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Cloud Field Day 17 Recap

Below is a short blog post and overall recap for Cloud Field Day 17.


  • Big investors (Cisco, Bain, Okta, etc.).
  • Never charge for professional services and support.
  • HYCU isn’t building integrations. They’re giving the ability to build the integration to the vendor. For example, NetApp builds an integration into HYCU vs the other way around/.

HYCU sits in the middle as an API/external control plane for all of your data to be backed up

You could, for example, use HYCU to back up all of your Kubernetes environments (if you're multi cloud or hybrid cloud) from one API and one location. It makes the job much easier.


  • One central self-service portal to do all things DevOps
  • Internal Developer Platform (IDP) on-demand instead of building it yourself

Morpheus is an IDP that you don't have to build yourself. This takes a lot of the headaches away from Platform Engineering teams. You can, for example, deploy k8s clusters with Morpheus on the UI and with the API.

Below are some links to the open-source versions.


  • Build, deploy, and manage infrastructure with any IaC tool.
  • Fully vendor agonistic.
  • Has both a Ops and Dev platform.

The idea with RackN is instead of using something like Terraform Cloud where you're locked into one IaC tool and one platform, it gives you the ability to deploy with any IaC tool to any environment (cloud, on-prem, Kubernetes, etc.).

Zerto (VMWare-based platform)

  • Backup based detection.
  • Alerting for all warnings at the VM level.
  • Replicas data between data stores.
  • Detects suspicuous writes as they stream in and flag for admins to investigate.

Backups and backups, and they're great, but what about the recovery? The reality is that many products can do a backup. Your iPhone can do a backup to Apples cloud. The challenge is how you can restore successfully.

Most organizations are backing up between 2-4 times per day and many aren't testing their recoveries, so when things go wrong, they aren't prepared.


  • NoSQL database
  • Lowers DB cloud cost, so a bit of cost optimization available.
  • The primary goal is to supply data to applications.
  • Works for various application stacks (microservices, mobile apps, edge apps, etc.).
  • Couchbase outperforms competitors by nearly 400% and costs up to 90% less to operate.

Couchbase gives you the ability to have a NoSQL solution that's vendor agnostic.

There's some capabilities with Couchbase Capella to run on Kubernetes. It comes pre-packed with a few other CNCF-related tools like Grafana.


  • Architected with a cloud-native approach
  • Multiple levels of administration
  • Self-service capability
  • VMWare only

If you have a large scale VMWare environment (or even a small one) and you need the ability to have true DR, Jetstream is a great way to go as they focus solely on VMWare. That means their focus isn't fragmented with various other bells and whistles.

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