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Discussion on: Is coding with alcohol productive?

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Tiago Romero Garcia

First, I want to say I completely respect everyone's relationship with alcohol and I'm not judging anyone. If it makes you feel good, it's then good for you :)

This is very personal, but for my experience, productivity in the sense of "keeping making things on an efficient pace", it goes on the opposite direction of alcohol consumption. That's different than a one-time "cool down for a minute to change my state of mind" - which for me that is not really about productivity but just about getting prepared to start an activity with more attention.

So, "coding with alcohol" can mean many things, from this one-time thing to decompress, to keep drinking more and more drinks all the time while you are coding, which is precisely what I think that is not productive, since it eventually will make you less mindful and more distracted, so it will get incredibly hard to give your best in that situation.

I agree that alcohol is being useful at certain situations to help people to reduce stress and socialize, which removes barriers and improve social interaction, which is very useful at introductions and hackathons as an ice breaker.

However, I think that is not the only solution to this problem. There are other ways to get to the same result without resorting to alcohol (or anything else), but from participating in certain group activities (such as a team building exercise, group sports, round table discussion, group dynamics) and individual mindful activities (such as meditating, yoga, playing music, running, reading a book).

BTW, I recently came to realize the effects of the collective pressure on consuming alcohol at the tech industry of today. I would like to recommend this great podcast episode for those which would like to learn more about this:

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Kay Gosho Author

Hi Tiago, Thank you for your comment!

When I wrote this question, I worked at my home. I think I couldn't concentrate in my work at home so I resorted to alcohol.
Now I moved to cafe near my home and am working there with Ice coffee, which is much healthy.

As you mentioned, alcohol distract us to code in the long run. However, I usually start to drink in the evening and writing code, as my work will be end soon.

And thank you for the podcast episode, I will check it!
In Japan I have never heard about the collective pressure, but some people could feel it.

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Tiago Romero Garcia

Hi Kaz, thanks for the reply and all the best! :)