was't be able to go away for here because of great articles a found on this site just want to say Thanks to theirs Authors

And Hello World to everyone

Jules Thea
From Guinea Conakry


Hi everyone!

My name is Natalie. I have worked professionally as a QA Engineer for several years but I've returned to my first love and am doing freelance web design & development.

I found my way here via Ali Spittel's great article about public speaking: as I am looking to start giving talks and I found her tips very useful!

I'm also learning react right now and playing with some js animation libraries like

Looking forward to connecting, learning, and sharing!


Hello World!

My name is Kelly, I'm a Mainframe Programmer by day, Web and Game developer by night, and I live in New Jersey.

I am currently working on learning more Javascript tools. I am looking for my dream job as a remote Javascript developer.

Favorite office snack? Just give me some good coffee and I'm good to go!


Hello Guys,

I'm Jubert, a .NET developer from the Philippines. I have been following you guys for a while in Facebook, and it has taken a great interest for me to register in this site.

I have been a developer for 15 years now. And still my eagerness to learn more has not faded. I hope i can learn more and contribute to you guys. :)

Hope to hear more from you guys soon.



Hi Jubert! Welcome to! I look forward to seeing your posts and comments :)

Let me know if you have any questions or if you need anything!


Haha. Nice to be here. I'm Mis Cat, a novice to react( I have learned react, redux, and react-router). I found here by the link of official website. And, as my nickname says, I love cat, and I have three nice cats.


Greetings! 🖖

TLDR: I'm Morten, trying to dev again, occasionally do some writing.

My name is Morten from Norway. I'm a father and husband, and I work as a technical advisor, technical project lead and sysop in my day job. I've been coding almost as long as I've had access to computers, but about 12 years ago circumstances led me astray from coding and landed me with both feet in sysops.

Been working with code on my spare time and have squeezed in as many tools and mini projects at my day job as I have been able, but it is still not a dev job.

On my spare time, when I'm not coding, I've been doing some writing on my own blog, on contract and on Medium. Most of my blog is republished to Medium for greater reach and exploratory monetisation, but I haven't the time between job or family, nor the dev skills, to really build a following one could possibly live off of on Medium, podcasts, selling lessons etc.

Stumbled upon this site through some tutorial articles and liked the format. Seems like a great place to share and discuss ideas, share what little I know for others to hopefully learn from and build a friendly network.

Looking forward to seeing you all around!



Hello everyone!
My name is Léo, I'm a French student. I discovered computers and programming when I was 7, fell in love with it, and never stopped it.

I think I discovered this website thanks to twitter. Since this day, I visit on very often. I love it because it is easy to see awesome tips and discover new practices.

Léo P.


Hi Community,

I'm Paula, a career changer from biobehavioral research to coding. Live in NYC. Currently in Flatiron School's online full stack web dev program. Did some IT end user support back when paying my way through graduate school, but pretty new to coding!

The wonderful surprise in joining the coding ecosystem has been learning how communal a community it is! Great to meet you!



Hello My name is Peter, it's nice to know about this community.
I studied electronics, if you need help w/ it, just tell me.
I'm a begginer in dev, but want to learn.
I want to dev a mobile app for educational electronis labs.

  1. I recommend Doritos.

Hey guys, I am from China mainland, as a web developer, I am very glad to meet you on dev. I found dev when i am searching react tech on Google, and it just came out. This website style looks very classic and nostalgic, but I like it. Tea and chips are my favorite stuff when I am working in the office.


Hi everyone!

We are BLAKIT, the company, founded by three developers Alexander Korolchuk, Artem Korolchuk, and Vital Ozierski.

We create iOS and Android apps, websites, web applications, and complex software. We enjoy the process of developing tech solutions, studying new technologies, sharing expertise, and exchanging opinions.)

Our company is located in Belarus, a small country but famous for its mentality, IT specialists, and popular products like World of Tanks, MapsMe, MSQRD, Flo, Viber, My Coach which were invented there.

We chose this website as we are said by our friends that the community here is very friendly and as passionate about programming as we are.)

Maybe, it’s quite unusual to be registered on behalf of the company, not people, but we can’t say that we love a too formal approach.))

