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Getting Onto The Kubernetes Release Team

I recently got accepted to the Kubernetes Release Team to work on v1.28. I can’t explain how excited I am for this opportunity and how cool it is to be working on the exact platform that I focus the majority of my professional (and maybe a little personal) efforts for my work.

In this blog, I explain a quick “getting started” guide on how you can apply and get onto the Kubernetes Release Team.

How It Works

Generally, the shadow application window starts a little before the release of the current cycle. Once you apply (which you’ll learn about in the next section), you can choose what you want to work on. For me, I decided to work on the docs. There are several options available, however.

Once you choose which option you want to go with, you’ll apply and wait for a response. You’ll get the response via email or Slack, so stay signed into the Kubernetes Slack Channel to ensure that you don’t miss the message.

Once your application is approved and you accept the invite via Slack or email from the Release Team Lead, you’ll see your name pop up on the Release Team doc.

Image description


You can apply for up to two roles, so for example, you could apply for Docs and Enhancements.

You’ll have to monitor the sig-release channel on the Kubernetes Slack org or sign up for the mailing list to see when the form opens up to apply.

Once the form is sent out in the sig-release channel or the mailing list, you’ll click the link and it’ll take you to a Google Form where you can put in your information.

For example, this is what the application for the v1.28 Release Team looks like:

Once you apply, you’ll wait for a response.

If You Don’t Get Chosen

There are A LOT of applicants that apply. If you don’t get chosen the first time, don’t give up! There have been plenty of times I went for a specific award or to contribute to a particular project and I got declined. The best thing I did was not to let that impact my ego and kept moving forward. You got this!

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Ileriayo Adebiyi

Hi Michael.

I'd love to know, for you what were the benefits of joining the release team?

thenjdevopsguy profile image
Michael Levan

Definitely being part of the community and meeting awesome people. The good news is you don't have to be on the release team for that! :)

ileriayo profile image
Ileriayo Adebiyi

Lovely, thanks!

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Olaiya Stephen

this is really good. i'm motivated.