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Quick Guide to Becoming AWS Data Engineer

📈 AWS Services for Data Engineers:

Certainly, here's the information presented in a more concise list format:

  1. Simple Storage Service (S3):

    • Object storage center for storing various types of data for future processing.
  2. AWS Glue:

    • Serverless service for writing ETL jobs in Python/Spark without managing servers.
  3. Amazon Redshift:

    • Fully managed data warehouse service for analyzing data using SQL and BI tools.
  4. Amazon EMR (Elastic MapReduce):

    • Managed big data platform for processing large datasets using open-source frameworks like Hadoop/Spark.
  5. AWS Lambda:

    • Serverless computing service for running quick scripts on specific triggers/events.
  6. Amazon Athena:

    • Ad-hoc query interface for running SQL queries directly on files stored in S3 buckets.
  7. Kinesis:

    • Real-time data processing service for analyzing and storing streaming data.
  8. DMS (Data Migration Service):

    • Simplifies data migration tasks, making data management easier.

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