In our blog on, our team members will publish interesting information related to the latest news, technology trends, useful developments and recommendations, and much more.

Hope, we’ll become a great part of this amazing community by providing good content!

Warm regards,


Hello DEVs,

I'm Giteshwar, an undergrad from India and just started with web development. My journey started(5 years ago), when I joined this month long summer session on C and C++ just after the high school, which opened a whole new world to me.

I love mathematics, and this is one of the reasons I got interested in computer programming. Because of all the things I can do with computers.

So basically, I'm noob to this development business but I'll catch up soon :)



Hello I'm Dan Garland,

I'm a web developer, teacher, mentor and founder from the UK. I have been in tech for 15 years and love making apps for startups, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Ruby. I've recently got into dapps as a Solidity developer, and am learning Go.

Fun fact: I have played live at Glastonbury festival!

I'm looking for opportunities to get into lead developer / CTO roles with startups. I have more about my background at

I'm creating online coding courses as my current side project, so if you are learning to code do come visit me at and I'd be glad to help in any way that I can.

Office snack has got to be cottage cheese. It's high protein and low carbs and very tasty. You're welcome!


Good Morning everyone,

I'm Mac, web-developer from UK. Running my own business as a development agency here in Manchester.
Came to learn what's new and trending, hoping to stay for a little while :)

Thanks, see you around.


Hi folks,

I‘m Matti from Austria. I‘m a Java developer (mostly SAP hybris).

Currently I‘m trying to build my own little java ORM application framework (head over to if you want to know more about it).
I‘m here because I got an invite and it looked kinda nice 😅


Hi there! I'm Dana, am super shy and am fighting to come out of my quiet shell. After spending a long time as a pharmacy tech and also in customer service, I'm aiming to make friends and create an inclusive space for learning, fun, and productivity!!

Oh and I like outer space, cats, and crocheting. Tell me about yourselves!!!




My name is Frederik and I'm a Belgian post-graduate student in AI.

I decided to join after having read several high-quality articles (as it was over several months I don't remember which ones).

As my education suggests I'm into AI, however, my major specialization is probably still in programming (because of my CS background).

Most of my time on will probably be reading articles from others, though I would love to write some articles myself in the future. I would also like to get into contributing on open source projects, so if you know of something new and interesting out there you can hit me up (check my profile to figure out what I'm interested in).

Yours truly,



Hello, I'm Dirk Levinus Nicolaas from Indonesia.
I am nobody, I just want to know about javascript, which is so powerful that web pages can do anything.
I just started learning after this age is almost advanced, just spending old age.
But the more learning the more confused, because of the many libraries, frameworks or whatever the names like require and define are increasingly dominating, so they lose the basics of javascript itself.
for example, I found that in the Github program it was good but only with a line of $ (function (.. blah ... blah ... blah, I was forced to include jquery because it contained one word .attr (...).
Because I only study as a hobby, I just try to learn pure javascript, because if you want to learn the library and framework, it only takes time, even though this age is already advanced.
It turns out that only with pure javascript, we can create our own library and framework ...
Your opinion?...

Keywords: "I don't like Framework, library or Require and define"


but why you should invent a wheel? reuse existing stuff and build ideas, not frameworks which exists :|


Oh sorry, actually I don't understand about the meaning of framework or library, what I know is that frameworks are like React, Vue or typescript and others ... and libraries are collections of functions like Underscore, jquery and others.
I'm sorry if I'm still blind in this discussion, but I really want to find out a lot about pure javascript that can empower html pages.
If I research Google that is very well known, it turns out that it relies on pure JavaScript for the client side, but the way to access the resources is rather complicated and spread across several sites.

Actually I want to study,


Hello World!

My name is Joshua, Computer Engineering student at Middle East Technical University, North Cyprus Campus. I love to learn from experts and people ahead of me in the field I am entering so here I am.

I am particularly interested in the IoT field and Networks and Security, so Hopefully I'll learn a lot on here and get to interact with more experienced fellow computer lovers. From programming languages to all sorts of computer related possibilities.

With love,
Joshua Daniel Mukiibi(pronounced Muchiibi)


Hi all,

I'm Will and I live in Sydney.

