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Discussion on: Three.js Visualizations with Theo Armour (Week 2)

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Theo Armour • Edited on


Thank you for offering your services and for committing much time and effort to what is turning out to be an ongoing friendship and collaboration. You have certainly helped my project move forward and move faster. I feel that you are developing skills that will help you become an unusually qualified developer.

"Makers vs Menders" is a lovely topic. I did not know about this particular comparison, but the comparison has a good history of being observed. Examples might include:

Where am I in this mix? For sure I can see myself as a maker. I adore the new blank file and the possibility that anything can happen here. At the same time, I adore fixing stuff. Over the weekend I received a bug report on my Spider gbXML Viewer version 0.17.07-4. By midday v 0,17.07-5 was out the door with a one line bug fix that took an hour or so to track down.

What I enjoy about being old and free to do what I want is that I can morph my talents into focussing on the methods, psychology and workflow needed for the task at hand. Again, because my age I have a wide array of observations and experiences to draw from. And, to paraphrase Peter Drucker, in all this I try to do my best to confirm that we are doing the right thing and not merely doing the things right.

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Harald Reingruber Author

You are welcome. Keep on the great spirit!!!