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Discussion on: Developing 10x faster with a Surface Go, thanks to VS Code and Azure

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Theofanis Despoudis

The pricing is very appealing compared to iPad.

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Jason Huebel

I have the Surface Go w/LTE. Nice little machine. I actually replaced my 2017 iPad Pro with it, since I couldn't justify spending $1,300 minimum on latest iPad Pro model.

I don't think you're comparing apples-to-apples (pun!), though. If you're looking for a pure tablet experience, the Surface Go isn't it. In fact, Windows isn't it. Unfortunately, iPads are the only pure tablet experience I can think of. Android tablets continue to suffer from vendor fragmentation and mostly sub-par specs. Windows tablets suffer from Windows.

Obviously, even though I'm bashing on Windows here, I have a Surface Go that I like very much. But it really isn't a tablet. It's a netbook in tablet's clothing. Once you understand that, it's a nice little device.

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Julien Dubois Author

Yes, totally agreed!!

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Windows tablets suffer from Windows

This is funny 😊