I saw this website pop up while checking out #hacktoberfest on Twitter. I've been a developer for a while, and enjoy collaborating on open source projects.

I also enjoy teaching web development, so if you need a hand with your project or learning, let me know.



This is Karthik! I am a Software Developer, currently building analytics dashboards for a recruitment company.

Feeling great to join this community and looking forward to get along with lots of dev people!

Feel free to bring up any topic/ question to me that requires discussion! No strings attached!


i'm really afraid to say anything here. didnt like the idea of the notification i got. Anyways, i believe you won't kick my ass out here cos i dont think i im a developer yet i'm just a newbie in the world of web development and i found this site why i was lost in a digital ocean


welcome :D less fear and more action please


Hi all,
My name is Djala / from Nederlands.
Just finished my courses / Html, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.
Ready to learn some more.
My background is Network engineer at Verizon / Cisco.
My plan is within 6 months to upgrade my coding skills and get a job as a front-end Web developer. I'm here to join DEV community and share coding knowledge.


Hello All,

I'm Laurence, a Creative Technologist working out of the Hardford, CT area.

I'm the lead UI/UX developer at an insurance company, but when I'm not doing that, I'm drawing, painting, building furniture, building computers, learning functional programing, gaming, writing webVR/webXR, editing video, and dabbling with music and sound.

I'm here to share some of my strange ideas and experiments, and help out (or get help) where I can.



hi all! I'm Cody Django, head of engineering at a innovation startup for the architecture, engineering and construction industry. Our team is based in Vancouver Canada and focused on AR/VR, rapid product iteration and CI/CD pipeline development. Our most popular office snacks are bananas, dried seaweed and Pocky, ha!


Hello everone,

I'm Mohamed Shedo, a Software Developer with experience in Game Development with Unity3D and new to Web Development. I started to work now as backend Nodejs Developer and aiming to be full stack developer. Just want to know more developers and enhance my skills with you.


Hey guys,

I'm just sayin hi!

I'm in the SF Bay Area, and I found my way here through the podcast.

Besides beer and programming, I'm into history and learning design & UX.

I've built, an IMDB for everything and not just movies; and I'm working on more stuff I hope to release this year.

In terms of my tools, I started with Java, worked a lot with Ruby & Python, but now I've transitioned to Typescript.

Looking forward to having a conversation with everyone



Welcome, Brian! Do you have a favorite beer? I'm finishing up some work right now and will likely crack open an Oberon Pale Ale soon.


Hello Everyone,

I'm Connor, a recent soft.eng graduate. I'm currently studying a Masters in Humam-Computer Interaction. This seems like a really friendly place. Just wanted to connect with other developers like myself and engage with some cool people.

Connor :)


Hi there,

I'm David, living in Shenzhen, China and working for a logistics company.
Here I'm mainly doing automation / bigdata with Talend (Java Based ETL).
Developing api webapp also with a PHP/JS stack to simplify the way we access warehouse's data. Because yea, logistics companies are still using IBM OS400 / DB2 stuff.

This community seems super fun and based on knowledge sharing, i'm glad to be part of

Looking forward to learn from all of you. And more about product development !

My simple website :

Cheers !


Hey everyone,

I'm Sheldon, my friends call my Shelly. I am a boardgaming, arrow flinging, jazz playing guru with a pretty big giraffe obsession. Have always been drawn to coding as I really like to create things and see those build errors get out of control

I realized that I have been a silent observer and not getting too involved in the coding community and so have started trying to contribute back! I am currently in a back-end web developer role but have been exposed to a whole bunch of different roles (I particularly enjoyed doing mobile dev with Xamarin)

You should start seeing some more activity from me on here as well as my personal websites:

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn:

What office snack would I recommend?
Grapes - From my experience of playing super long board game sessions, grapes always taste good and don't give you the guilt of other foods.




Hi everyone
My name is Eugene or, if less formal, then Zhenya.
I'm JavaScript developer from Russia.
A year ago I came to the frontend development from the database development.
I had a desire and interest in web development for a long time before I came to the frontend.



I came to check out the community after listening to the recent Indie Hackers podcast with Ben about Loving what I see so far and looking forward to writing more articles about Python soon!



