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Weekly goals of Modderz Android app . 2024-05-06

Table of contents

  1. Defining success metrics
  2. This week's sprint
  3. Highlights of last week's sprint

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Current state of Modderz Android app

  • Modderz has successfully released version 1.13 with a few major performance and feature updates. 1.13 introduced a major rework of the chat feature with performance in mind. Users should now be able to see a noticeable difference when dealing with chats that have 20,000+ users. Also, the double tap to SeemsGood a message feature was shipped. This small but fun feature allowing a user to double tap a message and have the SeemsGood emote popup on the message. While this feature is small, it is important and useful, as much of communication on Twitch is done through emotes. On the backend the double tap sends a message to the user whos message was double clicked of @<username><SeemsGood>

  • Unfortunately, the entire week was not a success. Due to performance concerns the entire ModView feature was removed. While this is not ideal, it was still in its beta stage so the removal of this feature will not be entirely missed. However, know that a re-implementation of the ModView feature is slated for the sprint of 2024-05-20

Defining success metrics

  • This week's success metrics shall be the complete implementation of two new features:

1) Extended emote selection: implementing all the custom chat Emotes from Twitch
2) On-boarding Screen: giving new user a less confusing introduction to the application

Goals :

  • As always, our goals remain the same. Hit our success metrics in a timely fashion. Which means do as much as we can to optimize speed but still demand stability.

This weeks sprint

Theme: User Experience

  • This week's code sprint is focusing on enhancing user chat experience, particularly through two features,

1) Extended emote selection:
2) On-boarding Screen

Extended emote selection

On-boarding Screen

  • As of now, once the user downloads the application they are met with a very ugly screen. This screen demands them to allow the app certain permissions without any explanation. I would like to give the users a option to first be shown what the app does and why it needs the access that it does.

Highlights of last weeks sprint

  • As mentioned previously there were two main improvements in the app's chat implementation. You can see a UI demonstration of the improvments, HERE
  • In that demonstration, you will also be able to see the rework of the Chat Settings UI


  • Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this blog post of mine. If you have any questions or concerns please comment below or reach out to me on Twitter.

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