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Explain git like I'm five

theodesp profile image Theofanis Despoudis ・1 min read

I'm a five-year old and I want to learn about Git. Explain it to me!


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Mac Siri

Imagine you are coloring on a flower-theme coloring book. You just thoroughly colored in green for the leaves and now it's time for you to get to the best part, coloring the petal. You know you enjoy red the best but it looked horrible after you finished it. With git, you can revert your choice of red in a heartbeat and you are also free to reapply the red if you change your mind. You sister came across your coloring book and she wants a piece of this. This is your coloring book and you don't trust her color-theory ability. With Git, you can grant her access to this coloring book; where she can copy the current state of your work and give it her own spin. Once she is done with it, you can accept or deny her work without affecting yours. With Git, a work doesn't have to be permanent; every action is recorded, reversible, and shareable.

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Ana Chiritescu

I really love your analogy with coloring the flower petals!

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Evan Wilde

I'll explain it to you when you're older. :D

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Max Antonucci

This may be one of the best sites I've ever visited.

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Olusola Samuel

@Mac Siri, nice explanation