I'm Gina. I'm a social media and marketing manager who is also low-key front-end web master in a pinch (unofficial title), but skills are a bit lacking. Found my way here via resource in Udacity's Front End Web Developer nanodegree slack channel. Trying to wade into the deeper side of the dev pool (can't stay stuck at HTML forever... I'm surprised I survived this long tbh).



Hi Everyone,

I'm Vyshak. I live and work in Boston, MA. I am a .Net developer. I found out about on GitHub. It is really cool to know that the community embraces Open Source and it is something that I have grown to love. I've been an active reader, hoping to contribute more to the community in the coming days :).

  • Vyshak

Hello everyone,

I'm Phill. I have been in the software industry for 30-odd years, writing C for most of that time, but played around with more modern languages like Python, Go and Scala. The one key thing that I have learnt from being in the industry for so long is that maintainability is absolutely key, and for code to be maintainable it must be easily understood. I'm evangelising this in the company I work for. Don't let it be said that older developers have nothing to offer - I feel at the top of my game!



Hello all! I’m a student at Flat Iron School working on my final project in React with a Rails back end. I currently live in Rochester NY but I got here by way of Albuquerque and LA - originally from Calgary


Hi everyone!

I'm Shing. I'm a recent coding bootcamp graduate. I didn't come from a traditional CS background, which means I still have plenty of things to learn. I have a couple projects up(its on my profile), so feel free check it out. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated, in fact go ham with the feedback. I'd love to learn from ya'll and contribute to this community.

Cheers! 🍻


Hello!I'm Abdellah from Cameroon. I'm a student of software engineering. I love development and I hope to get help here.I heard about from software engineering daily podcast by Ben Halpern.


Hey there, I am recent graduate from Kenya and a PHP developer. Laravel + Vue are my to go to frameworks. I am also interested in Golang & Python.

Most of my questions/curiosities kept being answered through posts and here I am.

Recommended office snack: Chevda


Hi everyone 👋

I have been following the twitter and reading posts here for a little while now and finally decided to make an account.

I am Glenn, 24 years old and from Belgium 😎I work at Appwise, we build custom native apps for clients. I am actually a consultant currently and work full time for a client and work on their projects and assist them with my expertise whenever possible.

In my freetime I mostly work in PHP and JS (web development). I am always wanting to learn new things (if I have the time for it), I am willing to look into Vue.js for a while now and probably will rebuild an old bootstrap website.

I have never been into blogging myself before but lately I have been wanting to try it out more and more so maybe soon you guys will see my first blog post ever.

I am very happy to join this community with great people and lots of information and experience.


Hi there,

I'm René, a Software Engineer at Frontify in Switzerland. Since I got here the second time already today (via different channels), signing up makes kind of sense.

Looking forward to continue growing as an engineer :-)



Hi Guys Neetish here, I am subscribed to the news letter of News and one of the article was "Javascrip Standardization- Interview with Jory Burson" and it brought me here and then I started reading many cool posts one by one and thought this place is cool to hang around.

I am doing Full stack development, For side learning right now I am just going through my old college math syllabus again. Recently I got the realization that I never actually studied Math but just passed those subjects.

Regarding office snacks I would prefer fresh fruits and juices. Also occasional chicken nuggets would be awesome.


Hi everyone

I'm David, a javascript developer. Somehow i ended up here while i was reading some tech posts . Currently i'm learning stuff about web development and i hope to build my portfolio soon. It's great to see that there is such a page. Hope to learn and have fun with everyone!



Hello DEV world!

I am a Rails developer and Linux enthusiast, I ended here because I was reading the comments in a tweet about some ugly code found in medical software, did you read it?




Hello devs,
I'm Riccardo from Italy and I'm also the CTO of
I love application design, I'm keen on microservices and I'm a big supporter of clean code.

I came here to share my secrets and be contaminated by yours :)

👋 Cheers!


Howdy everyone!

Delighted to have found you, I'm hoping I can help out and contribute to the discussion.

I'm working full time as a Product Manager/Owner but I also like to build my own websites and web apps in my spare time.

I'd love to build something that can make some money on the side, and possibly even replace my salaried job. But for now I'm focusing on keeping it light and fun, and to continue learning new cool stuff.

