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Performance Optimization (Platform 9 Edition)

Without resource optimization, cost optimization, and overall performance optimization, everything from VMs in the cloud to bare metal to Kubernetes wouldn't work as expected. Whether your goal is to save money, have application stacks perform more efficiently, or fully understand how your environment will be as effective as possible, Performance Optimization is key.

In this blog post, you'll learn a bit about resource/cost optimization, why it's important, and how Platform 9 can help.

Why Performance Optimization

The answer to this question may sound obvious, but let's break down three primary questions:

  1. Is your application performing as expected?
  2. Do you know how your application is performing?
  3. Do you have the data to understand how your application is performing?

With these three questions answered you can easily solve the majority of your problems from a performance perspective.

Proper requests, limits, Cluster Autoscaler (Karpenter if you're feeling fancy), and forecast data for how your application stack works.

Platform 9 Implementation

Platform 9 can help in several ways, but the two primary methods are:

  • Proactive ops: Platform 9 has a Control/Management Plane that has its own stack (Prometheus, Vault, Consul, etc etc) for your environment to run as expected with a 99% uptime.

  • Elastic Machine Pool (EMP): Essentially, think about it like your under-utilization tool. Instead of scaling up or scaling down with a tool like Karpenter, you let EMP handle it for you.

EMP can be considered an alternative to both Fargate and Karpenter.

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