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How to crack FAANG Interviews?

Hello, everyone Nomadev here, back with another blog on tech. Today we will be discussing in brief about How to crack FAANG interviews or how to start preparing for big product-based companies?

FAANG stands for Facebook(now meta), Amazon, Apple , Netflix , Google. These are well known for their great work culture and high salaries.
This is a fact that many of them do not want you to have expertise in any specific language or framework, they just want you to be a great problem solver and have logical thinking. Even your approach will play a very important role in your selection. wondering how to be one? let's start.

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Programming Language

You can start by learning a programming language. This can be C, C ++, Python, Java, or any other of your choice. You need to learn a language that is easy for you to understand and use. Remember the thing that, understanding logic is more important than just mugging up the syntax, so learn wisely. You should not try to learn all languages, one language is more than is enough.


Data Structure and Algorithms

Now you know all the basics of the language of your choice. The next step is to learn the Data Structure and Algorithms. These are the very fundamentals of computer science, and remember the thing that these are not language-specific, you just have to understand that you have to understand the logic, and mugging up the syntax will simply give you nothing, language is just used for the implementation of those Data structures and Algorithms.
Data structures are named locations that you can use to store and organize your data. And an algorithm is a collection of steps to solve a particular problem. By learning data structures and algorithms, you can create efficient and optimized computer programs.
Understanding of space and time complexity can be great kick-start, so chime in.


The more you practice, the more you learn

Always stay motivated enough to solve problems and this will help to improve your problem-solving skills. Some good online platforms, where you can practice are LeetCode , CodeChef , HackerRank .
When you have gained enough confidence, you can participate in various online contests on CodeChef, Codeforces.


Mock Interview

Give mock interviews as they help you to learn how to explain your logic, develop interview strategies, improve your communication skills, and reduce stress levels before the actual interview.
You should give as many mock interviews on platforms like InterviewBuddy, Pramp, etc.


Some other important topics

You also need to have a good understanding of DBMS, operating system, and network. Apart from good coding skills, you should also bear good communication skills. if you get failed in explaining how your approach looks like, that would definitely make a bad impression of you on them.

So this was it, All the very best for your upcoming interviews.
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How to crack FAANG Interviews?

Don't go. Your ethics will thank you.