My latest app that I'm really enjoying working on is It's a web app that lets developers and programmers build a good-looking portfolio site using their Github repositories as projects.

Would love some feedback on the idea, as well as any thoughts you have on the business proposition. At the moment I'm not sure if there's enough of a market in it but I'm still feeling it out..



Hey there.

For a long time I didn't know that there is such a community behind this page. I only followed the twitter account. ;)
Now I'm here and hopefully write much.

About me: I'm Web Dev for mainly TYPO3, writing PHP and - if I have to - JavaScript. Other things I love is GitLab and the possibilities with it.


Hi everyone

I'm Dani, 40 years old, married, living in Zurich. I like TDD, Clean Code, SOLID and I'm delighted to recently got across with Simon Brown's C4 Model of Software Architecture. Happy to be hear :-)


Hello everyone!

I'm Sébastien, a belgian guy living in Madrid. I've been developing software since 2001... can't believe it's been that long already! :)
I'll be starting a new position in October, 100% remote... a new experience for sure! Happy to meet remoter from around the world...



Hi there, I'm Amr, an Egyptian developer.
I wrote some web apps using my own custom mini PHP CMS atop of a tiny framework of mine.
During the military service, I wrote a medium-sized WPF desktop application using .Net framework with no background of C# nor even an Internet connection and with a very few resources (Just two books) xD
After that I went to Python seeking a fast road to ML but found that it requires much time.
Now I'm digging deeper in Python to gain good experience so that I can hopefully get a job soon.



I Raghuram, from India. I'm currently working on my PhD, for which I frequently use C and python for data processing. I've also written a few web based bots for some browser based games, so programming is my main hobby for the last year at least. I know a little bit of javascript and c# as well. I came to know about this group through Facebook feeds and I find the posts are really informative. That's just a short introduction about myself.

Have a nice day!


Hey there, Jesus is My Lord and savior. Laravel + Vue are my to go to frameworks - as you have guessed it I am predominantly a PHP developer who is also interested in:
Javascript - for the front-end web,
Python - for statistics,
Java - for Android,
Golang - for kicks

Most of my questions/curiosities kept being answered through posts and here I am.

Recommended office snack: Chevda


Hi everyone,

I've been lurking throughout DEV.TO for quite some time now, and I've decided to join :)
As for an office snack, always have be in office with people who will share a cake on the birthday


Hello everyone!

I'm Marifer from Spain. I am a full-stack developer and a student of computer science.

I hope to learn from all of you and also share new experiences with you.

My mother tongue is Spanish, in case you see any flaws, I am working to improve my English.

Please feel free to send me a message. I would love to hear from you. :)

I can't wait to chat with all of you!


Hello, I’m Emily. I’m a film editor turned frontend developer Based in Berlin. Fact: I made my first website in 1998 and it was located in EnchantedForest in Geocities.


Hello Everyone!

I am Dinesh,
Java developer from India,
looking forward to learn from all of you,
I come to know about from a nice article by Klaudia
so thought to signup and bookmark it.



Hello everyone!

I started programming in school several years ago, in Python, initially. I then started working in C# and got my first work experience placement as a C# developer! I've actually been back to that same company to continue my experience in my summer breaks from university!

I'm studying Mathematics and Computer Science, using Python for numerical analysis in my maths work, and I leant Java and C in my first year at university.

I've been reading on for many months now, and I hope I can start go contribute some of my experience soon.



Hi there, I'm Fran, I'm a backend developer, mostly java and a passionate about monitoring and metrics. I'm been here for a while reading and learning. The reason that push me to write here is because I was wondering why are so much more related post with frontend than for backend.

And also I want to learn the basics about JavaScript frameworks and go on from that. At my work the frontend team is going to redo the client from scratch, in react, and I feel is a good opportunity to jump in.


Hi all I'm a software engineer in the UK trying to broaden my horizons and learn more from awesome communities


Hi Everyone! I'm living in the greater Philadelphia area in the Flatiron School's full stack web development bootcamp, making the transition from documentary filmmaker to junior dev. My wonderful friends in Val's Coaching Crew introduced me to this site!

No office snack scape is complete without hummus & carrots.


