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theodesp profile image Theofanis Despoudis ・1 min read

Do you feel it coming? Just reading all the news and headlines you may think that tomorrow a twisted line will be crossed and everyone will start panicking so bad and chaos will erupt. You won't be able to buy any food from the supermarket because everyone would have stockpiled for months. Or even worse...

What do you think will happen?


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Renato Martins Cervati

I think it's being blown way out of proportion. Sure, it's a problem, but not one with doomsday potential. If you boil it down this virus has a mortality rate of 2.5% while the common flu is 1.5%.
Humanity dealt with way worst things like the black plague at a time our technology, medicine and means of communication wasn't as advanced as it is now.
As for the virus, the genome has been sequenced to about 70% now by brazilian scientists (my fellow countrymen), so a vaccine is coming soon.
I wouldn't worry about it.

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akashic seer

I actually have a series I am working on. Eventually I hope to convert this to a novel. I call myself Akashic Seer for a reason. I can see parts of the Akashic records when I dream from time to time. Earthquakes, floods, wars and more. I don't dream I nightmare.

pra3t0r5 profile image

TL;DR: It's no doomsday, but be responsible.

It's just the usual media doing its business. Turns out, panic is very profitable.

HOWEVER, and bear with me, even if 3.4% it's not even close to be "really bad", what makes Coronavirus potentially dangerous is its contagion ratio combined with even the slightiest chance of a dangerous mutation.

That begin said, it takes almost no effort at all to be reasonably cautious. Not just for yourself but for every one you know. Newborns, elders and some people with special conditions will benefit from it.

We must act responsibly as part of society, and not only with Coronavirus.

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Jozo's just media creating panic for profit.
Yes we should be careful and cautious but this is all blown way out of proportion purely for profit.