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Why Coding is Scary and How To Learn Better

Learning to program is hard.

I am still learning to program.

I have been at this for 9 years. I am still learning but I feel like an idiot all the time.

When you first start programming you will realize that the language is scary, the environments are scary and the people are scary.

In the online spaces especially Twitter(X), you will find people throwing crazy jargons.

Bad Beginner Advice

There are a lot of advices online from people. Great programmers will tell you to start programming by writing a simple game.

They will say things like "You want to program, just start by writing a simple game like Tetris or Tik-tak-Toe."

If you have ever tried to write Tetris, it is not simple.

Another person will tell you, "Start with C++. That is what they use in the industry. Especially in the gaming community, that is what they use to write gaming engines."

I have no problem with C++ but to begin with it, is madness.

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How To Learn Better

Things you need to know when you are starting your coding journey is that:

  • Coding has only about eight main concepts. You get them and you are done. The concepts are universal across languages. For those who know multiple languages, they know this is true.

Your first language will be hard, the second and the third, you will start to see patterns.

By the fourth or fifth language, you will be given a project and you can even do it in a weekend.

  • Write out the concepts first, then convert to code later. If you are lost in coding, it is almost because you shouldn't be coding yet. Write out the concepts first, then convert to code later.

It is the same concept as an architecture when they start constructing a building. They come up with the designs first, then from the designs they can come up with the building.

  • Most beginners think they don't understand what code to write. The real problem is they don't really understand the problem they are trying to solve. They try to figure out how to do it instead of what to do.

That's it.

Happy Coding!

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