Hey! Everyone!

I'm Dmitry, the Ruby Backend Developer at Amplifr. I am gonna to share the knowledge I've got from doing my job!
Also want to keep track of modern web-development and discuss the stuff.

I've already wrote some articles, please take a look:

Thank you. Glad to join and took the part of community :)



I am not a huge fan of online communities but recently I was listening to podcast about and since I am currently trying to help beginners start their career path in IT - I decided to join.

About me - I feel that I can create anything, any project from ground to up :D


Hello, my name is Jorge Ossa, i'm from Medellín - Colombia.
what treasure i finding here!! i hope learn a lot for Javascript, html, css, react and all about necessary to become a Frontend developer.


Hello Everyone,
I'm Rahat, a Laravel developer from Bangladesh.I am that guy from college who was always afraid of rockstar coders in college. I believed in so many myths about them, like they know everything, write bug free code always,I am the only one who forget syntax and feel a strong urge to google it,I did it last week why I can't do it today(pretty stupid ,huh?).
This blog helped me to know about devs all over the world. How they think, how they work,most importantly how they learn new things."Explain like I am five" is so good I never miss it even if it's not related to my stack.

Please post more new blogs about Laravel and Web.



Hi, everyone,

My name is Ulises, an developer in development or tryng to learn how to code, I like to work with databases, and came here reading a post about lambda and Api gateway from Adnan Rahic (, since are into my interest to learn, I hope to learn someting meanwhile I do some practice.



(in Dr. Nick's voice) Hi, everybody!

My name is Ting and I'm from London. This year I graduated with a Computer Science degree and I'm currently working towards a graduate scheme in software development. I recently discovered DEV and it's the first community I feel comfortable being a part of so thank you!

Not necessarily a fun fact about me (probably more of a silly one) but I enjoy making puns with my name and had to try hard not to when creating my own website. If you have some free time, I would very much appreciate it if you could provide me with some feedback. It just works as an informal CV for now. Thank you so much in advance!


Hello DEV community,

My name is Ben... And, I am a techaholic.

Admittance is the first step, right? ;) I am also a senior web developer, graphic designer, and photographer for the past 15+ years. I primarily focus on custom web development and linux server deployment/security.

I occasionally read some articles here, and thought it may be about time to create myself a login and jump into some discussions. Hope everyone is having a good day/week so far!


Hi I'm Matt from central Iowa (USA). Finished college a couple years ago, currently doing data entry for an insurance company. My goal is to meet people and learn programming as a hobby and perhaps professionally some day. I met someone at a Python/R MeetUp who showed me

I listen to podcasts all day at work such as Coding Blocks, Beers with Talos, Darknet Diaries, Cyberwire, 6 Figure Developer, Software Engineering Daily, The Bike Shed, etc. and other non-tech ones for fun. I subscribed to Pluralsight and just heard about Exercism today as another learning resource.

I'm working on my first program right now - a Python web scraper that downloads the Packt free book of the day.


Hey everyone,

I'm Olumide, a JavaScript developer (MEVN stack) from Nigeria. I currently work as a freelancer, and lead a couple of dev communities in my neighborhood.

I've been following for almost a year, reading articles and posts, but never signed up. I have learned a lot all these while.

I am eager to keep learning from you all subsequently too.



Hello Everyone,
I am Geshan Manandhar, working as a Senior software engineer at THE ICONIC in Sydney. I have been blogging since years. I would like to contribute some posts to this brilliant blog too. Thanks!


Hi all,

This is Jacint, solutions dev on day job and bug bounty hunter night time. Thinking of ways to take bug bounty hunting to the next level, specially how automation can be leveraged for quick results, hence got to this website.



Hi! 😳
I'm Anastasia. In a half year will graduate from university (I hope so) as a programmer. But I haven't find myself in IT yet.
Now I'm interested in Python and trying to use it for resolving some university tasks.
Thanks to codecademy I found some interesting articles here and joined your cool community!
Hope that one day I could be useful like articles authors here...


Hello everyone! Hope you are having a really nice day!

I am a 24 years old and a CS Grad from Pakistan, working as an ROR Dev since 2016. However, the person inside me wants to learn JS and likes React a lot, so I am learning React Native these days again after a four-month rigorous attempt when RN was at 0.36.

