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This definitely mirrors Gitter/GitLab a bit but Spectrum is definitely an evolution on Gitter imo (though less popular that Gitter was when bought)

This should be a big boon to Spectrum’s popularity and probably help pull projects off Slack.


GitHub is proprietary, so I guess that they'll integrate Spectrum with GitHub - thus making it proprietary/dependend on non-free software as well.


I didn't know about it :D

What is it? An alternative to discourse? Maybe GitHub is thinking of integrating forums for the open source projects?


I was thinking the same, lots of people have communities for their projects but I guess this cuts out the middleman.


GitHub used to have private messaging between users but it removed it because of the usual reasons. Maybe a zero effort forum tab where users can discuss trivia, features and issues, all out in the open, before actually opening pull requests or asking for bug fixes could be nice.



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