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If this were to be the usual technical article, you would need to give an introduction, however, seeing that this is a user manual, and the reader must have bought the equipment needed and is at the point of setting it up would have to go straight to the point, you need to keep everything simple, and straightforward. So here is an example — how to set up a home wifi, taking starlink as the case study.

Open the Starlink kit box: The Starlink dish, a power wire, a Wi-Fi router, and a mounting tripod are all included.

Locate a Good Spot: Find a spot with a clear view of the sky on your land, especially away from any obstacles like trees or high structures. An unobstructed line of sight to the satellites is necessary for Starlink.

Assemble the Dish: To assemble the satellite dish and tripod mount, refer to the instructions included in the Starlink Kit. Make sure the tripod is firmly linked to the dish.

Place the Dish in the Selected Location: Place the tripod-mounted dish there. To align the dish with the satellites, change its angle and orientation. By offering real-time feedback on the signal strength, the Starlink app or website may assist you with this procedure.

Connect the power to your Starlink dish. Connect the dish to an electrical outlet using the power cord.

Connect the dish to your Starlink router. Connect the router and dish together using the Ethernet cable.

Activate the Starlink router. The router will launch immediately and start looking for satellites.

Get the Starlink application. Both iOS and Android phones and tablets can download the Starlink app.
Launch the Starlink app, then log in. You must register for an account and fill up your Starlink account details.
To complete the setup process, adhere to the instructions in the Starlink app. You may use the app to get instructions on setting up your Wi-Fi network and connecting your devices to the internet.

Alternatively, you can get the images of the procedures(and put the following accordingly) to make the instructional manual more precise and simpler.

-Set up equipment (Starlink, WiFi router, power supply, cables, and base.)

-Download app (play store or app store)

-Set up the app

-Let it configure itself

-Set wifi name and password


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