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Marc Backes
Marc Backes

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My Plans To (Re-)discover Web Development

Hello and welcome fellow developer! 👋

This blog is the beginning of hopefully a great journey for me (re-)discovering web development.

I am a freelance web developer and for a long time I had a single (well paying) client, which was great but it didn't let me learn and apply all the things I really wanted to.

I did mostly old-fashioned PHP and jQuery development. I was able to build cool things, but I wanted to create things using more modern web tools available today and stay more up-to-date.

Therefore, I ended the dev relationship with my one client in order to learn recent web technologies and build cool things of my own for a few months, starting April 2019. (Don't worry, I ended on great terms with my client and I will continue to do some light consulting work for them).

I know, this is going to be a challenge, especially because I'm a bit behind some of the tech and because there is A LOT of ground I want to cover. Including, but not limited to:

  • Getting practice with JavaScript OOP
  • Brushing Brushing up my CSS + Animations + SASS
  • Getting deeper into Vue.js
  • Maybe peak into React
  • Learning proper ES6
  • Learn Node.js
  • Learn TypeScript
  • Learn how to use Babel properly
  • Learn GraphQL

In this blog, I'll be posting about my progress and share things that might be interesting for fellow developers or aspiring developers.

If you want to cheer me on, do this best on Twitter (@_marcba), where you can also find more content.

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