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How to be a Bad Developer!?

Hello, everyone Nomadev here, back with another blog on tech. I think all have read about the Traits of a Good Software Engineer many times before. But here is the RECIPE TO MAKE YOU A BAD PROGRAMMER

For becoming a bad programmer you should

- Only watch tutorials, Never code!

The first step to be a bad programmer is to watch tutorials WITHOUT practicing by coding them.

You need to believe you will understand concepts just by seeing them, that's the most important thing one should start with.

- Code more, think less

A bad programmer will first code then think of how to go about it. Terms like pseudo-code, mind mapping are none of their business. When presented with a problem, the bad programmer will start thinking about solutions first. Debugging is for the birds. And a truly bad programmer will actually put that solution in without actually verifying the problem first. By doing so, he will snag the prestigious β€œFastest time from bug filing to actual check-in time into the source repository” award.

- NOT following DRY & KISS

DRY - Don't Repeat Yourself
KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid

A bad programmer will extent simple programming into unnecessary long code, not using functions/structures is a plus.

- Memorize syntax, not the logic

The key ingredient to becoming a bad programmer is memorizing code.
A bad programmer will never take the effort of understanding the logic that goes into the process


A bad programmer just wants to go language to language and not to learn important concepts like algorithms, frameworks, complexity, etc

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Tobias Nickel

dont tell others how what a good developer is, be one.

foxy4096 profile image

Well well well, look what we got here, a blessing from the lord

vishal2369 profile image

I am that person.

thenomadevel profile image
Nomadev • Edited

Well, don't take it so hard, This post is not discouraging someone, it is suggesting the things they should avoid to be a good one or to improve.
And yes, everyone's viewpoint is different, if it seems bad to you, it doesn't mean it has a negative meaning or this post is discouraging someone.
Go through it once again and try to think with a different viewpoint, I am sure you will not find it that offensive.

devfranpr profile image

I don't need a tutorial to be this kind of guy xD

deanveggy profile image
dean robinson

easy. Don't test with close-to-real world data, and instead just hand/publish the app to your client to find the bugs. :-)

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Hardeep Kumar

Hahaha the fact that I've met such people irl make it even more funny πŸ˜‚

thenomadevel profile image

Things mentioned above are surely benificial for newbies, But anyways Its my first post, was trying something interactive. Thanks for your comment.

sakshamt133 profile image

This is the best blog i have ever read

thenomadevel profile image

yeah sure mate,
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