Looking forward to know and learn more about fellow developers around the globe.


Hello Everyone ,

I am Zaheer , a JS developer working in India. Just want to keep myself updated and learn abt Development and the world of programming languages. And grow as a more strong Developer.

Already learnt couple of things from helping in my job. Hope to have a content loaded stay in here.



Hello guys, from the posts dates, i guess its been a while since you guys where having discussions regarding finding a developer job abroad without a CS degree, but i would still like to share my small experience concerning the issue, cause for while now it has been one of the things i think about allot. I am web developer with 1.5 years experience in web development, and recently i started applying for web developer jobs, and dew to the lack of web developer jobs in my country Cameroon, i had to apply for jobs abroad, and though i have a portfolio website and a github account with some few projects, i still find it so difficult getting call ups for interviews after i apply for jobs and some of the hiring offices are kind enough to tell me my skills are not bad or my skills are good enough for the position, but are also sorry they can't continue dew to my background or me not meeting other criteria. I am sure some of you guys here must have gone through such, please what do you advice me to do, cause for me i have been trying to build my skills to the level i can impress an employer enough for him to want to get me visa sponsorship, but i will still like to get your taught.


Hi there,

My name is Dmitry, I'm from Russia (Saint-Petersburg). At web dev since 1999. I'm full-stack programmer, started from HTML+CSS+JS+PHP many years ago, now practice Laravel, Node.JS+Express, Webpack, Stylus, CoffeeScript, ES6, sometimes Rails. Also Linux (when needed to set up VPS or dedic).

Last weeks dived into Crystal language (like Ruby syntax but more performant than Go) and it's Amber framework (Rails clone).

Recently published Cogear.JS – static websites generator built with Node.JS and based on Webpack (Youtube Playlist).

This site looks very unusual, kind of programmers heaven.

So it will be pleasure join to join the community.


Hey there,

My name is Savannah, I am a current student in Flatiron School's Full Stack Web Development program and have been coding about 2 months now and hopefully start looking for a job in the next 2 months or so. Excited to see what all is on here and maybe connect with a few people :)

Hello, World!

My name is Ayush Sharma. I'm a developer from New Delhi, India. I've been developing one thing or another for the last 8 years, and began as freelancing and somehow ended up as CTO of a young startup, and I'm happy to say I'm more confused about technology now than I was before. I'm hoping that's a good thing.

I've been active on for about a week now, and I've already had more engaging discussions around technology here than on other platforms. I'm also finding out that the community is much more open, since I've had several personal discussions around how technology makes us "feel" and how it fits into our lives, and for me that's what its really about.

I'm hoping I'll get to meet all of you soon.

Thanks :)


Hello Dev People...

I'm Rick, a web designer and Linux developer. My wife and I run Rainbow Solutions USA from our home office in Birmingham, Alabama USA. Take a look at the newest revision of our website if you will and give some feedback. Your thoughts and views are very much appreciated. Peace.


Hi there!

My name is Jeremy. I'm probably a lot like you. Creative. Curious. Thinking deeply and always learning. I am a designer who happens to code, and I've been a designer in tech for... wow, 18 years now!

I stumbled upon an article that appeared in my feed (thanks Google), and I appreciated the respectful discussion that was had there. So, I'm just taking another step through the door to check out the place a little further, as it seems like this is an environment for the creative and curious to learn unashamedly.



Hi ! I am Sree, currently working in SF. I work on backend systems and previously I worked on designing microprocessors. I am looking forward to set started with frontend design and if possible, build a portfolio website.

Also I found by chance, shout out to Dinesh


Hi everyone,

This is Prasad Chillara, working as Senior Software Developer with Mondee Inc, San Francisco Bay Area. Around 12 years of experience with Microsoft Stack and now working on Java and Vertx since an year. Excited to meet you all here to gain and share knowledge.



I've been lurking for a while. I learned HTML in 1995 and even worked as a web developer from 2000 - 2003. Continued to play around with the web since then but really dropped out of the development world around 2007. HOLY CRAP a lot happened in web dev between 2007 and 2017 when I decided t