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The 7 Most Popular DEV Posts from the Past Week

1. Must-have tools for Mac users

Inspired by last week's #DevDiscuss about tooling, Nick followed up with an article about all the must-have tools on his Mac set up.

2. Is Chrome too good?

This post argues that Chrome is ahead of the game and that Safari has gone off-standard in ways comparable to IE.

3. Angular, take 5

Having tried out AngularJS (Angular 1) a while back and having moved on to Vue and React, Ali decides to give Angular 5 a try.

4. Fight the Shiny Object Syndrome

An argument for learning with specialization in mind and why it's better to be good at one thing than average at everything.

5. Rolling Your Own Database System

Kurt explains why he ended up creating his own database system -- out of necessity and for a learning experience.

6. Will the two kangaroos ever land at the same location and time?

After working through a HackerRank exercise, Douglas decides that math can play a key role in computer programming and asks the community for their opinion.

7. Do it yourself!

Sometimes it makes more sense to build things yourself than pay a $13/mo service fee. Omar builds a twitter bot in 17 lines of code to show us how DIY can be simple and effective.

That's it for our weekly wrap up! Keep an eye on this week for daily content and discussions...and if you miss anything, we'll be sure to recap it next Monday!

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Ben Halpern

The responses in @douglasmakey 's post were really great

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Douglas Makey Mendez Molero

Thanks, they were amazing