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Discussion on: Avoid Coronavirus (COVID-19) but Don't go hangry.. 😫 Use grocery shopping apps if you value 🕛, 💵, and not 🤮

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Theofanis Despoudis

That assumes that you have available delivery slots. Currently for all major retailers they are booked at least 2-3 weeks in advance.

recipetotableapp_com profile image Author

We do not directly handle delivery time slots. Instead you would order through our app directly from the grocery store.
I imagine time slots will vary based on geographic location and store.
I can only speak to our location, our favorite major retailer is currently at about a 4 day wait (2-3 weeks seems a bit long are most grocery retailers in this circumstance?).
But there are several work arounds we use in real life:
1 Try multiple stores
The best case for us was to use our grocery list and go to our local small grocery shop and not the bigger grocery stores. We can walk in, right now, and get at the very least some bare essentials.
2 Some hardware stores may have supplies you might be looking for, perhaps tp?
3 It may be unlikely but time slots may open back up? Check frequently for cancellations.